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  1. So a quick update. Equifax is refusing to send any documentation to me regarding the supposed settlement they paid relating to the 1099-MISC they sent to me and they are refusing to admit that they made a mistake, so now my lawyer is handling most of this (and hopefully this time it will be me and not the person whose credit report was crossed with mine that gets the $3500+ payout) and I have to dispute the 1099-MISC when I file my taxes. Great, now I will probably have to prepare to be audited. Glad I have a great accountant and lawyer who can help me through this.
  2. The only issue is, when I called Equifax to tell them they had the wrong person, they reissued the 1099-MISC with my social. The original didn't have it and I wanted to make sure that if it did need to go to someone else, they could send it in time, but they changed it to me instead. I've called my lawyer because Equifax is claiming to have a signed I-9 and settlement agreement but won't give me a copy because it contains sensitive information and will only release it to an attorney. So tired of the CRAs. It wasn't just one trade line that got crossed but a person's whole credit report got
  3. Yeah, I've never filed a lawsuit against them so I have no idea why I got it. My accountant said to call the number, which I did, and ask them about it. I left a message with my contact information as I was unable to get a live person on the phone. I will wait a week for them to get back to me and then go from their. My credit report was crossed with someone elses and it has been a hot mess to try and get everything sorted out.
  4. Sorry, I guess it's Equifax, not Experian. Its not a bil stating that I owe Equifax money, its a 1099-MISC stating that they paid me around $3200 and are reporting it as income to the IRS. The tax payer ID isn't even close to my social, so I am wondering if my account is still crossed with the other person's. I would never give them - or anyone for that matter - my social over the phone. Last year I got a 1099 from Bank of America for an account that wasn't mine and it was like pulling teeth to get that sorted out so I'm hoping this isn't going to be like that. I keep trying to call the nu
  5. So I got a 1099-MISC from Experian yesterday for just over $3200. I have no idea why I got the 1099-MISC as I haven't had any dealing with them other than to contest incorrect data on my credit report. They gave a number to call was a recording of the ONE lady who supposedly handles all of their accounting and states that it was issued due to requirements set forth by the IRS for settlements (I have never receieved any money from them - ever) and to contact my attorney for more information (which, again, I can't since I never had any lawsuit or settlement payments from them). To top it off,
  6. They are listed as Hard Inquiries on the credit report. That is why I am confused. I was unaware that the CRAs were able to do hard pulls.
  7. So I pulled my Equifax report and saw the following under "Credit Pulls" as hard inquiries: EQUIFAX Inquiry Date: Jan 14, 2014 Removal Date: Feb 2016 EQUIFAX CONS AFFAI Inquiry Date: Jan 14, 2014 Removal Date: Feb 2016 EQUIFAX CONS AFFAI Inquiry Date: Jan 14, 2014 Removal Date: Feb 2016 Is this even legal? Why would they do three hard pulls on the same day and have all three count against me?
  8. Actual FICO (it dropped 5 on TransUnion, 16 on Equifax, and 25 on Experian).
  9. So I finally succeeded in getting the BoA account that wasn't mine off of my credit reports. I was expecting that my score would go up as it was the only delinquent account ever listed on my report but my score went DOWN about 25 points. I'm trying to figure out why this could be. It didn't change the length of my credit history or anything like that. Any ideas?
  10. Under creditor it states TransUnion and under purpose it says Miscellaneous. It is in the hard pulls area of the report. Why would they have reason to do a hard pull? Also, the address they gave for TransUnion isn't the regular one, but a local address. The whole thing seems very odd.
  11. So I have an odd question that I haven't been able to find the answer to. Are CRAs allowed to place their own hard pulls on your credit reports? I requested my TransUnion report and noticed that under hard pulls, TransUnion was listed as company that did a hard pull and stated that the purpose of said hard pull was "other permissable." Is this legal? I am currently waiting for my Experian and Equifax reports, as they made me request them by mail with copies of my ID and a utility bill to prove my identity, to see if they did the same.
  12. So a question sort of on topic here. If you pay taxes on an alleged debt that they send you a 1099C and it is later found that the debt was not yours, can you sue the OC/CA/JDB for the amount you had to pay in taxes? Can you file an amended tax return to get that money back? Or is it just lost forever because of their shoddy record keeping?
  13. I'm also trying to figure out how to declare insolvency. The IRS publication states that its supposed to be from when they discharged the debt, which on the 1099C states November 2013 (a full 30 days after they were served with the lawsuit). I have no actual idea of when the account was supposedly defaulted on as the listing on my credit report states only the amount supposedly owed and when the account was open. One lists last payment as 3/2010 and the other two list last payment as 3/2009. Its a mess and any thing I do with regards to declaring insolvency with regards to amounts for othe
  14. I have already filed suit against BoA. I was shocked to get the 1099C because they apparently discharged the debt after having been served with the suit. The amount listed on the 1099C is also weird because it looks like a discharge of only part of the balance, which makes me think they got a hold of the person who's account it is and settled (alleged debt was for ~$7k and the discharged amount is ~$4k).
  15. I am currently, and have been for about three months, in a legal battle with Bank of America over an account that isn't mine. I received a 1099C in the mail for the account in question with a discharge date of AFTER the legal paperwork was filed and served to BoA. I have alerted my lawyer about this but I am unsure of how this will affect me filing my taxes. I called the IRS to ask their "experts" and was told they that they had no idea how to handle this as it is such an unusual issue. Any ideas would be helpful.