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Found 140 results

  1. I defaulted on a student loan held by Texas Guaranty. Their website offers a rehabilitation program to improve my credit. However, I see from my credit report that the loan was sold to the Regional Adjustment Bureau about nine months ago. Will paying down the loan now that it is with RAB improve my credit score, or do I simply need to wait 7 years for this to fall off my report?
  2. Hello all that will help, Profile Recovery Associates currently owns a debt that belongs to me. The last active date of this debt is 8/12/2009. Debt total is $1,296.51 Alabama SOL is 3 years for a CC debt. They claim they purchased the debt in 2011 but it didn't appear a$$ collections on my report until 3 days ago. I don't want to make payments because then it becomes active and hurts my credit even more. i want to get it deleted but my research says this company doesn't doe PFD. Should i just give it 3 more years and it just falls of? What are my options?
  3. Been reading some more and I am starting to pick up on the fact that some of these collection companies are push overs and some won't budge? If you could give me some advice on these guys I would appreciate it. Of course I am going to dispute with the bureau's first but if that fails some good tips would be helpful. 1. CAP ONE $400 from 2011 2. Midland $900 from 2011 3. CCR Services? got a $100 traffic ticket(camera caught me running light) lol 4. Amerifinancial Solutions $700 from 2011 - medical ER visit - had insurance dont know why I was billed 5. Stern & Associates has like 3 different ones on me for all under $20? 6. RC Clark - $50 - 2012 7. National Credit System $1400 from 2013 - apartment complex went to collections, property mgr said I could leave no charge, then showed up on report 2 months later 8. Calvary Portfolio - $750 form 2012 - I think someone opened this in my name(angry ex) 9. Time Warner and power company send me to collections for unpaid expenses when I moved(not sure company, says online services and receiveables performa, whatever that is) 10. EOS CCA - has me down for some lab work? $50 2013 11.ZALES/CBNA - $650 - 2008 These medical bills are werid because I have insurance and never received bills in the mail for them. Weird. Would anyone like to share their plan of attack on this? Or give me a heads up on what to expect from these collectors? Im obviously disputing credit bureaus first. If there are verifiable ones should how should I deal with them. I guess thats where Im stuck. Do I just keep writing the credit bureaus with a million different reasons or should I just bite the bullet and deal with these guys and get it out of the way? My goal is to delete everything. If I can't do that what would be the next best thing? Obviously settling with them for less money, but if I can get a pay for delete what are the other things they can put down that dont sound so bad. Thanks
  4. Good morning everyone, I am new here and let me start by saying thank you for this site, I have used the template here to contact a collections company I saw on my credit report, they put in the date on 9/2007 this is when I turned 18 but its for a medical bill for 5/2007 I was a minor and my mother was tooke me to the hospital, I was given care and send home, I moved away when I turned 18 and I never even heard from them, but I was taken to collections and a judment was taken out on me! I was under 18!! I was never even told about this my mother is the one who got the bill she was filing for bankrupcy and this went into it they never served me nothing... fast forward to a month ago I saw it on my credit report for a home and I called NAR and talked to them the said I owe it and that there is nothing they could do the would not even tell me what it was for, I then send a letter to them to find out what it was even for when they annouced it was for a bill on 5/2007 I again told me that I was under 18 that that the bill was for 300 now somehow its for 1200 its been since 2007 is it not passed the statu of limitations for this? how could they give the credit beraou the wrong information?? I have no idea to to do now. I do not want to pay and I want atleast the info on my report to be correct, is it legal for them to collect after this many years? is there anything i can do to fight this? to correct my credit or get this judment off my record? any help would be so important my mortage person wants this fixed before my loan:( whats worse this been hurting my credit for years and I didnt even know. Thank You Koco
  5. Following a dismissal, (with or without prejudice) of your case before trial, or following a trial ending in a judgement in your favor, what did you need to do to get the JDB's collection effort removed from your credit report? And how long did removal take following the dismissal or the judgement in your favor?
