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  1. A junk debt buyer (JDB) added a collection to my three credit reports a few months ago. The original creditor they're listing is an online entity I received a loan through. However, the loan agreements were between a different company and me. If that's not bad enough, the amount they claim I owe is completely fabricated... and they're raising it each month with interest and fees. I disputed this account with all three credit bureaus. It was verified within a month. What is the best way to dispute a collection on a credit report based on a JDB's standing? I'm not sure how I can
  2. I received the results from my TU dispute 7/15/2017 in which a medical COLL ACCT was "verified." I decided not to take my next step until after my EQ dispute closes next week. Yesterday (4 days after TU dispute closed), this same medical COLL ACCT was changed by the CA from "open" to "closed", so I first assumed it meant they have given it back to the OC or have sold the debt to another CA, however, it's still showing the full balance owed. Can someone tell me why this is?
  3. Hello, This is the first time i am posting here as this is also the first time i have had anything in collections. I received a phone call from a said collections agency stating that i owe money to them regarding damage done to a Hertz rental vehicle in November of 2016. I asked him for more details on the matter and after putting me on a 3 minute hold he said he would have to gather paperwork and could have it emailed to me. I still have not yet received the email so i have no idea what this is referring to. I have never rented a car before as i am 23 years old so i know it has nothin
  4. I had bad credit and decided to do something about it. There are a lot of things about credit I am still unsure about and would appreciate the help from anyone here. 1. Can you get chapter 13 bankruptcy disputed off your credit report? 2. I've gotten regular bankruptcy taken off, but I don't know if I can dispute chapter 13 bankruptcy. Can anyone answer that question for me?
  5. Anyone here has bad credit and trying to get it fixed like me?
  6. Back in 2012, my mother was sued for an old Credit card that was charged off in 2001 (opened in 1995). We went to court to prove that it was past the statute of limitations for debt in Michigan which is 6 years. The case was dismissed with prejudice, but today she got a phone call from a different collections attorney saying that she was being sued again for the same account but that the account was opened in 2007 and that the last payment was in 2010 (they said she will be served this week). It's the same credit card number, I talked to the person on the phone myself. So, I guess my questio
  7. I’m trying to find out what rights or recourse a consumer has when a debt collector fails to comply with the section of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that involves US Code Section 1692g. This is the section that requires particular language in the initial collection notice to advise consumers of their right to dispute a debt within 30-days and receive verification of the debt. I recently received a letter from a collection agency that fails to include any language involving my right to dispute the debt. The letter does reflect the name of the original creditor and the a
  8. Hi there! I've been lurking but I keep getting conflicting information /: I'm also fairly young (21) so I think a lot of it is flying over my head. I found this on creditkarma today, and it shows up on all three of my CRs as of today: PAUL MICHAEL MARKETING SHIEL MEDICAL LABS Oct 20, 2015 Open $175 Account Details Last Reported Jan 22, 2016 Collection Agency PAUL MICHAEL MARKETING Original Creditor
  9. I currently have 6 collections accounts on my report resulting from medical debt. I’m going through the pre-employment process at a big firm and the compliance department brought them up. They are asking me what I intend to do to resolve them. All of the accounts show open dates of either 8/2012 or 11/2012. I live in Florida, and I know the SOL is either 4 or 5 years. What are my options at this point? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I am judgement proof ( no income beyond social security) and am being pursued in court by a junk debt buyer. I've considered calling them up and letting them know that taking me to court would end poorly for them. Should I?
  11. Recently I noticed a sharp drop in my CS (50 points) and all three CRAs showed a collection for 5900.00 by Cavalry Portfolio Services, with the OC being Citibank. It shows date of last payment as 2014, and in Minnesota I believe has a 6 year SOL. To date, I have not been contacted by Cavalry or any of their partners, that I know of. I have checked state court filings and a suit has not yet been filed. My question is: what is my first move? Should I send a DV? Should I file for arbitration? Or should I attempt a PFD? I have doubts on the amount, and believe the OC may have charged me in
  12. I have a couple of accounts on my credit report which are reporting incorrect information. One of them, the apartment complex illegally evicted me and took possession of the apartment. I paid rent for that month and they took it, but still reported that I owed them over four thousand dollars; although they rented the apartment the next month. Which would have constitute that I did not owe them a cent. They keep the deposit and the rent I paid and still sent a incorrect balance to the collection agency. A year later, I contacted the property management company and they corrected the balanc
  13. Hello, thank you for reading my post. I'll try to be brief and I hope you can help me. I received a letter/bill from a collection agency in October. Two weeks later I got a letter/bill from the original creditor. I telephoned the OC and they said the bill had gone to collections on September 29th, but they started talking to me about making payment arrangements, so they seem to still "own" the debt. I am desperate to keep my credit report as clean as possible. I'll pay in full immediately if necessary. I don't know whom to pay, I don't know if it has hit my report yet etc.
