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  1. Our stories sound similar. I'm new here and glad I found this forum before sending a generic DV letter to Midland. I haven't received anything from Midland but noticed a collection on my credit report. OC (T-Mobile) not reporting and Midland is. SOL will be up around May - Aug 2013. I know the balance showing on this account is wrong as well but do not have proof. Should I dispute with CRA? Write DV letter or wait until SOL is up?
  2. I am new to this Forum and am very impressed with the responses I've seen so far. Here is the situation: My adult son is being sued by Midland (MCM), represented by Erica Brachfeld in the Los Angeles area. He has filed an Answer and trial is set for 12/17/12. He recently received an "Affidavit in Lieu of Testimony" signed by a Jacquelynn Doucette wherein she admits that "the original instrument creating the account was not provided to MCM and, upon information and belief, is unavailable." The affidavit is accompanied by a letter from Chase saying they sold the account to MCM and includes a c
  3. Hi all this is my first post and I hope I will not have to post too many more, that being said my question is about my wifes recent dealings with Franklin collections out of tupelo MS. She had a hospital bill go to collections two weeks after the actual indecent a bit upsetting but not really the main issue here. She started to get calls at home, cell, and at work two or three a day from Franklin saying that she needed to set up a contractual payment plan to repay the debt including a 15 dollar charge per payment as a service fee. I told her to tell them to send things by mail however she
  4. AFNI updated an old collection on my credit report after disputing the collection with Equifax 2 times to " REFINANCED OR RENEWED" .. Also the balance was zero out.. Can someone explain that to me! what does that mean?
  5. I received a collections notice from an agency for a supposed debit that I have never received a bill for. Doesn't the creditor have an obligation to bill someone for what they believe is owed them prior to getting a collections agency involved? I was given no chance to talk to the creditor or even know about the bill before they decided to ruin my credit. How is this fair or even legal?
  6. I just found out yesterday that a collections agency has reported to my credit report because of which my credit score dropped 98 points. The collections was for my cable bill which I always was under the impression that I had paid it off. The amount is for a mere $64. My question is if I chose to opt for the "Pay for delete" method and get the collections to remove the remark from my credit report, will my score go back up by 98 points?? This collection agency reported it to the credit bureaus in the last 2-3 weeks. So its very recent. Please help me with any knowledge you have and guide to w
  7. Hi, I will keep this as simple as possible, thanks in advance for helping- I have literally flawless credit, except for a single line with American Express which defaulted, here's what happened. A couple years ago I purchased a TV online thru Amazon's marketplace. the TV came damaged (Cracked screen, I have pictures of the TV, shipping box etc.) so I called the company to have them ship it back/return it/come get it/etc. Long story short, after going direct to the merchant, thru Amazon, and finally thru American Express who did a chargeback for me; American Express reversed the transaction/app
  8. Good Evening, I am having a problem with a Collection Agency. I will try to give as much info with out taking too long. Was behind on few payments to collection Agency. - Oct 22nd - Called them on to payoff the entire balance. Was told that they were starting the garnishment process and that if I paid the process would be stopped - Oct. 23rd I sent them a check for the entire balance - Oct. 24th they recieved the check and cashed it - Oct. 25th I called to verify they had recieved and cashed the check and what the remaining process would be. I was told that the garnishment process had alrea
  9. I have 3 accounts in Collection from some medical issues I had while unemployed. 2 are with EOS/CCA for a total of $600. The other one is with Wakefield & Assoc., and started at $832, and is now $1053. I have several questions: 1. Can Wakefield continue to charge me interest? 2. If I do Pay For Deletes, and I don't want to pay the whole amount, (they've been out there for over 3 years) What's a good starting point to negotiate? I know that debt buyers buy the debt at pennies on the dollar, so if I offered them 25% for a pay for delete, is that too low, a good start, a joke? 3. Do I
  10. Good afternoon everyone I have a question regarding a debt collection listed on me Credit report. I am pretty new here so I am not sure on all the acronyms... I notice in my Credit Report a collections note from a PENN CREDIT CORPORATION collecting for CITY OF BOYNTON BEACH FIRE RES. The open date is: 06/2010 and reporting negativetly until current date. I have not used the services of any Fire Rescue in Boynton Beach, nor from where I live. Since I was already logged in Experian, I started a Dispute saying that this account does not belong to me. I am not sure that I have any records o
  11. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site but have been a long time reader and decided to join! I've searched long and hard to find a topic related to mine but can't seem to pull any up, So my problem is this- I have a collections acct from 2009 for a student loan from a community college, I have made one payment recently in early Febuary 2012. It was so I can get my insurance agent's license and it had to show I made at least a payment. So the debt I have in question here is in lieu of 1279.00, Very small amount I know...But I haven't had such steady employment and moved often. So I would like to see
  12. My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Mississippi I recently received a letter in the mail regarding a private student loan issued in the state of Mississippi from January 2003. I fell on financial hardships back in those days and couldn't afford to pay back the loan. It was reported on my credit and dropped off of my credit report in 2010. This recent letter stated that I not only owed the original $2000 for the loan, but an additional $1971 in collection fees and interest. I sent a response by registered mail stating that the collection agency was attempting to collect
  13. Hello. I have a few questions about a voluntary repo. I live in Ohio and in May of 2011 I had to turn in my car because my hours were cut and I couldn't afford the payments. About a month ago I got a letter from a local attorney stating they are in charge of collections for the account. I contacted them and was told that the credit union is demanding a lump sum payment before a monthly arrangement can be made. The debt is for $4400 and they are still trying to charge me interest for what the auto loan was originally. She gave me a lump sum figure of $3800 and I was like what is the poin
  14. I have a debt I am currently paying to a law firm. I have made 10 payments at 300 each. I just called to change my bank account info for the payment and they said I still owe a crazy amount! They said they are allowed to charge me the interest rate Capital One can charge me for late payments- 23%! Is this legal? I know I owe the money, but are they legally allowed to charge me interest? HELP!
