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  1. SOL starts on date of last payment/activity. The credit reporting period starts on the date of default.
  2. I forgot the password to and they can't verify me to give me the credit report but if I order via they can verify me and give me the report. They are so confusing.
  3. What was the reason? They just said we cannot give it to you online? You will have to be more specific.
  4. Was this account identity theft? If not, why would the OC do that?
  5. Since they dismissed with prejudice from the monthly payment settlement, doesn't that mean they cannot sue you again for this debt even if you stopped making the monthly payments?
  6. If they dismissed with prejudice, they cannot sue you over it again.
  7. They might check if you have a late payment to see if you are also late with other creditors. If it does show you are late with several other creditors, your credit limit will probably be lowered or account closed completely.
  8. I tried to dispute online with Equifax, they can't verify me even though I gave them the confirmation report #. Why not? I got my free credit report with the same information I gave them earlier but now they can't verify me?
  9. Anyone in the credit industry can run a soft check on your report, they do not affect your scores. As to why some of your current accounts are running checks on you, they are doing so to see if you have been defaulting lately.
  10. Is this really identity theft? If it were me, I would definitely not pay 1 cent or file BK on debts that are absolutely not mine. Isn't there some type of FDCPA violation for suing on debts from identity theft?
  11. So who qualifies for this free credit report? Is there a limit to how often to get this free credit report? I got my free report via last July.
  12. Should you be disputing any negatives that are unpaid/collections if they are not past SOL yet? What is the benefit of improving your credit score if you still have substantial debt that creditors can sue you over? IMO, I don't really see much benefit that you could use immediately to your advantage. If you succeed in getting every negative removed, the minute you apply and get approved for a new credit card, creditors would know you are making on time payments so they would know of your improved finances and sue you. If you succeed in getting a loan, creditors would know you have new assets to sue you over. ?
  13. Are those negatives past the SOL? If not, why would you dispute those and draw attention to your debt especially if they are nearing SOL?
  14. I think the plaintiff is just going to have their attorney phone in.
  15. If your original circuit city account was sold to midland as you claimed, why do you feel you owe nothing to midland? Since you were never served, you could possibly get the judgment vacated. Does your credit report have the judgment on there?