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  1. Thanks for the tips coltfan1972 ! Is calawyer for hire by any chance ?
  2. Is there rule or regulation to bring an attorney to defend our case at the last minute ? Do we have to file any paperwork prior to trial to introduce such attorney ?
  3. Here is a brief outline of my case: - Sued over credit card debt. - It's an OC, and they had hired an attorney to file suit. - They mailed the ccp 98, along with all the monthly statements since account is opened, and the affiant testified under penalty of perjury...under the laws of the state california, that the foregoing is true and correct. - I already served the subpoena, requiring this affiant to appear on court day. - The affiant claims the regulars on the affidavit: have personal knowledge, familiar how the business is run, all these statements are duplicates from originals, and ge
  4. - I was able to speak to 1 attorney over the phone. I explained him my situation, however, he told me that I don't have a strong case... even AFTER I quoted him all the questions that we all discussed here on the board. He even told me straight out that even though we proved & showed to the court that she is not one reliable witness, etc, etc, etc after all the questioning, the judge might still rule on their side. However, this is not the case that I've read all over this forum. Any input ? - Since I've never been into a court, can you share with me the sequence of events on how the p
  5. Do you have any section code for this argument ? I might have to use this "authenticated" business record for argument.
  6. I just found out about all these from this board. And all this time I was thinking of settling, so didn't put enough time to go the other way. Any other input that you can give me to prepare or ask at this point during trial ?
  7. My trial is set for this Friday. I'm guessing it's too late to file for discovery ?
  8. Will it be different if the one suing is OC, and not JDB ? And this witness Ms. Ruiz is an employee of this same OC. Also, can you list any other questions and law reference that you can think of ? Sorry to make you work , but I can use ALL the help I can to fight this off. I really really appreciate it !!!
  9. Ok, interesting... how are these statements authenticated ? And all these questions below that I quoted, have someone actually asked these in courts and when the other attorney object, the judge favor us and tell the witness to answer accordingly ? " OK, how do I know THIS document is part of "the records"? Who is this person "with knowledge"? How do you know they have knowledge? Was it checked for errors? Did you find it in the computer or did someone print it out and hand it to you? How secure is your computer? Has it ever been hacked? " This board is getting more exciting minute by minu
  10. flyerfan: Care to share what kind of information you requested ? This might help us fight... thanks !!
  11. flyerfan: Thank you for the detailed explanation and examples !! Really appreciate it ! For my case, the plaintiff sent copies of statements along with their ccp 98. And yes, these are duplicate copies from original statements. Do you think I could have any arguments about this ? And yes, in their ccp 98, these statements were said to be generated in the course of business. Does anyone in this board know any attorney that could help on this one ?
  12. Anybody has any comments, experiences (good or bad), etc with this law firm ? If you have used them, are you satisfied ? Here's a link to them
  13. Last resort question: Anybody can recommend an aggressive attorney that they or someone else had used that fights for us ?
  14. helpme or others : Can someone entertain me on what is the difference in the eye of the law between : prepared for the purpose of the litigation vs business record. And what does exactly means by "it is not a business record because it was not prepared in the regular course of business (but rather for the litigation)" ? Thank you for any input on these 2 items!! Really learned a lot !!