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  1. Hello, First time visitor/poster. Brief background for you... For years I had been up to date on my monthly payments with all accounts until I became pregnant last year. 2 months into my pregnancy, I was removed from work entirely & placed on full time bedrest of the remainder of my pregnancy. I did not qualify for unemployment, disability or state assistance. Luckily I was in a position where I resided in an in law apartment of a family members home so I was able to get by for the remainder of my pregnancy with a roof over my head. At 6 months pregnant, my prior employer allowed me to work from home for a very limited amount of hours per week, just enough to help supplement my income-that $ went to food,car insurance & my car loan. Therefore, with no substantial income for approx. 8 months of last year-my credit cards went unpaid. Throughout that time, I was up front & honest with all creditors & for the most part they were very understanding. Upon the birth of my son, I was not able to return full time to work as daycare in this area is very very costly & would eat up my entire check. So I am back to work now but still not full time. I am in a position where I can pay my cards by very very small payments-we are talking probably $10 a month max. I do realize they do not have to accept a payment such as this, especially at this point. And I do realize that consumer debt counseling is probably an option for me considering my amount of debt/income but I would love to be able to explore this on my own first. My question is how should I proceed? I have pulled all credit reports & all but one card still only shows with the original creditor-charged off but still with them. I know I need to contact everyone but should I send something in writing & wait for a response? Or should I contact them via phone & speak with the hardship department & go from there? Or in this case, do you think I might be best with a counseling agency working on my behalf? I know I will not have any $ anytime soon to offer settlements to any of the cards so making payments is my only option. Thank you & sorry for the length!