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  1. In the Credit Alerts section of TransUnion's TrueCredit site the entry shows as reported to Equifax only, lists the MSG account number but does not explicitly identify Madison Surgery Center, and lists the "Creditor Name" as the Uptain Group. Oddly, in the 3-bureau credit report, the same entry appears with NO creditor name. It is identified in the Remarks section as medical. If I do dispute this with Equifax, on what to I base the dispute?
  2. Thanks, Mom. Can someone else verify this is the correct course of action? (No offense, CM, just looking for someone with a bit more experience. )
  3. On January 30th, 2013 I sent a payment of $616 to the Uptain Group, Inc.for a debt that my wife owed to the Madison Surgery Center for services provided in May of 2012. The most recent collection letter I could locate was dated September 7th, 2012. This listed "Collection Costs" of $154. As of the date this check cleared - February 1st, 2013 - this account had NOT been reported to the credit bureaus. On March 21st, 2013 we received a credit alert from TrueCredit (TransUnion) that there had been a change to my wife's credit file made by Equifax. Logging in, I discovered a new entry had been made by the Uptain Group listing the Madison Surgery Center account with an Original Amount of $462 (which, with the aforementioned collection costs, totals to $616) and a Balance of $0. Is there anything I can do about this?
  4. On 2/19/13 I sent a Pay for Delete letter to the Uptain Group in regard to a $250 medical debt from 2012, originally held by a local hospital. In the letter I offered to pay in full in exchange for deletion, and stated that my offer was good for 30 days. That 30-day period has now expired and I have received no response at all from Uptain Group. The debt has already been validated, and Uptain had been calling me prior to when I sent the PFD letter. The phone rep had even indicated that they would accept a compromised amount although she never specified how much. Since the PFD was sent, I have heard nothing from them - even the phone calls have ceased. What should my next step be?
  5. So, from your experience, you would recommend I send them a Pay for Delete letter including all three accounts?
  6. I am attempting to clean up my wife's credit file, and she has three medical debts with Holloway Credit Bureau CO, LLC. I have managed to find a letter to her from Holloway dated 24 Oct 2012 that references a debt of $147 which is listed as "For: Pathology Associates PC". I am aware of the debt; it is for medical tests she had done. The letter states "Your past due account with PATHOLOGY ASSOCIATES PC has been placed with our office for collection." A review of her credit file through TrueCredit shows that she has another entry from Holloway that lists the original creditor as Pathology Associates. This entry is dated in 2008 and is for $110. A third Holloway entry on her report lists North Alabama ENT Associates as the original creditor. This entry is dated 2009 and is for $659. My ultimate goal is to offer to settle these for a compromised amount, contingent upon the entries being deleted. My main question is how should I approach this - each debt individually, or all together?