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  1. Good Evening everyone! I am new here, have read some of the threads and plan to be here for a good while just to educate myself if nothing else. I received paperwork in the mail today noting my Bank in the upper left hand corner with Capital One Bank vs. Myself. The Collection Agency(WWR) sent the original Subpoena for the Production of Documents to My Bank. The Date for court is Dec 30, 2015. My question is, I know this is for my bank and maybe a lawyer for the bank will be there to represent and submit all information regarding bank account but what should I be doing? I owe th
  2. I recently had my credit pulled, and I noticed a collection account that I did not recognize. I sent a letter of validation and they responded. It was for a medical service that my child received. However we were on medical assistance at the time. This debt it from 5 years ago. What are the steps to dispute this? My first thought is to contact the county to get proof of medical assistance, but then what? Can they resubmit something from 5 years ago? I never received a bill.
  3. I have a two part question and request for guidance: 1. I was served today with a summons from a Collection Company, first off by a processor who was wearing a badge (stating my city pd - not their normal badge) & wearing a gun on his hip. As it did not seem right and i was not home at the time, he approached my neighbor asking if she was me - when she stated she did no know me he continued to ask and insist she was (he was at the wrong house to begin with). She called me and we both contacted the local authorities who arrived with backup - once they were there - more were requested - in
  4. Hello, I wanna paid my debts is already close the credit cards account, charge off or collection 3 years ago. I just want paid them but in exchange I wanna is be delete records. 1/What is the steps I need to fallow to "pay to delete" I just want all the my negative account will be erase in my credit report. 2/if the credit card companies or collection won't delete my debts even I paid them full amount, after 7 to 10 years will be erase automatically in my credit report? Or will show any track I own any of the those credit cards? 3/Can I disputed my full paid credit cards negative accounts wit
  5. I recently got served with papers from American Express, telling me I am being sued for a little over $5000. I am in the middle of selling my house and I cannot afford to pay this upfront. However, I can afford to pay it on February 4th, 2016. Should I tell them that or tell them that it may be sooner if my house sells earlier? Will that keep us out of court? Help, please! I am so confused. Information You need to answer this.docx
  6. Attached is my rough draft of a DV letter that references the TEXAS FINANCE CODE, I've pieced it together from this and other forums examples, trying to cover all my bases so I don't end up screwing my chances of getting this collection removed. I would appreciate any advice to improve it that anyone can offer. collection.docx
  7. Hi guys, I need some urgent help with this case. I am not a lawyer and thus quite scared of what is happening. Few days ago i received a letter from a legal aid stating that I was the defendant in a lawsuit case (credit card debt). I used the case number they gave me and checked, and indeed there is a lawsuit against me. Today, about 10 days later, I find that: 09/10/2015 PROOF OF SERVICE OF SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT FILED. SERVED AS TO (XXXXXX, YYYYYYY). but i never received anything!!!! and my wife, who has lost her job is at home all day and she never got anything!!! What should i do
  8. Hello there, everyone! Firstly, I know this is a long post to begin with, but I just wanted to thank you all for all of the information I've gained from this site just upon reading. You all are a huge help to everyone on here who takes the time to read about their case and sharing your valuable knowledge and past histories is incredibly helpful. So now, I'll get to my case. It's a very little amount, Pressler & Pressler, Midland Funding, NJ - apparently all parties are quite well known, but all details are below. Upon first receiving this, I knew not even where to begin knowing it
  9. Very simple I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates in Texas and I don't know what to do. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC assignee of Wells Fargo bank 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.) Attorney in Texas (about 200+ miles from where I am located) 3. How much are you being sued for? Roughly $5,900 4. Who is the original creditor? (if not the Plaintiff) Wells Fargo Bank 5. How do you know you are being sued? (You were served, right?) Person came to door and handed me t
  10. Hey guys, I need a little advice on how to best tackle this. I recently got my credit reports and noticed 3 accounts currently in collections: 1. $65 to Credit Management LP (OC Charter Communications) Placed for Collection 8/2013 2. $118 to to Transworld Systems (OC Old utility bill w/city) Placed for Collection 11/2013 3. $1108 to Midland Funding (OC Citibank) Placed for Collection 8/2010 (Says on my CR that it's scheduled to continue on record until August 2015, so I'm thinking about just leaving this one as is.) Basically, I'm thinking about doing a PFD on the first couple an
  11. We are residents of Orlando, FL and need help with medical debt for lab test. In summary - the test was performed in Nov 2012, and the insurer had pre-approved this out-of-network lab as in-network - the insurer and lab went back and forth over the bill and are still going back and forth over the bill, now with my employer’s HR involved - we never received a bill from the lab, despite us updating our address with them and USPS with our new address - On March 17, 2015, we received notice (dated March 10) from a collection agency for a $19K debt that includes $2600 of interest - The lab claims t
  12. We are residents of Orlando, FL and need help with medical debt for lab test. In summary - the test was performed in Nov 2012, and the insurer had pre-approved this out-of-network lab as in-network - the insurer and lab went back and forth over the bill and are still going back and forth over the bill, now with my employer’s HR involved - we never received a bill from the lab, despite us updating our address with them and USPS with our new address - On March 17, 2015, we received notice (dated March 10) from a collection agency for a $19K debt that includes $2600 of interest - The lab claims t
  13. My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: New York On the nycourts website it states "The statute of limitations on a store credit card (like a Macys card) is 4 years". I had a sears store card (not a visa. etc) . Does this apply to me? Thanks
  14. I've been living in Florida for 8 years now. I've built my credit up to just under a 700 score. Not great, but I've made a lot of progress. About 2 years ago I started getting really proactive about it to the point that I check my credit report at least every other week, and there have been no judgements or collections on my credit report in that time. Today (2015) I got paperwork in the mail from my bank stating that $4,652 from my savings account was put on hold by an attorney because of a judgement that was filed against me in New York in 2005. This included (from what I understand) 10 yea
  15. Today I received a letter for the remainder of an unpaid medical bill from National Patient Account Services (NPAS, LLC). I just checked my credit reports and the collection has not yet reported to the CRAs, and of course, I don’t want it to. I have the thirty days to dispute, etc. Should I just contact the CA to ask for a pay for deletion (under $400) or can they not report anyway because I am paying right away before the thirty days? OR, should I send the payment to the hospital and hope they accept the payment and then if it does hit my CR, dispute as previously paid? OR, should I DV them
  16. I am making monthly payments on a medical bill as agreed AND receiving letters from a collection agency for the same debt. Is this legal.
