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  1. ok i will thank you, i;ll be looking for an attorney today. the next hearing is set for the 19th. and about the SOL in Arizona, ars 12-505 states that any change in limitations does not revive previous time barred accounts.
  2. hey everyone, im back and in need of advice. so today i had my hearing, and the attorney showed up 15 min late. the judge let the hearing start with only me in the room. so i began to tell him how i was never served and all the paperwork was adressed to my father and his wife. and also that neither he nor i have ever been served. the judge considered quashing the garnishment but then the attorney asked if he could schedule another hearing to research his documents. now wouldn't them filing all this legal action be a violation of civil procedures in arizona for not ever serving anyone? i also w
  3. hello, im back. so today i had my hearing, i showed up, and their attorney showed up 15 min late. so i started the hearing without them, i explained to the judge how i was never served. and showed proof of it by having my current address' contract and closing date which was dated almost a month before they claimed they served me at my old address. the judge wanted to quash the garnishment, but the attorney asked for another hearing to give him time to research the documents he has. now one thing that really upset me is how can the judge continue when they never served, not having proof of who
  4. thank you, i will look into it asap. as the hearing is in a week. im very relieved a site like this exists.
  5. ok will do. when you say file, do you mean i should file it with the clerk of the court? or just have it in writting on the day of the hearing?
  6. thanks for the advice its really appreciated. this is very stressful. thats what i was thinking of doing at the hearing. the only thing i worry is that my lack of legal experience will ruin it for me. and they might have some sort of document that dooms me, given that i have no clue what has been shown as evidence on their part. would i need to file a motion to argue the debt? im worried i might be missing a document, a statement, something on the day of the hearing. should i put my arguement in writing?
  7. it very well could be, im not sure. i asked my mother and she said he mentioned it once but that he didnt hear anything else about it after receiving the settlement letter. on the summons it has the last four of my ss#. so i pulled my credit report and the only mention of a bank of america account, which this is, says it was opened in 1995 and is in good standing, but then the issue with this is that, i was 13 years old in 95. and im pretty sure its not allowed for a 13 year old to open an account. another thing that cought my eye is that on my credit report under names reported, it lists my
  8. hi everyone, sorry for taking a little of your time. i'm over stressed because of this midland issue. i received the writ of garnishment from midland. i filed for a hearing and its a week from now. i'm in arizona and am looking for any advice and or help. to begin i received this notice with a packet of all the other summons of complaint, summons of judgement, and the summons for garnishment. i posted this story in teh post judgement room, but wanted to see if i could get help in this room seeing there are alot of midland featured posts. one thing is that i have never been served prior to th
  9. hi all, obviously this is a post judgement case. unfortunately i received a writ of garnishment from midland here in az. now when i say i i mean my name is on the letter, but the issue im having is it says my name and then i reads and his wife, then i t reads my mothers name. first, i dont have a wife, and second my father and i share the same name. the issue i am having is i was never served, even from the start of the complaint. in the packet i received i received a copy of all the other summons up until the garnishment. and every single one of them lists the defendant as my same name and my