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  1. WOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ::punk:: ::punk:: :yahoo: :yahoo: I just got a letter from Real Time Resolutions and it says: "This is in response to your written inquiry received on April 23, 2013. The above-referenced account is currently being removed from our active collections database. We have sent a request to the credit reporting agencies to have our trade line removed from our active collections database. w have sent a request to the credit reporting agencies to have our trande line removed, as indicated by the enclosed Universal Data Form. Effective immediately. Real
  2. Ok - I have already sent a letter to the CA. It was more in alignment with a Debt Validation letter. It was sent out 4/3/13, so I hopefully will be hearing from them soon. If not, I'll send a letter using 623. Thanks
  3. I think I'm stuck on the next steps because of the bank buyouts. The CA listed on the tradelines is Realtime Resolutions. They got the alleged debt from Bank of America. BoA inherted it from Countrywide. So, since CW no longer exists, do I call BofA? That said, the CRAs all have conflicting numbers on this account: Experian has the April results as: Date opened: 8/19/2006 Monthly payment: $216 Recent balance: $28,938 Past Due: $11,010 In contrast, Equifax has its April results as: Date opened: Oct 2006 Scheduled payment amount: $522 Balance amount: $34,927 Past Due: $8,077 And Tran
  4. Ok - working on these a little at a time. One is a debt that has been purchased by a CA. I just got the "verification" of the debt from the CRA. I also sent a letter to the CA requesting documentation (i.e. the promissary note) for the original debt. My next step will be to call the CRA and ask how it was verified. My assumption is that it will have been through e-oscar and that they don't have documentation. So, in terms of next steps do I then wait for the CA to contact me? I didn't write to them within 30 days of the original notice. Or, now that I have the info from the CRA, can I c
  5. I'm playing this fun game too! My understanding is that the SOL is from the date that the loan became 30 days late.
  6. This is almost the same methodology:
  7. I did that and got 3 foreclosures removed that way. There are still the seconds. I found this methodology, which I think looks like a good approach since I seriously doubt PNC has the original note. I had another bank buyer try to take me to court and they could not produce anything original: What do you think?
  8. That's interesting. So, in following steps for credit repair regarding junk debt buyers, is it the same as CAs? Thanks!
  9. HI All, I've been getting so much help out of this forum. Like many, I was hit hard by the economic crisis. I had a number of investment properties that turned sour and had to let them go. Thanks to the advice here, I've already gotten 3 foreclosures removed from my reports because the bank never responded to the CRAs. So, I have a few second mortgages that I am working on getting off my reports next. So, here is my question. BOA purchased the horrid Countrywide and PNC bought not-quite as horrid National City. CW and NC were my OCs. So, are BOA and PNC CAs or are they OCs? Anyone dealt