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  1. The Banking Law Journal, February 2014, pp 143-152 SCRUTINY INCREASES ON LENDERS’ COLLECTION PRACTICES WITH RESPECT TO THIRD PARTIES AND DATA INTEGRITYby Benjamin G. Diehl This article examines the nature of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other agencies’ focus on debt collection practices and strategies creditors and other interested parties may wish to consider as a result.pp 147-148'Moreover, a creditor can expect to face substantial regulatory scrutiny in its dealings with third parties even if it elects to sell its debt
  2. **Found this online this morning** Harassing text messages aren't just for scorned lovers anymore. At least one debt collection agency has been using texts to go after indebted consumers -- and the government says that those texts broke the law. The Federal Trade Commission regularly sues debt collectors for illegal collection practices, but for the first time it's gone after a debt collector for chasing consumers with text messages. National Attorney Collection Services, Inc. and National Attorney Services LLC, which are both based in Glendale, Calif., and owned by Archie Donovan, have a
  3. First I want to apologize for the length of this post, however I want to provide as much information as possible to get a correct answer or insight or help to my situation. On 7/3/2013 at approximately 6:30pm I was served a summons with notice from a constable for an alleged debt that I owe in New York State. This summons is from the Attorney Generals Office Civil Recoveries Bureau. It states that I have 20 days to appear in this action by serving notice of appearance on plaintiff's attorney. It further states the following: "Take notice that the nature of this action and the relief sought i
  4. Hello All, I am new to this forum and could use some help. After a stretch of unemployment and wife's medical issues, i have fallen behind on my CC payments. This all started 2 years ago and i have yet to pay one bill since. I would like to start the process of at least negotiating. I have received collection letters of up to 70% off some balances. Here are my questions: Is it possible to deal with only one agency during the process or do i have to work with all of them? Should i call the credit card company directly and ask if they can offer the same or did they already charge-off?
  5. I have a letter for pre-approval on a debt to pay back from Midland Credit they have given me 3 options or call to set up payment plan. Should I accept this or wait for them to sue me? ;0 Thank you in advance.
  6. There is some good news believe it or not regarding how credit scores are calculated. Vantage score which is the new score created by the 3 major credit bureaus has made some adjustments in their model which will help many who have paid off old debt or been victims of natural disasters. You can read the article here: This may help many of you in terms of raising your score which is always a big issue in this forum.
  7. New to the thread - I've got 2 questions. After being an irresponsible idiot in my younger days, I'm really trying to clean my report up. I had 4 negative accounts, 3 smaller accounts listed in collections and a student loan I decided to stop paying years ago. As for the student loan, last week I settled with the collection agency hired by the bank that backed the loan. I paid half and they will have it listed as settled in full (wasn't getting a PFD or anything else for that). The thing is, it's also listed 3 or 4 separate times on my credit report as charged off, filed with gov't, etc. T
  8. I received a letter from Encore yesterday stating that I owe XXX but it just says payment to FIA Card Services, not to the bank I owe. The problem is, is I already made the minimum payment on my card via online bill pay because the card is linked with my checking account. Should I ignore the letter from Encore? Write them a letter?