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  1. I didn't make a payment on a Perkins loan from 2004. I knew about the loan shortly after leaving school and ignored it. After moving numerous times in the last 7 years, I forgot about it. I recently applied to go back to school and discovered that it is now in default with a CA and I cannot obtain more financial aid until it is consolidated, rehabbed or paid off. Original balance was $500, now something like $1,100. The loan was from the term 9/04, adding in 6 month grace period and 270 days of no payment, plus 7 years (on credit report), I have calculated it to come off my credit report this last month 12/12. Problem is, the first date of delinquency is listed as 2/09 on CR. I will be requesting DV later this week with CA, because so far my attempts to find out the total balance from OC and CA have been fruitless. I want to go back to school ASAP so I'm wondering what would be my quickest way to settle this. I was thinking of disputing the first date of delinquency with the CRA's. Since rehabbing the loan would require 10 payments over 9 months, I would rather not wait this long. 1. Since it is a student loan, will the listing for the OC and CA come off my CR after 7 years if I successfully dispute with the CRA's? 2. After getting these items deleted from my CR, if I make a payment in full, will the negative listings go back on my report for 7 more years? If it would, is there anything else I could do that I'm not thinking of? I'm not against suing if it would help.
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