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  1. Thank you for the advice. I'm in a USDA loan and can't refinance for 3.5 more years. But hardly have any equity in my home anyway. My car is by no means luxurious, but probably. Nicer than I need. Here again not much equity in it though. But I feel that I'm in a position where I won't need to change house or car for a long time. The budget is thin. After I continue to research, if I decide to file bankruptcy. At what point do I stop paying credit cards? Do I contact a lawyer first?
  2. Hey, I'm real stressed and not sure what to do and am in need of advice. Two years ago I got divorced and got saddled with $33K in credit card debt. I have been making the minimum payments and have kept my nose just barely above water. Been able to make all of my payments, including living expenses (own a modest home and car but make payments on both) However, I've run into some problems that need money that I just don't have. My HVAC needs to be replaced (about $5000, Live in central TX and no AC is not an option) this spring before it gets hot! I've also ran up a debt to a friend that needs to be paid ($2000). This person nearly saved my life loaning me the money and they need to be paid. I've trimmed the budget and taken a part time job on top of my decent salaried position (around $45K annually). I'm stretched thin. My credit is decent (700ish). I don't know where to start or what to do. I was thinking of not paying my credit cards to be able to pay the other items that need attention. But once I go down that road I need to be sure it is the right path for me. Any advice? Thanks J