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  1. Hello everyone! I am in the midst of finalizing my response to jdb ccp96. Is there a particular template or does it just have to be on pleading paper? I would love to see an example of a response if anyone has one. I am going to trial in Los Angeles.
  2. Hello Meanjean, Would you be able to give me his information please?
  3. Prepare and serve your BOP. It is on pleading form- what does it mean to have it on pleading form?
  4. Thank you rt!!! I never receive plaintiffs case management response so would that mean- they never submitted one either?
  5. Hello rt, THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING! I have the case management review today and I was not aware that I had to file a case management document at least 15 days ahead. I just found out that I should have submitted a case management document by reading through the discussion. Being that I will not be able to fill one out in time for the review, will this be an issue? Also, I havent responded to their admissions and interrogations yet- how long do I have to do this? I havent submitted my discovery requests yet- can I still do so and how long do I have to send it to them? I am so nervous and I although I probably shouldnt be- just the thought of being in court terrifies me.
  6. I am representing myself in the case management review and I am extremely nervous. What can I expect in the case management review? How can I beat this case? I am being sued by a JDB and they already validated the debt but I do want to fight this.
  7. THANK YOU FOR REPLYING! So, the letter that they sent back is sufficient enough for a debt validation letter? Also, when I answer there interrogations- do I have to tell them where I work and all the information they are requesting? Also, what if they dont show tomorrow to the case management conference?
  8. Hello, I am being sued by Resurgence Legal Group. I answered the summons within the 30 days timeframe. I denied all allegations and requested for debt validation with the following information: A copy of the original application with my signature for the alleged debt How much was the debt purchased for? Provide a fully itemized statement for the amount you are asking which clearly details how this amount over the amount that was paid for this debt was calculated, including the interest rate being charged. Confirm that this fate falls within state usury limits. They responded with: Below is an explanation of this account. Our clients records indicate that the account was a Wellsfarro back with an account number of....The account was opened on or about...and was charged off on....The last payment on the account was made on about...At the time of charge off, you account carried a balance of...the account now carried a total balance due of... The debt was purchased by Resurgence Capital...The last known address as to where builling statements had been sent, in addition to the social security number under which the account opened. To verify, the last four digits of you social security number are... Address of original creditor is Wellsfargo... This response does not answers the questions that I answered with. I sent a follow up letter asking for the information that I originally requested. And is still waiting for a response. However, they sent me Form Interrogatories, Plaintiffs first set of requests for admission propounded on defendant and a wellsfargo card agreement (that you can print from their website). 1st question: Do I have to answer his form interrogatories, and admissions requests. 2: How do I beat this case? I have an idea that my mother opened this card since we have the exact same name and she knows my social and she has opened accounts in the past under my name. 3. What do I ask for in the case management conference? I appear for case management conference tomorrow and I want them to validate debt to show that it wasnt me.