  6. I've made some mistakes in the past, who hasn't?! I recently contacted the bank I owe a balance with a credit card and loan. The debt was charge off July 2009. My plan was to workout some type of deal with the original creditor, but the creditor referred me to CU Recovery the collection agency they deal with. Per the rep I spoke to the bank wants over $6000 when I only owe 3200 because of added interest plus the rep claims I was sued over the debt so I have to pay for that as well. I requested a settlement to 3500 along with a pay to delete. She said the creditor isn't going to honor and not only that she said this stays in public records for 10 years. I did my own research and found that I have 0 records showing for public records with all 3 credit bureaus and I also did a search with my local county office and nothing appeared showing any info with my name regarding me being sued!!! l called back and asked her to provide me proof of me being serve with papers saying I had a court date. I'm sure I would have went. She said not all court info has to be serve and it could have been sent in the mail and no one can make me open my mail. Since I've had this conversation about a month ago. I haven't received a call nor a letter regarding this debt!! CU Recovery doesn't appear on my credit report but the info from the original creditor does. I need some advice/recommendations on what I should do, please help!!!
  7. I received a FINAL NOTICE from University of Utah Health Care Collections. Letter dated 1/29/2014. Received 2/11/2014. It gave 10 days to pay balance before assigning to outside collections. I called today to resolve (account is in dispute - I certainly owe some of the money, but am disputing some of the charges). They told me it had been assigned to outside collections on 1/30/2014, 1 day into the 10-day notice period. Is this legal? What should I do?
  8. I sent a DV to a CA reporting a medical bill. This is an ER bill back in 2010 that was supposed to be charged off by the hospital to their charity care. I was unemployed and uninsured at that time. I disputed with CRA and came back verified. Today, I received letters in the mail from the CA. Letter #1: - Addressed to me and my ex-husband to my address since 2008. - Ex-husband has never lived at this address. The divorce was finalized in 2009. - The Amount due is $400 more than the amount due on the CR. - Basically just says they received the dispute from a CRA and advised that the info is valid and will remain unchanged. Letter #2 - Response to my DV. - attached is an itemized bill of EVERYTHING that was done in the emergency room. Including type of ultrasound done, drugs administered and laboratory tests done. - It also indicates "Self Pay Adjustment" that I never actually paid. - It reflects the balance/amount due as the same amount reported on CR. I sent a CMRR letter to the hospital too but have yet to receive a response from them. I basically told them that this is a billing error and should have been charged to their charity care and provided unemployment records to support my claim. Is there a HIPAA violation here? What steps should I take next? Thank you for all the help.
  9. Hello, I have been reading this forum and finally got the inspiration to face this mess which i was hiding from all these days. Embarassed by peoples advice and loooked down on other forums i gave up hope but this website mite be my last stand so any help will be greatly appreciated. So, i have a awful credit history. I just pulled up my CR from transunion n my score is 520. I am trying to understand my report. It says i have 13 accounts 7 open 6 closed 12 derogoratory with a total debt close to 21k. 0 delinquent 0 payments 0 public records and 0 inquiries in 2 years - i have been laying low for last 4 years. Q1. what is revolving accounts with open end term mean there are 5 of them one a CC acc says closed with 0 balance from 2007, second 2 CC balances 0 - closed (paid) but remarks one has charged off as bad debt and other bought by another lender . 4th and 5th in deragoratory condition with a balance - with remarks charged off as bad debt cancelled by grantor but still recently reported last month whicle 5th is cancelled by grantor. Q2. What is installment accounts - fixed terms with regular payments two from LVNV saying deroratory - charged off with more balance factoring company account. there are 6 others in deragoratiry- placed for collections from midland asset acceptance accounts. they have account dates in 09 n 10 but i opened those cards in 06 its in 09 n 10 i went into hardships n cudnt pay. I understand my post is long. But wud remember each one of u who can help with guidance in this issue. I want to get back to normal life and pray for u all for all the help. I had all these cards were close to 10k when i hit bottom and i didnt had money to pay now they are over 20k more hard to pay. Some one told me back then that if i lay low for 7 years all will b cleared off so i didnt do anythin all these years but recently found these junk buyers keep reporting and keep the debt alive. Again thanks for ur time effort n understanding sam
