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  1. Asset Acceptance and Asset Recovery Solutions are subsidieres of each other. Trust me I asked, the funny thing is, Asset recovery was offering me a settlement of $1400 on $2500 and Asset Acceptance took $1500 on $3900... I need to figure out how to prove that, I have the settlement confirmation for the account but it does not state the orginial amount for the settlement. If I ask them to provide this, do you think they would?
  2. When I was in college I was stupid with credit cards, I opened 2 $3000 limit CitiBank cards and maxed them out with no ability to keep up with payments. I was young and stupid! I defaulted on them and they went into collections in 2006. I finally have a job that allows me to beging paying these debts back. I was making payments on one account that began at $3600, got it down to $2500 before they started dicking me around on the other account. On my second account I owed $3900, and agreed to settle for $1500. Which was paid in 10/2012, I was going to work on paying down or settleing the $2500 b