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  1. About 7 or 8 years ago, I stopped paying on an overdraft account from a bank I (still) have a checking account with. When this overdraft account became delinquent, it was closed, sent to collections and dropped off my online account access. I was able to get this off my CR last year. Fast forward a couple of months ago, my bank updated to a new online system and lo and behold this account showed up. So my question is What do I do now? They are not reporting it on my credit report. But if I start paying on it, the time will restart correct? Do I just leave it as is and if it gets repo
  2. Hi All! I was a member here back in 2005-2008 and this forum, moderators and others really helped me then so, I hope you can do the same now. My FICO's have been in the dumpster ever since my home went into foreclosure in 2009. In 2008, I had major health crises and underwent 5 operations and recovered for 2 years. CitiMortgage foreclosed on me in 2009 and despite having a lawyer, court appearances, requests and submissions, never evaluated me for HAMP refinance. Fast forward to now, Citi sold my mortgage to another servicer in December 2013 and they reviewed me for HAMP in March 2014, I
  3. So here's my story: I was let go from my job in September 2014, where I had a corporate visa through citibank. I accepted another job a few days later, that required a move from GA to FL. Not realizing that citibank corporate cards, and citibank consumer cards were different business units, I thought I had done well when I updated my citibank consumer card and when they affirmed that it would updated all citibank accounts. In October 2014 I paid off what I thought was my remaining balance of $3800. I didn't received any correspondence or calls from citibank, and so I didn't think about
  4. Santander is reporting my date of last payment as 7/2014. THIS IS WHEN IT WAS SOLD TO A JUNK DEBT BUYER. My actual last payment to them was 4/2010. The JDB even says so on their paperwork. Isn't this re-aging?? I'm closing on a home loan this month.
  5. I am in the process of sending out my First Dispute Letter. How many items should I dispute at once where it won't be frivilous? If I don't get all my accounts on the First Dispute Letter, when do I send my second or third to dispute the rest? Thanks
  6. I pulled my credit report and saw that Verizon has placed that I owe them $395 from when I left them in April 2013. It was a surprise to me; I thought I had paid them in full. I can't find records of where I did pay them, so, perhaps I do owe the money. I haven't had a blemish on my credit for a long, long time. This is the only bad thing on my report in 7 years. I don't recall owing them this much; I believe it was $325 when I closed the account and I thought I paid it. Never the less, if I'm wrong ,and I did owe them and didn't pay it, I never got any notice of it before now! I haven't mo
  7. Hey everyone, Long story short, last year I took on an auto loan through TD Auto Finance at an interest rate of 19%. My monthly payments on the car are around 300, which is easily manageable for me, and I have had no late or missed payments in the last year on the loan. I was contacted by the company I purchased the car through to let me know they can get me a lower interest rate if I refinance by purchasing a newer car. My current loan has around $10,000 left on it, and it's on a car that's currently worth about $5,000 - due to the extremely high interest rate. My main concern at th
  8. A brief background: My credit report and DMV record were in complete shambles for years due (in part) to my undiagnosed ADHD. I was diagnosed in 2011 and since then have not made as many poor decisions as I used to, I finally took care of all the Failure To Appear holds on my license and had it reinstated just last month. Now it's time to tackle my CR with the ultimate goal of preparing to buy a house. Luckily, many of my oldest and biggest debts have fallen off, but I have 8 collections still listed with various ages (6 of them are now past the 4 year California SOL). I'm going to try and
  9. Im very curious on how to handle collections on this random account. Do i dispute it? Do I look into it? Does it even matter? Is it even mine? Could it be zombie debt? Here's the deal: While digging thru some old paperwork I came across a collections letter dated back in Sept 2013. Its a "deal" letter and says nothing but basically "here's what you owe us" and "pick your payment plan option.". The amount in collections is for about $1500 but I have NO IDEA what its from or what its for. Ive recently accessed all 3 of my credit reports and it is NOT listed anywhere. Not the creditor, the
  10. Hello, I am in need of some serious help. I have never checked my credit report in my entire life until two days ago when a collection agency called me and informed me that i had student loans in my name. *this is sadly a case of family fraud but i did attend school so I'm dealing with that, it only prompted me to check my credit report to see what else may have happened. I did credit karma (transition) and to be safe got the experian report as well. I am going through all this information still as it has been pretty overwhelming but have noticed a few pretty serious concerns already.
  11. I'm looking to get a home and my credit score is 671 I just got my credit reports from all 3 companies by mail I don't owe too much Comcast, a couple red light camera fines, and sprint those are my collections I want to send debt validation letters out but on my credit reports it has the info of the collector's company and address but the account # is only shown partially should I call the CA and get my full account #?
  12. I have a question & I apologize in advance if it has already been addressed but I can't find it. I disputed information on my credit report TO THE CREDITOR as being inaccurate by certified mail return receipt requested. My understanding is that they have 30 days to answer my dispute. The 30 days came and passed with no answer. I sent copies of the letter, mail receipts etc to the CREDIT BUREAU. The Credit bureau answered me saying that they did an investigation and that there was updated information on my credit report. Nothing really changed. I was under the impression that Federal law s
  13. Five years ago I lost my job and had to fight my company over three months for unemployment benefits. I fell behind on my rent and was evicted from my apartment. I should have paid what I owed when my unemployment was approved however; I was irresponsible and chose not to. It did not matter to me at the time but fast forward 5 years and I now have a family and am experiencing firsthand how important credit really is. The past due debt (3k) was reported to the CRA’s in 10/2009-Should I wait another two years and let this fall off my cbr or would it be worth it to pay it off now? Help!
