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  1. I'll have to ck the court. I don't think she was ever served or she would have told me. She is on SSI, doesn't own anything. Elderly but not at a loss of faculties.
  2. It's from Craig R. Goodman Law Offices, LLP I looked at credit report about two years ago and Discover was not on there. I will do that. Thank you.
  3. My mom received a Plaintiff's Post Judgement Interrogatories to Defendent filing. I have been grateful for this site as it's helped me answer some of the questions. It's from Discover Bank and she told me that she had an account with them back in the 90's. The filing freaked her out and she called the debt collector and made a payment arrangement. My questions are: 1) Can she object to all the questions asked in the interrogatory since she didn't force them to prove the debt? 2)Can we still force them to prove the debt? How? 3)If it's from the 90's and the SOL is 4-6 years here in GA,