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  1. The original debt was before 2009. The law firm of Goodman, started representing Cach in the summer of 2009. I recceived a summons to appear in court in July 2009. It was in September 2009, that I agreed to the Consent Judgement and Stipulated Order. I started paying Goodman in October 2009. All the paperwork from the court states Decembr 2009, that the judgement was granted. The SOL for Michigan is 7 years. Goodman or Cach are not on my credit report, but the judgement is under legal actions, if I understand it correctly. Can the law office of Shine, resubmit the judgement on my credit rep
  2. Thank you for all the input. I will write a letter, but I do have one more question. I have not heard from the law firm of Goodman, where I have been sending payments to. I sent them a payment for June, which I do when I receive my funds. I would assume I should hear something from Goodman that they are no longer representing Cach shouldn't I or should I call them and ask them about it?? Or could the letter I received from Shine be a scam, and want money instead of sending it to Goodman? You hear aBout so many scams. I did look up the law office of Shine and thr is one regitered in N.Y. that i
  3. I reread the letter, from the Law Office Of K Shine, and it sounds like the first letter that you receive from a debt collector. It says this is their first attempt to communicate with me. I have 30 days after receipt of this notice to dispute the validaity of the debt or any portion. Well since I blew up on the phone with them, and admit to the debt, that I was pissed that I owed more money now than I did in 2009. I can not deny owing the debt since I admitted to it and the conversation was recorded....they reminded me that sevral times. I understand I agreed to paying them, but will tha
  4. I assume if I stop paying, the statue of limitations will restart, and it will stay of my credit report. It is not on there now. Am sure they will start it all over. I don't really have any property, a 20 year old double wide, and a car 15 years old and a svu 10 years old, that is all I own.
  5. Not sure if I am posting this in the right section or not. I live in Michigan, single 65 year old woman, only on social security, that started out on disability. Years before I found this site, I had a judgement levied against me, due to my ignorance. I thought I was settleing a agreement with Cach LLC to make monthly payments on a account. After what I thought was an agreement, arranged by Goodman and Poeszat ( I think ).They got a Consent Judgement and Stipulated Order of Temporary Installment Plan. I have been faithfully paying on this since October 2009, at $50.00 a month. I know t
  6. So sorry for your loss, I know how you feel, my hubbt died young, and we had three children with the youngest being 3. He had been laid off prior to his death, so had a lot of bills and uncertainity. I only worked part time. You will need several copies of his cetified death certifcate to send to a variety of places. Can get a few from your court house, and the bank made photo copies for me and I had them notorized there for free. I had to have copies for the bank to take his name off the account, utility companies to change into my name, for the mortgage, social security, car loans, etc.
  7. Agree with RyanEX, dress nice. I would not wear expensive jewelery, don't know if it would matter, but would keep accessories, simple. Have no idea what kind of documents you woulld need, but definetely the paperwork you mentioned, about being laid off, not getting unemployment etc. If this is just with a judge, maybe a short list of your monthly expenses, rent, utilities, loans, etc. I think that would help. Wouldn't go in to detail, but would give him an idea as to your obligations. I think like recent copies of your utility bills, rent or house payment, loans. Other may have better ideas,
  8. Great thread, easy to understand, and very detailed. Congrats on you win. what an inspirtion you are.
  9. Congrats on a great job done. Proves that we can get it done with a little help from our friends from this forum.
  10. Ansback

    Veterans Day

    Veterans Day is Monday 11, and I would like to remember my grandfather, father, uncle, brother and husband who served, and are no longer with us. Many thanks to my brother in laws, nephews, son and many friends who have served. Special thanks to my two nephews, Nathan in the Marines and Donnie who is in the navy, and the sacrifices their families have made, so they can serve with pride and honor, to give us the freedom that we enjoy today. So please give them a very big thank you to any vet you may see or know. Monday is also the Marine Corps 238 birthday.
  11. What does the law state. Had that happen to me saying they couldn't remove it, but it wasn't BoA. I tried going thru the FDCR and I couldn't find a anything that said they could remove it. Just wondring if I could find a statement that says it is up to them I would send again with it highlighted. I made the big mistake of paying it off, before I found this site and didn't ask for pay to delete. LOL I might not be to nice when telling them they could remove it if they wanted to.
  12. Sorry I was unclear, they were two different medical bills, the original creditor never had it on credit report, and I paid them like two years later. Had got a dunning letter from the collection agency, but I sent money to the orignal creditor. For what ever reason, or if I was just lucky they were never on credit report. When ever you need help with debts, these members are really good about helping and giving you their personal experiences. I'm working on a debt here that I have gotten a lot of good advice. Sometimes I just ask questions, aout a debt and they have given me good advise
  13. I totally agree with TomTex and Shellieh98, do not keep your son's money in your account. The letter is what all collection agencies send out, to try and collect money. Did it say any thing about taking you to court or suing you? Or just it was attempt to collect on a debt? I don't know but it might depend on the amount of the debt as to what degree they would go to collect. The larger the amount the more they will go after you. (I had two really small bills, both were under $100., that went to collection after being hospitalized, and I did pay them after a considerable amount of time
  14. It is probably a regular dunning letter: Dear Sir, We are JDB and we are attempting to collect a debt, the orginal creditor was John Doe. You owe us this amount XXXXXX You have thirty days to reply to this letter, if not we will take it that it is your debt and you owe us . At the bottom will be they are attempting to collect a debt. Something similar to that correct? You really need to check your credit reports. That will tell you if the dentist sold the debt or not. When you opened the account, when you missed your first payment, and when it was charged off, transferred to the collection
  15. I'm a newbie too, these guys are right, you do not really want to pay a collection agency with a credit card. How long ago was it when you acquired the debt? Do you remember when you last paid on it? Have you checked out your credit reports to check for accuracy? These collection agencies are bottom feeders, they buy old debts for pennies on the dollars, and than try to collect top dollar. I had one that tried to collect almost $800. for a debt that I wasn't sure was mine, but went into collections for less than $200. They probably paid $20. or less for it, and more likely less. I sent a lett