  10. I was admitted to the emergency room at the beginning of April 2012 by my grandparents down in Nevada (I lived in Washington before and after this incident so that's where my insurance is through- First Choice Health) for suicidal ideation and an anxiety attack. After being held there for a couple days I was moved to a psychiatric hospital for an involuntary psychiatric stay. We had met our deductable for the year because of these stays and after that my mother and I arranged payments with them while waiting for insurance to chime in but it seemed to be taking longer than normal. I soon decided to call the hospital and they told me that the insurance wasn’t responding to their claim. When I called insurance, they said that they never received anything from that time period. For the next few months I continued to check in with both ends but there was obviously a continued miscommunication because nothing has been taken care of. We tried conducting three-way calls to work it out and every few weeks I attempted to get an update of the status but it all has been unsuccessful. At the end of December 2012 I called the hospital to give permission for my mother to deal with further inquiries while I went on a volunteer trip, but when I returned, my mother informed me that they had been refusing to speak with her because “their records had been wiped.” They sent me to collections, but when I called the agency and explained, they dismissed the claim. A few more months of bills in the mail and now I have been sent to Grant & Weber, Inc., another collection corporation. Now when I try to call the hospital to figure out what is going on, they won’t even speak to me. They ask, “Can I put you on hold for a minute to check something?” and just like that, after already waiting an hour on hold with them, they forward me to this agency without even hearing what I have to say. Grant & Weber has since threatened to forward my account to their attorney even though I clearly have insurance that is supposed to be paying for my medical bills. The last time I called to dispute the bill they said something about a $60,000 bill that my insurance has already paid $38,000 towards and that's all they wanted to pay. I have absolutely no idea where these random numbers even came from and the representative didn’t stay on the line long enough to explain anything to me. I eventually was able to get a register of bills with the diagnostic codes from the hospital that I included in a letter I sent to my insurance company directly since they has failed to do so. They wrote back saying that it's too late to make a claim. Isn't that what I was trying to do the entire time?? I have no idea what is going on here. I'm only 20 years old, I work and go to school, and I don't have the energy to deal with this. When I checked my credit score recently it said that I have around $3,200 in collections by Grant & Weber and trust me, it's completely killed my credit. I apologize for the huge chunk of text, but I could use any advice on this matter. The insurance company and the hospital apparently have no records of these many calls I had been making trying to fix this. What am I supposed to do? So far we've payed over $6,000 towards an entirely unecessary bill. I don't have any more money to pay this bill, nor should I have to considering I HAVE insurance and my deductable was met. Am I in the wrong?
  11. Medical company filed in court on 7/13/2011 (didn't even know about this, just saw it today) a disposition was filed on 2/7/2012 - dismissed by parties - 1>doesn't this mean the case was dismissed? The charges from the medical company show up on my credit report under an attorney's name - I sent the attorney letter of validation and they sent me a medical billing statement. (this was done prior to my knowledge about the above referenced court filing- sent letter 4 months ago) 2>Being that the company's claim was dismissed shouldn't this information be deleted from my credit report? 3>If so, is the attorney's office/medical provider in any violation? 4>Should I send disposition to CR's to have it removed from report? Thanks a bunch
  12. First off thanks for reading my post. Like many of us have experienced 2008 was a HORRIBLE year. Lost my decent paying job down to nothing for a while then making half of what I was before. Did what many people did and that was max out my credit cards, tried to keep up with the minimums for a little while then couldnt afford that. Went into collections and then I stuck my head in the sand, I pulled my head out once with debt consolidation for a few months in 2009 and couldn't afford that either. I have had my head in the sand ever since because none of the collection agencies were willing to accept what I could afford to pay them. I pulled my credit report since I got declined from a job almost immediately after my background interview. Then I found this web site. I noticed on my report that all of my credit card debt lists "charge off" and appears under something else with a collection agency. I am assuming that means it was sold to a junk debt buyer. An example of what is on my report. Original Creditor: Capital One Payment Status: Charge Off Account Type: Credit Card Credit Limit: 500.00 Date Open:6/1/2008 Last update: 8/1/2009 New Creditor: Portfolio Recovery & Affiliates Payment Status: seriously past due date/ assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantors internal collection department Account type: collection account Balance $1284 Date open: 02/01/2013 Last Update: 05/01/2013 So I know the statute of limitations on revolving debt in Idaho is 4 years. I believe this one can easily be fought since I quit paying on that prior to 8/1/2009. One of my main questions is can I still do the validation process after the 30 day period as stated in the law? I have a few other things on my report that are just as similar to this example. any advice would be great!
