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  1. Also, I forgot to mention... I have the following additional monthly expenses: Groceries - $310 Insurance (Health, Life & Car) - $394 Gas - $300 Internet & Phone - $210 Electric & Heating - $185 For a total living expense per month of $1,399 per month and debt expense of $6,636.81 for a total monthly expense of $8,035.81 My total monthly take home pay is $7,120.00 I also have $18,500 in my savings account. I am planning on using this amount to Settle the Prosper amount ($7,695) in full and eliminate that $641.25 payment per month, but I
  2. Hello all, I have a dire situation that I have created through my gambling addiction. I have gotten help with my addiction and am clean for 85 days now. I have stopped most of my payments since November of 2016 and have therefore been able to negotiate these terms in the past 2 weeks, please review and any feedback on the negotiated rates or amounts is appreciated. Here is a summary of my debt: Creditor Name Current Balance Monthly Payment Notes Disover Card $2,333.33 $42.00 - Negotiated
  3. Hello All, Just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with settling on debts that are only 80 days past due? I have a Lending Club debt with a balance of &16,800.00 and I was curious what my chances were of settling that debt for 12k to 14k with it being only 80 days past due? Thanks,
  4. Thank you, I will do... Aaahhh the freedom of being free from the Gambling, and a plan to resolve this debt is exhilarating!!
  5. Hello All, Huge THANK YOU to all that have responded, the overall consensus that I got was to see a BK lawyer and I just finished doing a free consultation and it was great, here is what I have decided to do, in this order: 1. Being that I am upside down by 8.7k on my F-150 and 4.8k on the car I am going to call each creditor and surrender both vehicles. 2. I will then buy (1) 4 x 4 SUV for 7k and (1) car for 4k paying cash for both (using our 11k in savings) 3. I will then file for Chapter 13 BK, being that 4k is exempt for each vehicle I will only have to figure 3k as equ
  6. Thank you for your insight, I really appreciate it! Thank you for this feedback, I agree that I need to donate more of my time and less of my money... My Utilities do not include Cable or satellite, but it does include $280.00 for Verizon (1 line ($151) is the grandfathered unlimited data plan that we use for our home internet, as we do not have other viable internet options and I need it for my work).. Here is a further breakdown. Utilities Verizon Wireless (Internet) $151.38 Verizon Wireless (Phone) $129.72 El
  7. Hello All, I have made some extremely stupid decisions this past 2-3 years and it has left me in a huge hole that looks impossible to get out of and I am looking for advice or any suggestions on what to do. I have been a gambling addict for the past 2-3 years and as of 2 weeks ago have finally confessed to this and I am now seeking help and have been free for 18 days now, this is my current financial situation: Creditor Name Payment Due Date Original Loan Amount Current Balance Monthly Payment Percentage of Debt
  8. Update: I'm a Daddy now!! . On May 31st we were blessed with a 3lb 6oz Baby Boy named Kevin. He was 7 weeks premature and we had an extensive hospital stay of 25 days in NICU. Lucky for me I got a raise(5k a year) a month before and decided to buy health insurance with that extra income and I am REALLY greatful that I did as our Hospital bill is 60k. I am still current on all of my CC payments with a combined balance of 25k. I think we'll be able to make it without filing for Bankruptcy, we will continue making extra payments on all of my CC and try and pay off these cards the old fa
  9. Hello All, Glad to see that my forum has helped some people. Thanks for all your comments.
  10. Do NOT hire any Debt Settlement company!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can do this yourself!
  11. Everyone! Thanks to all for the input! You have helped alot with my decision and probably saved me a lot of headaches. Before coming on here I was going to just stop paying everyone and hope for good settlement offers. Now I'm determined to liquidate some "Stuff" that I can do without, live like a hermit and pay off these stinkin CC and learn a lesson from this. If my Medical bills stay under 80k this upcoming year I think I will be able to make it. If its more I will then look at other options. Thanks again, this forum has been a blessing!
  12. Cafe & credit h, I do agree with you and am aware that prosper is a Peer 2 peer lending but having said that a majority of institutions and banks also help fund these loans... for my loan 9,000 was funded by an institution the remaining balance of 2,500 was funded by people like you and me (The total was 11,500) which none had funded more that 150.00 each. I am not looking to screw anyone here but if I cant pay the Credit cards I most certainly cant pay the prosper loan. Another thing about prosper, did you know that the lenders have no say in the matter when it comes to a delinguent
  13. Nob4, Great information!! Thank you... I think I'm going to continue paying this account sell stuff and hopefully the bills stay small..
  14. On Feb 2nd I received a letter in the mail from DA (Debt Arbitrators) saying that they can reduce my CC Debt of 20k to 11k (See attached) I took out all the personal info for obvious reasons. Included with the letter was a "winter catalog" not sure what the purpose is if that. On Feb. 6th I received another letter very similar to the first on only on it was Pink and some dates changed. So I decided to called them on Saturday (Feb. 9th) and talked with a Laurie from Debt Arbitrators and she was really nice and persuasive explaining the basic process of how it works and convinced me to sig
  15. Here is an update.. I called Citi and Chase today trying to explain my upcoming situation and if they in any way can help me. Chase pretended to care but said they cant help me for now, but if I start falling behind they want me to call back. Citi was helpful said they cant do settlements with accounts that are current but once I am 60 days past due to call back and then they will do settlement if the situation is right. They did lower my Interest rate from 24.99% to 17.24% so that is sweet! Here is my up to date information: Bank Name Min. Payment Balance In