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  1. Clydesmom, your info has been so helpful! I have read many threads where you have addressed most of my questions The OC I am dealing with is First Premier. I read where you said you dealt with them and my card is for the same time period. 2008-2009. The funny thing is when I was reviewing the last statements they sent after DV, I was questioning the double charges- late fees, over limit fees and the transition to the higher interest rate/APR! Obviously, too late for me to actually question them, but I do agree with you to lay low as SOL is weeks away. One last question if you don't mind. The charge off by Premier still shows a balance. I didn't realize this would matter until I read your other posts. Should I still lay low if I'm trying to get a mortgage? The mortgage rep didn't mention having to pay the account. Thanks again
  2. Thank you again for the great info! So as for my next step? Ugh, I just went back and looked at the envelope and pages of statements in it and Yes There was a letter from the OC in there. Not sure how I missed it!! So, the OC validated the debt as original creditor and information provided is validation of that debt. I guess my question is, can the CA collect without sending me a validation letter or can only the OC collect since they did validate? Confused !! seriously days away from SOL and I don't need any other activity on my CR?
  3. Thanks Clydesmom! I was just reading a bunch of your other replies on other posts. Your info is great! An envelope came today from the OC. No letter or explanation. Just last three statements before CO. I mailed the DV to the CA so I am expecting a response from them. Can it go back to the OC after charge off? I can't imagine, lol, but I have seen weirder things happen.
  4. Thank you again for any help. I sent a DV letter to Jefferson Capital. They signed for it on Feb. 23. I just received a copy of 3 statements from the OC. These came directly from the OC. No letter from jefferson and no letter with the statements. This debt was charged off by the OC in 2009. In my DV letter I asked for proof of ownership or assignment and I also asked that all correspondence be sent certified mail as my home has multiple families living at the address. Should the validation come directly from Jefferson? They are the CA trying to collect. Thanks for any help
  5. To be honest, I have to pull paperwork and bank records to find the info! It is on an old computer, and gonna take me some time to dig it up. Do you think DV letter is the way to go? Or just not respond? I know I can easily find the previous CA, just need to get the settlement letter.
  6. Jefferson is the CA, premier the OC. Jefferson wants me to bite at there fresh start program, resetting the SOL. I wrote up my DV letter tonight, mentioned that the debt was handled previously by another CA and It was satisfied prior to Jefferson acquiring account. I used the DV letter on this site. So close to SOL expiring, I am hoping the time it takes for DV will push me past SOL. Thanks for your help
  7. Art, the CO is still showing a balance on my CR, nothing about being sold or transferred. My last payment is different on my reports. Equifax says 3/2009 and Experian says 4/2009, NJ SOL is 6 years. It is Jefferson and the fresh start program, lol! Of course I am not going to respond to offer, but I do like the DV letter on this site. Should I DV immediately or just do nothing? Says I have until 3/14 to respond to offer. Date of letter is 2/7/2015. Thanks for your help Ps, the 2nd letter they sent still has the 30 day right to DV clause, I would DV and instruct all communications from them be sent certified, since I have a large household and multiple families at my residence.
  8. Thanks Art! Charged Off by OC, not sure of balance and I'm not sure of CA because I'm not home right now. I do remember that it has been to several different companies. Thanks for all of your help.
  9. Sorry Art and Tom, I thought the state was in my profile, I am in NJ and I really have no problem paying a portion of a debt , just concerned about them reporting on CR. I just received a second letter from them offering the 3 payment plan! It does have the "30 days to validate this debt" clause on the bottom of the letter. SOL is 6 years and May 2009 was last payment. Can I settle on the terms that they won't report? Or just wait? Thanks again
  10. No law suit yet, I don't think they would pursue it, small debt and they are out of state. I just don't want them to report on my CR as collection. The OC has it reported as CO
  11. I used the info from this board to answer my complaint. I just adjusted some of the verbage to address my particular situation. Good luck! You will have to go to Atlantic County courthouse to file answer. I know it is inconvenient, but they are very nice. You can get the paperwork online at NJ Superior court. Go to self help section for special civil. You have to print out the directions and answer form. Attach your written answer to the forms and follow the instructions regarding how many copies etc. It is very thorough. I think it is $35. If you have any questions, you can PM me.