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  1. Flyerfan - I am thinking of filing for sanctions too. What is best source of info on how to go about it? I posted a new topic because JDB filed docs AFTER the dismissal w/o p. I wonder if it has something to do with protecting themselves for not filing anything with the claim? But it is not my statement they filed, so I do not know how it could help them. I filed copies of the same with my motion to dismiss showing it wasn't my name. BUT AFTER the dismissal??? I don't get it.
  2. I was sued by JDB for a credit card debt and it was not my account. My name is not on the account and I was not a co-signer on the account. The account was charged off in a bankruptcy by a relative. Then the OC tried to get me to pay it off. I disputed it with them and they charged it off, sold it to one JDB, who sold it to another on the same day. After the first pre-trial, with the help of a lot of folks on this site I put together a couple of motions, an affidait of denial and a motion to Quash their discovery since I was Pro se and there is a Florida rule that says they can't request
  3. Safe harbor provision??? Off I go to research again. I'd love to stick it to 'em. But I did read where SCOTUS issued that ruling. I mean REALLY, how much more protection do these guys need! If the courts were on the up and up they would impose sanctions for the judicial abuse that is going on with hundreds of these cases a day that JDBs file and have absolutely no intention of litigating. But then the courts are making big, fast money too now. The day I was there last there were a couple of hundred cases which were disposed of in 2 hours or so because they were all no shows. They g
  4. Thanks to all of you forum gurus, I have some good news! My case was dismissed today! But, disappointingly, it was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice by the Plaintiff. I did ask to meet with a judge and did my best to convince him to change it to with prejudice, but to no avail. He pretty much implied that it was a matter of timing, that the plaintiff dismissed it before I did anything. I explained that I had filed a motion to dismiss with prejudice on 2/15, but it hadn't been heard because the clerk told me I didn't need to schedule a separate motion hearing, that it would take place at
  5. That's great - thanks. I also found a super one that Minnesota publishes that really covers the whole process very clearly and includes information from the defendant's perspective (unlike Florida who has nothing for us!). I hope is is helpful to others. http://www.mnd.uscourts.gov/Pro-Se/Pro-Se-Civil-Guidebook.pdf
  6. usb-forward-flow.pdf Skeeter! I found another Daniel Rose signature. It looks just like the 2007 one I sent you, but this one is 2009. Get this! It also has an entire forward flow US Bank agreement with a Livingston Financial in MN. It is long and I haven't read it all the way through, but even though it is MN I bet it is close to aboiler plate agreement. Take a look at it. I am also going to email it to several people who have helped me, in case it could help anyone else. Hope it helps you somehow.
  7. I agree. When I have time I am going to see what else I can find. Unless there was some kind of a merger and he was redundant. Maybe he objected to robo signing?? Very interesting
  8. Thanks TomnTex. That is a good reminder since I have never done this before - I even forgot to say Your Honor at the 1st pretrial - I just addressed her as "Judge." I won't be able to think fast enough for a reason though - wonder how she would respond to "there is just something not right with that, Your Honor." I think I will study up on a few that are likely to apply. Thanks again for the input.
  9. Hey Racecar - that is certainly an idea. I think I already mentioned in the first pre-trial that the name on it is my daughter's so I think I had better avoid that approach. Plus, they could get me on fraud, which with my luck is what would happen! I didn't know that a Pro Se defendant could go for the costs, but I certainly will. What do they accept - I have a lot of miles to the courthouse and back and a few reams of paper. I'm sure my time is not worth anything to them! And BTW, he is a she. I wanted my CIC name to be Harry but it was already taken - Harry as in Harry's Law?? I am
  10. I was thinking I should ask for a jury trial too. I was a little afraid it might tick the judge off. I could just play dumb and ask about it during our pre-trial next week. My guess is the JDB attny wouldn't like that much either - might push him to let it go. I love to let some of my peers know how they operate. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. I was trying to stand on my head to read it when all I had to do was print it! It opens upside down in the post. BTW the upload option is available when you hit the "More Reply Options" button at the bottom of the post (not in email that I have found tho). OMG you are right - that name is exactly the same - could it be a stamp, or a digital signature? Or else he had a lot of BOS's sitting around already signed waiting for the highest bidder. I found his resume on my search for the signatures. He left US Bank after 17 years - he was responsible for debt sales, so it is the right guy (and
  12. Hey Skeeter - When I posted my latest I saw this upload option so thought I would trying getting you those VP BOS signatures this way to look at and compare with yours. Hope it works! BOS Signatures.pdf
  13. Yesterday I filed motion to Quash discovery because I am Pro Se and FL Sm Claims Rules prohibit discovery unless ordered by the court. I included a Memorandum re: Response to PL's Request for Discovery indicating that I did not respond to the request, objected to the discovery but denied all allegations and demanded strict proof and again referenced the rule. I did not request discovery from PL because if I had, the PL had a right to do so too. I also filed a Motion to Dismiss for failure to state a cause of action since there were no documents attached to complaint which is one of the SC r
  14. Sorry to hear about your experience. I don't think it is just Indiana though. I am in Florida and went to observe prior to my Pre-trial conference. There were maybe 10 lawyers in a group at a table just clipping off the case numbers for the court administrator as fast as they could go - and of course 98% of them were defaults from no shows. It is amazing the amount of money they won in just the couple of hours or so I was there. And the attorneys were all chummy with the administrator and clerks - joking and laughing. If the courts cut this off (along with the foreclosures) they wouldn't