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  1. Received a letter from P&P on June 3, 2014. Sent DV on June 12 saying I dispute please validate and I elect arb according to orig contract. Received green card back card but never heard from P&P until yesterday Sept 14. Received a letter from court. Now I did hand this off to my lawyer, but he is an FDCPA lawyer in NJ (no names) so I don't know if he will take it. If he does not take the case, can I fight it myself?
  2. Do what debtzapper & artv says, Philip Stern in NJ. Trust us on this one. He does not charge you, he wins he charges them. I am sure he will take this case. Like I said trust me on using Philip Stern.
  3. First of all, this debt was sold so many times that there was probably no way they could have provided any proof as to who owned it. You never settle with a JDB as you can see, you wanted to do what you thought was the right thing to do and it came back to bite you in the a$$. The JDB that you paid now has 560.11 of your money and then sold the debt to another JDB for 1306.91 You never let them make the terms, you make the terms. What you should have done is when you received the settlement offer you should have called Dynia & Assoc and say you want settlement, well I agree to the 560 and this is how we are going to do it. Cashiers check only for two payments and you make them write a letter saying they will not resell the acct ever and that it will be paid in full when last check is received and you don't pay a dime until you have that letter. You made a mistake and now Dynia & Assoc is 560 richer and you are 560 poorer. The only thing you can do is let the other JDB try to sue you and then go to court and show the letter from Dynia and the check acct statements showing the withdraws. Also never give a JDB you banking info.
  4. Scam. Tell them to put everything in writing. DO NOT send a police report as this will only give them more information about you. Tell them you are recording all calls before you start to talk to them. It's a scam so have some fun with them.
  5. @Clydesmon, Thank you. As always you know your stuff.
  6. I will try to explain this the best I can. In 2009, my wife fell ill at her job and our local township ambulance was called to transport her to the hospital. Our local ambulance is allowed to bill, so they did. We both lost our jobs soon after and this bill was the least of our worries. So the ambulance co sent us to collections for $600. I pulled both our credit reports a few months ago and seen on my wife's CR that the CA has two TL on he CR. Here is what the first TL reads: Unknown collection. Medical. Amount 600 Unpaid. Open Neg Acct. As of Oct 26, 2012 Owner: Individual Open Date: March 22 2010 Acct in Dispute: NO Here is what the second one reads: Unknown collection. Medical. Amount 600 Unpaid. Open Neg Acct. As of July 15, 2014 Owner: Joint Open Date March 22, 2010 Acct in Dispute: NO Now here is the funny part. Before there was info on the CA on the TL. Their name, phone number and location. Now it's gone. Also, before I called them to compline about this it was not on my CR now it is and I don't know why as it is not a joint acct. So they are dinning my wife's CR twice for the same acct and now it's on mine as well. What can I do?
  7. Yeah PRA plays dirty, trust me I know. Just like nobk said, they want your money now because they are hoping to get the judgment on you. But of course they will not commit to anything. Don't pay them a dime. Sometimes you just need to say NO. I know you want to do the right thing and pay your bills, but you lost your job and it was not your fault ( I am in the same boat). You explained this to PRA and they are not willing to work with you, trust me they don't care you lost your job. Screw them. Oh and make sure you give your brother a big hug. Your lucky to have him.
  8. Same boat as you, I get so many spam calls a week it's not even funny. They must have people that just sit and search yahoo and google all day.
  9. JCPENNEY has always been GE Money Bank. They have arb in their credit agreements. If you contact the jdb which is what they are I would put in the letter I elect arb as per org contract. What can it hurt. They will think you know what your talking about and maybe call their bluff. Lets face it, they paid pennys on the dollar for this so anything to them is profit.
  10. "You guys are so young. I remember first seeing their ads for 12 albums for $10.00 when I was 13." What the hecks an album?
  11. And stop talking to the collection over the phone. Tell them not to call you and only to mail you.
  12. This was not a private ambulance company. It was our own township rescue squad that the mayor gave permission to bill customers as well as get tax payer money (and that's my bitch with them). But that is neither here nor there. Both TL's are there with the opened date of 2009 with the original balance of 600 on both of them. Same acct # on both. Both TL's read in this order: One reads: AS OF Jan 2014 One reads: AS OF Oct 2012
  13. Not sure if this is re aging maybe some of you more smarts will be able to help. This is my wife's issue by the way. In 2008 my wife became ill on the job and was taken to the hospital 6 miles or so away from her work by ambulance. We received a bill for 600 which I refused to pay, my argument is the ambulance get tax payer funding from us taxpayers in the township. Anyway they sent her to a collection agcy sometime in 2009. A few weeks ago I pulled her CR and seen this was still on there so I called the CA trying to see if they would settle for a lesser amount and remove the trade line. Answer was NO. So I said ok if that's how it is so be it. A few days go by and I check my wife's CR and guess what there is another TL by the same co with the same acct number. Only this one has on it Jan 2014. Now the org date of default is still on there as being 2009 but they just updated to add a new TL, so her CR took a major hit because of this. I have just tonight disputed online with the CRA (EXPERIAN) and I told them this is a duplicate acct to remove it. So does this seem like re aging? What are my options?