  14. I had a charge off from a credit union that went into collections. After the transfer of the debt, the credit union still kept reporting the balance owed. They actually farmed it out to two CAs who where both reporting the balance on my credit at the same time. The CU didn't report the balance as zero. So I kind of had a "triple jeopardy" situation. After I called the credit union they said they had taken the account from the 1st CA back in 2013 and sent it to the 2nd CA. They also took it from the 2nd CA in 2015 and brought it back in-house. But both CAs kept reporting I owed the same amount
  15. I was just served a summons by Calvary SPV. I know I need to answer but there are many discrepancies in their complaint. They allege that they have previously made demand for payment which they have not. They state they have purchased an account from capital one. To prove the purchase of the debt they have some sort of bill of sale(I have attached a copy) The bill of sale has NO INFO whatsoever to state that they purchased an account with my name and in fact they have "whited out" quite a bit of information. They do attach a copy of an old bill with my name from capital one but the amoun
  16. I have filed disputes with all 3 CRA's, but they are coming back with different results for the same accounts. Some of the accounts are with same CA, yet the credit bureaus are saying validated for some, couldn't validate for others. The same ones that couldn't be validated with one bureau, are validated with another. So I'm wondering, how does this happen? They were all disputed as "not mine", because they are not mine. The same collection agency is validating some of the accounts with a bureau , not validating others with same bureau, and vice versa. So basically, it looks like the sam
  17. For those who have been sued by Wells Fargo for credit collections, how will this event about Wells Fargo fraud in the news recently affect those who lost their lawsuits and those that are still going forward? How do those know their accounts were fraudulent when the bank said that you get free additional accounts when you open a checking or saving account and they used your ss# fraudulently and you did not realize it to open credit card? Can you even appeal your lost lawsuit? Would they have to supply a signed document by you to prove they opened the account in good faith?
  18. I have two old accounts in collections. They both fall off my report in 2018. I have sent each creditor a (hopeful) pay for delete letter, with no luck at all. I have accepted that these collections will remain on my account until 2018. Account #1 is $200 and Account #2 is $283. 1) Is it even worth it to pay off these debts, or should I just let them fall off in 2018? I know it won't boost my score at all, but I assume it looks better if I have no open collections. If I do pay them off to have them listed as "closed or paid" collections, I would like to settle t
  19. First let me start by saying I haven't even gone 30 days late as of yet but I am massivly concerned on what might happen. First and foremost I had a chapter 7 bk that was done in April 2014. I have since built my credit up and have been slowly racking up my cards. I currently owe Capital One $60,000, Barclays 20,000, Discover 4,000, and lending club 24,000. One month ago I had a massive seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I have lost my job and can barely work 10-15 hours a week from my doctors note. I have all medical records. Now I currently have 0 assets other than a 16,000 car I
  20. I went through this credit repair journey with success, mostly thanks to this board. I bought a home a year and a half ago! Last month, a new collection appeared on my credit report. My former landlord kept my deposit of $950, charged me another $1600 for damages, and sent me to collections. I didn't get notice of the debt, from either the landlord or the collection agency. The landlord may have sent me certified mail, but when I bought the home, I wasn't living there and never picked up the letter from the post office (my bad). So the landlord's charge
  21. I was just served a summons by Calvary SPV. I know I need to answer but there are many discrepancies in their complaint. They allege that they have previously made demand for payment which they have not. They state they have purchased an account from capital one. To prove the purchase of the debt they have some sort of bill of sale(I have attached a copy) The bill of sale has NO INFO whatsoever to state that they purchased an account with my name and in fact they have "whited out" quite a bit of information. They do attach a copy of an old bill with my name from capital one but the amoun
  22. I was treated in the emergency room without insurance but received HCAP, basically charity forgiveness. when youre broke but not broke enough for medicaid. It took the hospital over 90 days to approve the "coverage" so the attending physician services billed me. I made them aware I was applying for the HCAP and waiting for approval. the day i received my HCAP approval I got my first collection agency letter. of course they refused to even listen to what I was saying and the physicians group wouldnt even review the HCAP letter despite the hospital showing a zero balance. I understand individual
  23. I wasn't sure where exactly to post this but wanted to get it out there and see if anyone could offer some advice. I have been clearing up my Credit Report for the past 2 years and was almost at a respectable 670. I had a dental bill default and go into collections as the insurance was dragging its feet since they were over billed. My insurance payed their portion of the bill ( i never got notification of this) and I paid the collections people the remainder as soon as I got the reduced bill from them. Is there any way I can dispute the negative on my credit report as it was reported before
  24. Just wondering if you guys had any luck with disputing an item and getting it removed after paying in full. The company absolutely refused to delete and they wouldn't settle, so I went ahead and paid the $242. I started with a 481 CS on November 1, 2015 and I'm now at 616. It isn't great but it's so much better. I am serious about clearing things up and I just got tired of seeing the collection reported every month on Equifax. I actually had success with getting the aforementioned item removed from EXP and TU before PIF - the company didn't respond to the dispute but DID response to