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  1. Starting a thread to share what's working and what's not in defending an Account Stated claim by AA. Documents to be uploaded: ComplaintAnswer to complaintRequests for Documents, Admissions, Interrogetories (both parties)Answers to Requests for Doc's, Admissions, Interrogetories (both parties)MSJ by PlaintiffOpposition to Plaintiff's MSJ and Motion to DismissMTD by defendant
  2. And thanks again bmc100 with your help defeating AA's MSJ. I will be creating a fully documented thread within the week for everyone to see what I did wrong and what I did right. I'm brand new here so it might take some time. But I'm more than happy to share the information if it can help someone else defeat dirt bag JDB's.
  3. Okay, will create the post. And create the MTD as explained. Also, as anyone representing themselves in a lawsuit for the first time can probably attest to, this suit has really worn me down. I chose to represent myself because every attorney I spoke with advised that I just settle with ACC. Settle on a debt I don't owe? Are you kidding? And then it occured to me that to hire these attorneys would have probably cost me at least half if not more than the $6000 being sued for. That's why they advise you to settle. Maybe. Anyways, defending myself was a choice. And I've paid the price
  4. Great questions and why I'm so confused. At no time did the judge say that the case was dismissed. He stated that he is denying the MSJ asked for by the Plaintiff based on lack of standing. He did not say he was dismissing a breach of contract claim (a breach of contract claim was not made). The only logical conclusion I can make is that the Judge is giving the plaintiff more time to come up with a signed contract or credit card statements. If so, how could those documents help the plaintiff's account stated claim?
  5. BMC100 , you are a saint! In my case with Asset Acceptance/FF&G (Chase Bank/Heritage Chase) (which appears to be substantially similar to NERVOUS1), I used your arguments on this thead adapting them to my situation. Pretty much copied and pasted 95% of your text as it applied to me including my motion to dismiss. Last Monday at the second pre-trial, the Judge dismissed the Plaintiff's MSJ for lack of standing. He also complimented me on my drafting of my Opposition of MSJ and other documents I've filed with the court. Seriously, your information in this thread saved my hide. It also