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  1. Thought I'd put in my two cents. I use that other board too. I read and read until I was blue in the face for weeks. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and finally gathered the courage together to form a strategy in electing arb with JAMS and compose an answer to a lawsuit. After getting started I realized that I had only learned enough to hang myself. When I finally joined and asked questions I too was corrected and intimidated by the grammar police. It makes new people afraid to ask anything when that happens to them. I was also ignored and just left hanging at that point. When I did
  2. Thanks for the info, that's good to know. I still haven't started working on this but it's is on my to do list.
  3. I wanted to know if I should prepare some sort of notice to the court that I have initiated arb within the 30 day time period? If so, do I just need an affidavit and a copy of the cover letter that was sent to the attorney with the demand papers? Can I mail it in or would it be better to stop by and get everything file stamped? I was just thinking it was probably a good idea to cover my "you know what" and let court know that I complied with the arb order.
  4. Seems like you could do a MTD based on SOL. They didn't produce a signed contract (or anything else for that matter) so it should be 4 years. If and when you motion either to dismiss or for judgement on the pleadings, do make sure and schedule the hearing when you file it. Be sure to have the order ready to so the judge can just sign it easily in case he looks at everything and decides that they have no case If you think judge may not be fair- then it may be safest route to just go ahead and file MTC, notify JDB of arb election with JAMS and initiate with JAMS. I'd do all of it on Monday
  5. @admin That's okay, I'm not offended. Just hoping someone may have one. Thanks.
  6. I just (quick) checked - credit card debt in Nevada is considered an open ended acct. and the SOL is 4 years. I think you can fight this - maybe easier to do through the court as you may not even need arbitration if it is indeed a time barred debt. You need to know the date of last activity. Have you ever acknowledged the debt or made any payments even to a collection agency in the last 4 years? I'm new here and not very experienced, hopefully others here will jump in to help. If not I'll try to point you in the right direction to the best of my ability.
  7. Heather, Do you know when you made the last payment or the DOLA on this acct? If it charged off in 07 it may possibly be past the SOL. I looked at the Chase 05 with JAMS agreement (it also lists AAA or NAF) It says that it includes claims that arise in the past, present or future. That sounds like survivability to me. Since your acct was opened in 05 I think you should be able to use that one.
  8. @HeatherW What year was the acct. opened and closed? About how much is debt? Find this thread in this arbitration forum "Linda7 Steps and Strategies of Arbitration" It is usually on the first page - read it, it will help you understand the process a little better. If you are able to MTC private arbitration you'll need to move quickly.
  9. @admin I also forgot to metion that I have looked for agreements by searching threads and search features in this forum and others. I just haven't been able to find much info dealing with ST anywhere and thought it was odd.
  10. Of course I did - found the same one that you did (2012) and also found another 2012 that was similar but acknowledged GA as state law. Did you happen to look at the arbitration clause in the above link? Seemed to be written with CIC and DB in mind. I was really hoping to see some of their older agreements to look at arb clause, survivability, etc. The acct. was opened in 03 and defaulted in 09
  11. Does anyone recall or have any cardmenber agreements for Suntrust? Anytime between 2003 - 2010 might work. I rarely see any information on them.
  12. Iheart - I wanted to thank you for pointing that out for me. I left my info off of the demand form. If it comes down to it does anyone know if I would be allowed to go to the hearing with him? I don't think it will get to that but would like to know. Everything is ready to go with the exception of the signed court order to initiate arb within 30 days. I called the clerk today and he said he would mail it. I do have a copy of the order that the atty. sent to the court before it was signed by the judge and a copy of the chronological case summary online. Do you think I would be able to s
  13. BV80 Thanks for the link! That's a lot to chew on. I'll have plenty of reading to occupy these rainy spring days.
  14. usctrojanalum - thanks for the reply. Do you happen to know if simply going to the courthouse to get copies of everything will somehow trigger any actions from atty. or court to collect? Also, does it usually cost very much to get copies? For something that old, would I need to call ahead to have them get a file to be able to get copies? Sorry to ask you guys first instead of just calling the clerk, but I get very nervous and hate calling them unless absolutely necessary..