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  1. Does anyone know if this will be extended in 2014? After 2 yrs of run around with B of A we threw in the towel, the house was $200,000 underwater & the stress dealing with B of A was not worth it. The 1st Auction date was in 2009 & it was postponed, relisted & postponed several times. The last Auction date was in 12/2012 we thought this is it & tired of living with everything packed up for so long so we said goodbye to Az & moved back east. We notified B of A the house was empty. This year they sold the loan to SPS & they keep sending us statements with a balance due of $98,000. I keep calling them telling them we are not going back & please forecloose. If they dont foreclose this year then are we gonna be stuck paying taxes on $365,000?
  2. I have been looking for a 2007 - 2009 Ikea agreement to see if they have Jams and can't seem to find one. Does anyone know if Ikea had agreements or should I be looking for a GEMB agreement?
  3. One more question, I am looking at the debt validation flow chart. Am I suppose to dispute with the credit bureaus at the same time as my validation request to the JDB?
  4. Can someone please tell me if this DV letter is sufficient to send. From many posts I have read it seems simple might be the best way to go? Should I delete the election of arbitration since Barclays does not have JAMS just AAA? After what I am reading I am not afraid to fight in court! I attached 3 pages of the 1st letter I have reciecved from MCM, (oops just deleted the scans I could still see my info through the blackout) I have read that MCM does make violations but I'm getting real confused on what to look for in the letter from them. Any tips here? As I said this is the 1st letter from them. Midland Funding, LLC / Midland Credit Management, Inc. 8875 Aero Drive, Suite 200 Att: Consumer Support Services San Diego, CA. 92123 February x, 2013 Dear Midland Funding, LLC & Midland Credit Management, Inc. 1. This letter is in response to your letter dated xxx x, 2013 with reference MCM account # xxxxxx. 2. I dispute this alleged debt. Please validate the debt. 3. If there is an arbitration clause related to this alleged debt, I elect arbitration to resolve any dispute. 4. Telephone calls are not convenient at any time or location. Communicate by mail only. Regards, xxx xxxx xxx x. xxxx. xxxxx, xx. xxxxx CMRRR # ________________________________________
  5. Thank you Linda. Opened in 2008 Defaulted in 2009
  6. Thank you racecar, so Barclays doesn't have agreements with Jams? From what I have read so far it sounds like Jams is preferred, would I even want to elect arbitration if AAA is the only choice with Midland Credit Management? Or am I better off sending a DV letter and wait for MCM to file suit and fight? I find alot of posts on Midland Funding but not MCM, I found some information that they are connected online so does that mean the posts I find regarding Midland Funding would pretty much be the same information that would apply to MCM?
  7. I just received a "Notice of New Ownership and Pre-Legal Review" from MCM. I am going to send a DV letter and I wanted to include electing Arbitration. I keep searching and I can't find much on Barclays Bank, does anyone know if they have an agreement with Jams?