  17. I have a collection for a previous apartment complex that was just sent to collection by the old property manager without even letting me know there was even a balance on my account. I then called after finding out about the collection and found out that these charges were in error to my account due to them NOT removing my name from their water company after my lease was over and instead the tenants after me ended up racking up around $350 in water under my name. I finally got it straightened out with the new property manager and she even sent a letter to my new complex stating we have no bala
  18. Hello all, first post here at creditinfocenter. So I am getting really serious about credit repair and I want to attack the worst item on my reports, my only collection account. Okay so I was in school under CH33 GI bill and dropped most of my classes late one semester because of personal issues. This resulted in an "over-payment of benefits" to my Community College. The VA alerted me of the new debt of $563 and told me to pay it. I asked for a payment plan of $20/month and they told me that they could not accept less than $50/month. I did my best paid the $50 twice(May/June 2011) and then
  19. Need some help from any and all? I am down to one collection account on my credit report. The debt collector is good ole Asset Acceptance. I owed the original creditor, Beneficial, $10,000 and my DOFD is Feb 2008. (Business went south, lost my home, started a free-fall and making my way back now.) I disputed this collection account with all 3 CRA's in mid-May. The result was "verified" by all 3 CRA's. Additionally, Asset Acceptance has been actively reporting every month now with new, additional interest costs. The balance is now $13,712, I have no documentation from Asset Acceptanc
  20. A family member received a letter from a JDB that is attempting to collect on an old CC debt that was included in their Ch7 bankruptcy. This is an initial contact with the proper language/disclaimers. Quick rundown - JDB is Jefferson Capital Systems (first I have heard of this particular outfit, possibly related to RJM Acquisitions) - Recently purchased the debt (no date given) - CC Debt, around $2-3K, last paid in 2009 - Discharged in BK CH7 in 2010 I've read the attempt to collect on BK discharged debt may be a violation of FDCPA Section 807: "(2) The false representation of (A) the cha
  21. About a year and a couple months ago, I was more than happy with US Cellular, and could not have found a better cell phone company. Then, they made one bill not due at the regular time (about two weeks late), and then double-billed me for two months bills (so there was two weeks +/- I shouldn't have had to pay for. Then the "months" were shorter, so they were actually billing their "months" about five days sooner than an actual month. When they started messing up the bill the first time and had told me they would fix it, I believed them because until now I had never had an issue with them, s
  22. Just came across a ingesting article over the weekend, thought I might share with everyone. Feel free to post your thoughts and feelings J
  23. I'm starting a new chapter in my life and trying to get my "stuff" together after burying my head in the sand for a few years. In short, I pulled my CRs, only to find that I had 8 collection accounts in my credit report(s). Aware of this site/forum from a similar experience a decade ago, I decided to face my debts and obligations head-on and get started with the rest of my financial life. Because I know that I owed the money on all of these accounts, my first line of defense was to simply see what would happen if I mailed monies to the original creditor with old statements/invoices that I
  24. In 2011, I had a voluntary repo. The car was with another bank at that time. Then, maybe 6 months to year later I got a letter from crescent bank. I guess crescent bank bought the account. the balance was 5K after the car was sold at auction. I received no further letters from them but they had been calling my relative's number and I did not return any of their calls. Now on my credit report the balance has ran up to 12K with the daily interest crescent has charging. My wife and I want to buy a house in the next two years. . The loan officer told us the chargeoff with crescent bank
  25. I need some advice on how to proceed. Had a CC debt with Bank of America and due to losing my job and not working for 3.5 years, I lost all my savings and unemployment. I tried to settle with Bank of America and they offered a settlement of $9000+ on a CC debt of $16k. I did find a job and offered them $200 a month to pay off the settlement but that wasn't good enough. They wanted 3 consecutive payments of over $3000 which if I was able to pay this, I wouldn't be in this situation!! So we left it at the original amount having no luck reasoning with them. I filed a complaint with the FTC