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  1. Anyone know of any good articles, outside of the first 10 pages of an internet search, on medical billing fraud. I have some collections from a few years ago. These collections might be from legitimate bills. However, the reason they weren't paid is likely due to some insurance fraud on the part of a former doctor of mine. The fraud looks like this: He reported charges WAAAY higher to my insurance agency than me, to the tune of $1400 per 15 minute session. That quickly drained my yearly maximums. However, when I went in it was the usual co-pay of $20. There was never a mention of an outstand
  2. It is possible to that it's just not making sense because I bought a 3 agency report directly from Equifax. It doesn't look like the credit reports I usually see, so I'm going to request the free one from annual soon.
  3. No, it's Midland reporting, there appears to be an older "closed" account with JDB LVNV that also says CIT and that original account was charged off. This appears to be a second hand sale of the original account, which I can't find at all.
  4. Emphasis mine there... I'm picking, but with good reason as you know. The account was charged off some time ago, so then how could the OC still be reporting delinquency?
  5. Yes, but at that point I have documentation to dispute and report fraud and ammunition for a tax attorney.
  6. So, long story short... If I have documentation showing my old principal balance then I should hold on to it.
  7. I have a question about this, if you're settling say... and old apartment debit with a CA. This debit is past SOL and you're paying it in order to clear the road for an eventual mortgage. What happens if the CA has tacked on unreasonable or even illegal levels of interest and you settle for nickels on dollars? Would this 1099-C reflect the difference between the original debit or the possible illegal interest?
  8. Maybe I misunderstand then. I have made no payments that I know of to a CIT, nor does any account appear from CIT, closed or otherwise on my CR. Yet, the JDB reports in the Experian comments section that, "last reported delinquencies on 2012 and 2013." para. I misunderstood that as an attempt to re-age and more heavily effect the FICO score by reporting recent activity as if someone had started, and then stopped, making payments again; when I've not done any such thing.
  9. Absolutely... and contact is over 4 as well so reporting recent missed payments might be re-aging. I've got a lot of reading to do...
  10. Yes, I mean re-aging. As: stating this account was new and opened in the recent so that it will not fall off the 7 year cliff. And re-aging as reporting more recent delinquencies in the comments "2012" and "2013".
  11. Please excuse the block-outs as I'm trying to reduce the information that could be used algorithmically to positively identify me. This is from my CR. Any accounts I may have had went unpaid during job loss in 2007. I don't remember ever having an account with CIT. So, the question is are these violations like re-listing? (Date Opened) Inaccuracies like Collections, but past due $0.00? Last reported 2012 & 2013? Or do they only count as violations if they persist past DV or request to remove? Thanks...
  12. Okay, so nothing like reading your own sleep deprived questions the next day... I may have received some mail which may or may not have had anything to do with my private business. Whether any of said mail had anything to do with these proceedings would be pointless speculation because it no longer exists to examine. All mail with no immediate or foreseeable use is destroyed regularly in order to prevent it from becoming a vehicle for identity theft.
  13. Edit: Nevermind, was tired and not considering my question carefully.
  14. I understand what the guy was trying to do, our system is heavily biased and it sucks. The BBC had a good series on some of the things that led us to this point. And no, I don't mean skull & bones, illuminati and all that other conspiracy nonsense. How we got here is largely our stumbling into the system we have, almost on accident. The series is 3 hours long and is called "The Trap" with the first episode called "FU Buddy!" and they're really interesting. That said... What I don't understand is why this poster was trying to take this task on. What he was trying to do was the job of an A
  15. Oh, I would never cite an encyclopedia as reference... I pointed there because there are links to those things there, without me having to advertise-in-text the website of those vultures.