  14. So I defaulted on a student loan years ago. It's listed on my CR about a few times, as AES/NCT, CItizen's Bank, etc. I settled with agency (Richard Boudreau) for half the amount as they agreed to post it as Paid in Full and I really wanted to get this in my rear-view. They sent me a letter saying that they would report it to the owner so I sent the cashier's check certified mail. However, this was over a month ago and I have yet to see a change in my CR. I also have not received the paid letter from the collector as I was promised. Any advice as to what I should do? I am really ignorant to all
  15. I sent a DV to a CA reporting a medical bill. This is an ER bill back in 2010 that was supposed to be charged off by the hospital to their charity care. I was unemployed and uninsured at that time. I disputed with CRA and came back verified. Today, I received letters in the mail from the CA. Letter #1: - Addressed to me and my ex-husband to my address since 2008. - Ex-husband has never lived at this address. The divorce was finalized in 2009. - The Amount due is $400 more than the amount due on the CR. - Basically just says they received the dispute from a CRA and advised that the i
  16. Of the many reasons people are wary of filing for bankruptcy, one of the biggest is the affect is has on a person’s credit score. It stands to reason that creditors aren’t exactly excited at the prospect of lending to an individual who has recently filed for bankruptcy. In a way this is a good thing. It prevents many people who are just looking for an easy way out of debt from filing for bankruptcy. For those who have exhausted all of their other options however, and bankruptcy is a last resort, the idea of starting over with a poor credit score is pretty frightening. Rather than putting off b
  17. More good news! Transunion has concluded their investigation of my dispute. Only 4 bad tradelines remain on my credit file. YAY! What now? I know I can re-dispute the tradeline for a CA because have incorrect last 4 digit of SSN. But the OC is still reporting this tradeline. What are my chances of getting both removed with the information CA gave me? Another CA has a medical bill that I DV'd them on but have yet to receive anything. I sent the hospital a letter too. I am considering writing to the president/chairman of the hospital's board regarding my case. Is this a good idea? The
  18. Hello, Midland sued me in court and they LOST. They were obviously not original creditor and I was disputing amount. NOW they are reporting, at least monthly, amounts that are 4x what they were suing me for in court! This can't be right. What are the steps to get them off my report? I am assuming I need to start with going to court house and getting copy of court ruling. Thanks for helping me streamline the process, do it right the first time, and get these mofos off my back once and for all.
  19. Hello all! Newbie here! Just beginning my credit repair journey. This is literally day 1. I have read most of the newbie posts and spent a lot of time reading some of the posts. However, I didn't see a clear answer to the letters subject. I have about 22-23 negative items on my credit reports from experian and transunion. I just requested credit reports from all 3 CRA'S yesterday because I recently got denied for credit and the 2 I have now are from June of this year. So I'm waiting on the recent ones to come in the mail. My question is, because I have so many negative items, what's the
  20. I recently sent a dispute letter to Trans union for a water bill collection account and a 30 day late payment to Macy's. My son has the same name as mine but he's a Jr. who rents my basement apt. so we share the same property address and the water bill belongs to him. I explained this the Trans union supplied the proof. I mailed the letter out on July 18th 2013 by certified mail(signed cert. return card dated July 22 ) and did not get a response back until Sept. 13th!! Nothing was removed and I requested that they removed all the items that I disputed due to the fact that they took over 30 day
  21. So after being denied for a BoA secured credit card I figured it was time to start repairing my credit. I've started my credit repair process and am looking for a little direction. I lost my job a few years ago and my credit went in the toilet. I was able to find work immediately after, but the hours and pay were reduced. I'm finally in a position where I can start fixing things. The first thing I did was order and triage hard copies of my credit reports. I have 10-13 negatives on each. Some of those are late pays on student loans, 1 is 3 different late pay on a car loan I'm currently pa
  22. Hi, I want to hire a credit repair company to repair my credit score. I am in arizona (US). I have found one comapny name ... in arizona . can anyone let me know its reputation. their website is Thanks
  23. I was 60 days late on my auto loan and this caused my credit report to plunge big time. I have paid on the account and got it up to current status but my question is this: Will this remain on my credit report for up to 7 years? Even though I am caught up on these bills is this going to remain as a negative factor on my credit report and is there anything I can do to have it removed? About a year ago I hired Lexington Law to remove items on my credit report and my experience is that it is nearly impossible to remove items that are negative when they involve financial lending such as a bank l
  24. So I've been doing a lot of reading and reviewing what others have done. I'd like to make sure I'm following along the right path. Story: Lots of old CC debt. SOL on everything expires starting in Feb 2014. However SOL has "technically" expired in WI about 3 years ago as we borrow the shorter SOL. Deleware has a 3 year SOL, so any DE cards have technically gone beyond the SOL. This is up for some debate, but I'm willing to fight that battle if need be. Two months back I decided to get aggressive about credit repair instead of simply sitting back. I had about 4-5 disputes go out to t
  25. Greetings to all the wise ones!! I have spent the last 24hrs reading every nook and corner of this forum to find answers to my specific problem to no avail! Please help me out so I can achieve my dream!! I am in process of buying my first home, when I went for my pre-approval the mortgage specialist(MS) ran my credit and picked my median score of 660 to grant me the pre-approval letter. My 3 scores were 654/660/679, That was back in April. Fast fwd 3 months and I finally found a house that fits my budget, the paperwork went to underwriting(UW) and I found out I got denied, because my media