  15. I canceled the trial during trial period kept sending me product notify them by phone that I`ll have it ship back to them with return to sender And I got 2 Notices: 1.North Shore Agency 2. SKO Brenner America INC. What can I do to stop this & be over with this trial officially
  16. Hello everyone. I have a situation that I was hoping to get some clarification/guidance on. Here is a timeline of the events thus far: August 19, 2012: Receive collection letter from Machol and Johannes, LLC, representatives of Active Collection Agency, Inc. Unsurprisingly, both businesses share the same mailing address. In response to this letter, I send back a debt validation request. September 19, 2012: Served with a summons to appear to the county court in regards to the collection attempt. I was actually served a few days later than this, September 23, I believe. Scheduled to appe
  17. Hi, I'm a first time poster trying to get my credit together. I just pulled my credit report and found 2 collections on my CR with a "date opened" listed as "8/2003". One was from "WFNNB/EXPRESS" and the other was from Chase Bank. The issue is I didn't turn 18 years old until 12/2003. Is this grounds for dispute? That I wasn't 18 when this account was opened? If so, can I just modify one of the debt validation letters to address this and dispute it? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  18. Hi friends, I don't have insurance and needed to go to the ER. I was only there for an hour or so and didn't have surgery or anything except a blood test CT scan and a simple doctor procedure (trust me you don't want to know what that procedure was because it's gross). They sent me a bill for $21,000. They are charging me $15,000 for one CT scan of my chest. I tried calling the billing dept because $15000 for one CT scan seems really high but the woman told me "the computer doesn't make errors". I don't make much money and they rejected my financial aid request. Is there some way of finding o
  19. My daughter walked out on a lease. We consigned. Pursuant to our conversation and your request, below please find the amounts owed: Final Judgment $3,262.00 Interest $144.76 10/24/11 through 10/3/12 4.75% pursuant to Fl. Statute Fees $350.00 This is for time spent post judgment attempting to collect (e.g. Subpoenas, Motions) Costs $223.00 ($10 recording Fee, $3.00 cert. copy, $80 2 attempts at service for deposition, $80 Court Reporter for deposition, $50 search fee to locate address) We would seek to recover
  20. I was laid off in May of this year from a large transportation company. Upon my layoff I received a letter in the mail stating that I needed to repay money that had been given to me to attend school. The letter stated that I agreed to pay back the money if I were to leave the company for the previous 2 years. I replied to the original letter sent by my former employer stating that I had no idea of this and that I was never made aware that I would need to repay the money if I were to leave the company. Two weeks ago I received a letter, followed by a call from a CA called Baker, Govern & Ba
  21. I got a letter in the mail a few weeks ago from some random collection agency stating I owed a debt to Paypal for $465. I have a Paypal account, and it's totally clear and good, so I wrote a letter back and said it's not my account. Well, their second letter came yesterday, along with their "proof" of my debt via a letter from Paypal...showing a debt from a reversal of transaction money from 12 years ago! I don't remember the details now, but we sold something on eBay, sent the item with delivery confirmation, and a few days later got an email from the buyer stating that they never received th
  22. I recently started work cleaning up my credit, and sent out a couple of disputes in June 2012, with varying level of success. I want to continue the fight, so here is what I have on my current files and I would love some advice on which “dragon to slay first” Midland Credit Management: 2 TLs; one for VerizonHome and the Tmobile, dating back to 2009. Each is between $300 - $400. Midland started reporting in 2011. I disputed twice, as recently as June 2012. Came back verified, and I received letters offering me 40% off in settlement. Since the last dispute, TU deleted the account, but EX and EQ
  23. Has anyone dealt with these people before? They called me yesterday out of the blue. I think they tried calling me last week also but I did not answer. They are required by law to send me a dunning letter before they can contact me again correct? Is this just another scumbag CA? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  24. I'm currently trying to clean up my credit report to qualify for a USDA loan. Going over my reports I found a collection from MIDLAND FUNDING for T MOBILE date opened 07/08 and one from STELLAR RECOVERY INC for T Mobile opened 03/07. These are both showing Date Reported within the last two months. This was so long ago I don't remember opening 2 accounts with them and how would T Mobile allow me to do that anyway? I want these, at least one of them, off my credit. I'd even be happy to settle if would help my score. But, I don't want to kick the hornets nest either. Any guidance would be great
  25. A number of months ago I pulled my CR and found a few things that need to be cleaned up. One of the things that I found was an old phone bill that was turned over to collections in 2007. In May I wrote to the CA asking for validation. I didn't tell them this but I don't dispute the debt but wanted to know how they arrived at the amount being reported. I assume that it's interest, fees, collection costs or something similar. When I hadn't received a response by early August I sent a follow up letter. On September 1 I sent a pay for delete offer requesting a response within 15 days. I offered to