  13. OK. So I have a tradeline that will drop off in April 2014. When I pulled my CR a few weeks ago, I could not figure out who the OC was. The CA is reporting CHASE as the OC but the account number was not the same as what Chase was reporting. So, I did a little digging today and pulled my CR thru Annual Credit Report from 2011. And sure enough, there is that acct # reported by the same CA but had 2 different OCs and balances. TRADELINE #1: ACCT #: 1234 OC: AT&T BALANCE: $1300 TRADELINE #2: ACCT #: 1234 OC: CHASE BALANCE: $900 STATEMENT: FCBA DISPUTE RESOLVED. - CONSUMER DISAGREES Tradeline #1 dropped off in May 2011. So that's why it was not showing anymore. And I don't even remember disputing this Tradeline #2 but that's neither here nor there now. It was my fault for ignoring my CR in the past. Have you ever had this experience with a sneaky CA?
  14. Has anyone dealt with AD Astra before?
  15. I sent a DV to a CA for a payday loan that was defaulted on in 2008. I am in California.The CA sent back a DV with a copy of a contract from OC with my signature on it. My heart fell when i saw it. My questions are: 1. This loan was defaulted in 2008. SOL for writen contract in California is 4 years. So the SOL expired in 2012. Correct? 2. Their letter said they "would be happy to discuss a deferred payment arrangement that would fit into" my budget. (Of course they would) Do I really want to setlle/pay this when it's past SOL? It will be coming off my credit report in 2015. 3. Either way, What do I tell them in my reply? that this is past SOL and I am not paying it? I am trying to clean up my credit and would like to settle/pay those that make sense to pay. This is the only one involving a payday loan.
  16. Chase allegedly changed the amounts due on delinquent accountsI know this has been out for a while, but it's here if you did not know about it.
  17. First thanks for reading this! Back Story: I recently, the last couple of years have been attempting to clean up my credit report, paid of most as I don't have all that many trade lines on my account. I more recently came across a article post which you can view here, that basically states that because every state has different SOL's which a collection agency can go after debt for, if that time has expired the CRA's are supposed to remove these items off of your report. Question: Is this information true? How would I go about removing the collections off my report?
  18. I became delinquent with payments on one of my credit cards (owed about $7000 on it) and it went into collections with CACH, LLC after 4 or 5 months of missed payments. Because I was delinquent on this particular card, the amount owed ballooned up to over $10k. Cach, LLC is being represented by the law offices of Harold E Scherr, and gave me a settlement offer today over the phone at roughly 45% of what is owed. They also emailed me a copy of this settlement offer. Of course the woman on the phone (who was polite) wanted to rush me into accepting and paying this amount asap, otherwise the offer might "expire". After reading articles on this site, I am thinking I might be able to do better and settle at a lower amount. My question is, should I respond with a registered letter to the law firm representing Cach, LLC in an attempt to haggle the settlement down even further (at 15-20%, for example), or should I attempt to deal with Cach, LLC directly in this matter? Just wasn't sure of how to proceed. While the 45% offer is nice, I'm stretched financially and the lower I can settle, the better. I've read on this site that 15-20% settlement offers are sometimes successful, so I was thinking of countering their 45% offer at 15%, as well as requesting that Cach, LLC delete the collection account off of my credit report (which is otherwise clean). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  19. Hello there. To start off with I am in Seattle, WA and this was filed in King County Superior Court. So in the midst of reading through everything on this forum, I like many people are stumped on how to handle the motion I just received and on what I can actually do at this point. History - I received a summons from Suttell & Hammer on behalf of Midland, LLC back in Nov 2012. I admittedly did not respond to the summons because it did not appear real or to be not actually filed, no date stamp, nothing. There was no document filed with the courts until Feb 2013. To which I received nothing until today. Today - May 4 2013 - my girlfriend was served, well she wasnt because she wouldnt accept but the individual just left it on our porch an "Order and Proceedings Supplemental To Execution and Order to Show Cause Pursuant to RCW 50.12.070. In this motion, it states that I have to appear before the courts on May 29th, 2013 and produce all this paperwork (of which I am sure you know of)... bank statements, assets, vehicles, etc. At the end of the motion it states: "The Judgement creditor's attorneys are debt collectors. