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  1. Is it too late to talk to the fam law firm at this point?
  2. The debt was for $28,000 with a fam law firm. The last payment nearly 4 yrs ago. The collection agency tacked on the additional interest of $7000+. The CA is DYNAMIC LEGAL FIRM. The letter says "our client"; so I'm guessing they've hired them as opposed to have sold the debt?
  3. The first letter addressed to me; the second was to someone else with my address.
  4. Also, they sent me a letter with someone else's name with MY ADDRESS!
  5. Hi. I received a letter from a firm representing "their client" who states I owe $28,000 plus interest totaling $35,000 and change. The last time a payment was made was Sept of 2011. With their generic form letter was a form for fee arbitration. The form letter also said they have the right to pursue all legal remedies to their client, "including attachment of the above asset and forced sale, if necessary." There isn't an asset. I don't understand what they're referring to? Is that grounds for dismissal? The letter obviously being used improperly? Thank you.
  6. Help! I'm back. I'm about 7 months away from the SOL & I'm getting calls from my worthless divorce attorney's office saying that I can call to discuss making a lump sum payment, payment arrangements depending on my situation, or the threat of them selling my case of to credit collection agency. WHAT DO I DO?
  7. @nascar, how can I get a copy of that? Thank you so much for your help! I tried to message you, but couldn't due to your settings!
  8. @1stStep, my worthless lawyer did ask my ex to pay my attorney fees, but the Judge only had him pay a very small amount of it. Do you guys think I should contact the firm and see if they'll lower the amount I owe and make some sort of payment arrangement? I really don't want to file BK.
  9. So, what you're saying is, it's like getting blood from a turnip? A scare tactic @TomnTex?
  10. They're trying to get me for $27,000! They're family law lawyers local here in the state, do you think I should prep myself to be served? They're a prestigious law firm that has had many high profile cases. I, on the other hand don't have the money to cover this. I'm so nervous. @TomnTex. I appreciate everyone's help here.
  11. Thank you, @shellieh98 and @TomnTex! @TomnTex, what does "COLLECTION PROOF" mean???
  12. Hey everyone! I need some advice. What's the likeliness that a family law lawyer will serve me for the balance of a debt from 5 years ago? The last payment made was 3 years ago. My credit is bad, I don't own a home or have any assets, I have a severely disabled child, and just recently, I've started receiving phone calls from them after 3 years. I'm nervous and want to do right, but if don't have much and I worry that if I call, then that's going to start the SOL again. Please help me. No need for negative comments, please.
  13. @DefendingSenior, that's your call. I would, I learned that here. Unless the affiant is able to be PERSONALLY served, they're out of compliance with ccp 1987. http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/cacode/CCP/3/4/3/2/s1987 ( In the case of the production of a party to the record of any civil action or proceeding or of a person for whose immediate benefit an action or proceeding is prosecuted or defended or of anyone who is an officer, director, or managing agent of any such party or person, the service of a subpoena upon any such witness is not required if written notice requesting the witness to atte