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  1. Well I'm going to file an response in a couple days. Ive just been doing a lot of reading lately about CCPs and CRCs, local rules and appellate court decisions. Looking at different ways I could fight this. Such as SOL and Lack of Standing. or maybe going to arbitration. It looks like its going to be an uphill battle though and the more I read the tougher it seems. Trying to learn as much as I can for now. Good luck with your case and I'll try to keep you updated.
  2. Hello I live in Califronia and currently preparing my general denial response to a summons from Cavalry SPV. My question: I will be out to sea for a couple months on a training exercise in which I will not be able to respond to any documents sent to from the plantiff's attorney, if my case does go to discovery. I just found that my local court does not allow a notice of unavailability to counsel form beginning 2013. Is there anything I need to file with the clerk in addition to my response to let them know about my absence, so that I can properly defend my case? or am I screwed?
  3. Thanks Rivertime, Scientific, Numbersguy and Racecar for the timely and solid advice.
  4. The summons has a a page 2nd to the last that says "I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the state of california that the foregoing is true and correct..." but this page and the page before it says "Declaration RE: Venue" on the bottom and not complaint for common counts" so I guess it isn't verified after all.. that's a relief. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. The cause of action listed are 1. Account stated and 2. Money Lent Paragraph 1. The true names and cpacities of Defendents herin sued by the fictitious names as DOES 1 to 10, Inclusive are unknown to Plaintiff, who therefore sues those Defendents under, pursuant to, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 474 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Plaintiff will ask leave of court to amend this complaint as and when the true names and capacities of Defendents named herin as DOES 1 to 10 have been ascertained. Paragraph 2 At all times herein mentioned, Defendants, and each of them, were age