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. If you fail to appear, the Court may enter an Order for Judicial Subpoena to the Department of Employment Security." Of course the included the questionnarie that I could return with ALL of my personal information - which for the record, I am NOT giving those a*holes any of my personal records. I know I made a mistake not replying to the summons (perhaps, which wasnt from the courts), but at this point that is a mute issue. So here is what I would like to know. Do I have any ability at this point to fight them? Can I make them prove the debt at this point? Can I ask for a continuance - legitimately because I am teach that day and also because I could use some extra time to think? It appears to me that if I sign their little form and give them all the information in the questionnaire, they can just do whatever they want, which I am again, not going to do. However, I am trying to figure out if I have to go to court and what might happen if I do or if I can not appear and if all they will get is the order to the department of employment security? Unlike other people, mine does not read it would be contempt of court. I just says, the Court may enter... Second, my understanding is that if they get the employment record, they can garnish my wages - but wont be able to touch my back accounts. I honestly dont care if they garnish me. If its going to happen, its going to happen. I would prefer no, but at the same time if I can just limit them to that, I am fine with that. It just scares the **** out of me that these a*holes could get their grubby hands on my account info. Which I know is not legit. Also, I do have some assets, limited, but some. Like I own a Harley because my father gifted it to me. I dont want them touching that either. Any thoughts or advice on how to deal with these guys at this point? Thanks, Tylir
  20. A little help please! I recieved a call from MEDICREDIT stating I owed $1600 for some old medicial bills from 2004 and early 2005. I requested that they send the bill via USPS. A few days later I recieved a bill in the mail. As MEDICREDIT has attempted to collect on some old bills before, and I have found we payed them at the time of service. On 5/26 the day after I recieved the bill I wrote a letter requesting verification and to cease and desist any contact by phone. On June 6 I recieved a reply from MEDICREDIT with several pages of billing from the OC ST FRancis hospital that list various procedures / er visit ect. It does not show any payments made any billing sent to our insurance carriers etc. I know HIPPA laws would come into play, but how do I get all the information that is missing. My guess is that a lot of these bills were not filed with our insurances. Do I have any legal right to go back to ST Francis and request all the information? Also MEDICREDIT has again started calling my cell phone with auto recorded messages concerning this bill. They have called 4 times to date. I have sent a followup letter which includes the following : Additionally, I am allowed under the HIPAA law [HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT OF 1996], to protect my privacy and medical records from third parties. I do not recall giving permission to St Francis Medical Center for them to release my medical information to a third party. I am aware that the HIPAA does allow for limited information about me but anything more is to only be revealed with the patients authorization, therefore my request is twofold and as follows: Validation of Debt and HIPAA authorization * Please provide breakdown of fees including any collection costs and medical charges (I am specifically requesting the amount of the debt to include complete payment history, starting with the original creditor, St Francis Medical Center.) Fields v. Wilber Law Firm, Donald L. Wilber and Kenneth Wilber, USCA-02-C-0072, 7th Circuit Court, Sept 2004.. * Provide a copy of my signature with the provider of service to release my medical information to you * Cease any credit bureau reporting until debt has been validated. ALSO MEDICREDIT is in direct violation of FDCPA Section 805 ©). The certified letter I send you on May26, 2013 was a request for validation of the alleged debt. The letter contain lawful requests: 1. For debt validation 2. That MEDICREDIT "Cease and Desist" any phone calls to me. During the time allowed by law MEDICREDIT must provide validation, must cease phone contact or any other collection attempts. Yet MEDICREDIT continues to call my phone leaving auto recorded messages in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (116 Ohio St.3d 394 2007-Ohio-6833 CHARVAT, APPELLANT,v. RYAN ET AL., APPELLEES) and send billings via USPS. It is my intention to pursue any legal remedies available to me to settle this matter. In addition I am filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and requesting an investigation will also be filing a complaint with the BBB. Unless this matter is resolved by July 26, 2013 I will exercise my options to seek legal remedies. Am I ok here. I would like your thoughts, what options do I have? If we owe the money we will pay the bill, but they would have to provide evidence. I also do not want this shown on my credit reports. As always thanks
  21. I'm not sure what to do or how to reply to these court papers. I was recently served by a collection agency for Main Street Acquisition saying I owed money. I replied to the court and said that i was not aware of this account and requested that the collection agency/lawyer to show proof to me. Now I received more court paperwork known as CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT. I am not sure what the next step is to do. 1. It says that the CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE is scheduled on 6/6/13 and the collcection agency's lawyer will be appearing by telephone..... what about me? Do I need to go to the court that day? 2. in 4B. the collection agency is seeking $, late charges plus accrued interest, attorney's fees and costs....... will the amount be more than what they state on the papers? Should i just pay the amount they are seeking instead of paying an amount that will be more than what they allege i owe? 3. What is my next step on responding to these paperworks? I have scanned and erased my information, can someone please let me know what to do? THANK YOU!! Can I leave my phone number so that someone can call and discuss this better??
  22. In 2007, I went to law school for a year. After 1 year, I decided to withdraw. During the summer of 2008, I got a job, sent a note to the school through some kind of online messaging system and never went back. In September of 2008, I received a tuition bill and called the school upon receiving it. I was told that they never got my message and that I should now send an email so they could have my intent to withdraw on file. So, I sent the the email and was told over the phone that I owed 60% of the tuition since it was now the third week of class. I never paid the bill since I didn't have $6,000 and haven't heard from the school since April of this year. My mom called me and said they sent a bill to their house so I called , explained what had happened 5 years ago to see if they would wipe the debt, but they won't and said that if I don't pay the bill it will be reported to a licensed collection agency. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I don't have $6,000 (I have about $100,000 in student loan debt that I'm currently paying off). If they report this debt to a collections agency- my questions are: 1. If I don't pay it, how long will it be on my credit report? 2. Do you think I have any reason to dispute this debt? I mean, I wasn't a student there anymore and it's not my problem that they're messaging system didn't work. I'm feeling so nervous right now so any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Not sure if this matters, but I live in Massachusetts.
  23. Hello, I have approx 3k in original medical debt from June of 2009. My question is - has the SOL exceeded on this debt? Quick back story: in 2009 I was unemployed, on Cobra. I had a major heart diagnostic scheduled for a Friday, fell ill with flu on a Thursday and the doctor said we should wait until the following week. He was not able to reschedule the test until the next Thursday. Learned shortly after that that my Cobra had ended Sunday night at midnight. It was not due to cancel out until the end of the month. I was seen on the 11th. Tried to work it out - no go with the medical group or Cobra. Left California in July of 2009. Now live in Kentucky. Recently began working on my credit. Of course, all of the charges from this debt/group are on there. I recently did a debt validation to the CA for all the invoices and today received them back. Their response to the validation also includes a demand for full payment and the letter states that all information obtained will be used for for the collection of the debt. I am confused about the actual amounts. One invoice lists the charges - then it shows a "Blue Cross Adjustment" in the payments/adjustment column - however when the debt was transfered to the CA, the full original amount billed by the hospital and doctors is what transferred for collection. Why would the insurance adjustment be removed? I am sharing this detail because I am unsure of how I can ascertain and verify the actual amount owed because their statement doesn't make sense to me. I wonder if anyone here has experience with this aspect of validation. Do I write another letter asking for further detail on the charges and adjustments? Before I do anything, I wanted to get help clarifying whether or not the SOL is exceeded. I appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you.
  25. Hello All, I am new to this forum and could use some help. After a stretch of unemployment and wife's medical issues, i have fallen behind on my CC payments. This all started 2 years ago and i have yet to pay one bill since. I would like to start the process of at least negotiating. I have received collection letters of up to 70% off some balances. Here are my questions: Is it possible to deal with only one agency during the process or do i have to work with all of them? Should i call the credit card company directly and ask if they can offer the same or did they already charge-off? Like i said, this is new to me, so any help is appreciated. Of course, the easy way out and the cheapest route is BK, which i really dont want to do. Thanks in advance.