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  1. Can anyone post and address for sending debt settlement offers with AMEX. I am hoping they will accept a 50% reduction to be paid off in 6 months. TIA TG!
  2. I have $80,00 in credit card debt and everyone I speak to tells me their program is the only solution for me and every other program is a scam. I just read on this site that all debt settlement companies are scams. Who do I believe?
  3. I'm dealing with a credit card debt settlement. Using the letter templates and info from the site I requested the credit card company delete the account from my credit report in exchange for me agreeing to the debt settlement offer. Today they called and left me a message requesting I call them back to talk about the letter. Any suggestions or tips for when I talk to them. In my letter to them, I requested that they send their response in writting. I don't like to talke to these people on the phone and am trying to get everything in writing.
  4. This is something new. I heard some of the debt settlement companies are filling for their bankruptcy. Now what are their options? Are they going for debt settlement or something else? Well what I think of them is that they are just some entrepreneur who didn’t understand the business full enough and got in to business, which basically lead them to elimination.
  5. I've banked with BofA since I was 18 (12 years now). I am going through the debt settlement process right now (am approx 15 days late at this point with my creditors), and planning to settle all fo them with the Original Creditor (I have a good sum of money stashed away from tax return and a repayment of a loan to a family member, plus what I can save while not paying cards). Pretty sure I can come up with 40% of post interest & late-fee balances by the 6 month mark (although I've heard discover takes longer). Total debt is ~45k. BofA owns 25K of it on 2 cards Chase 3k discover 10k citi
  6. Hello Everyone! This is my first post to this forum. Although I have read many useful threads, I figured I would put up my own story to see if I am planning the right thing. For starters, I am a Realtor and so is my live in girlfriend so, obviously, our incomes are not what they used to be. I have roughly $50k in debt as follows- (all cards are maxed) $11k B of A 12% $235 min $11k Chase (was 0%) 19.24% Unknown (was 209) $6500 Citi Cards 11.24%
  7. I often hear advertisements from debt settlement companies stating that if you have over 10000.00 you have some sort of advantage? What would be the advantage or is this just some kind of sales gimmick?
  8. A total of 623,399 U.S. bankruptcies were filed in the first three quarters of 2007, representing a 40.16 percent increase over the 444,789 cases filed in the same period in 2006. There's worse news in the Midwest; specifically in Detroit. Through October 2007, the number of Chapter 7 personal bankruptcies filed in Detroit's federal bankruptcy court jumped 63 percent compared with the first 10 months of last year. Unfortunately, this news is not surprising; after all, foreclosures are at an all-time high throughout the country and credit card debt is skyrocketing. If you find yourself in a sit
  9. This is a debt of mine that was charged off in 12/07 and I just received a letter directly from American Express today saying they would like to settle with me. It's not for much $291. Basically they said that I was recently contacted by an Outside Collections Agency regarding this debt and that it has gone unanswered by me. However they said they are willing to work directly with me to resolve this debt. They said if I paid in full today, it will improve my credit standing with American Express, potentially improving my overall credit bureau rating and I may be able to regain American Expres
  10. Some Americans are so overburdened by debt that they see no way to pay it all back and eliminate debt for good. Many seek credit card debt settlement from experienced companies like the Loans store. Do you owe IRS tax debt that you can’t repay? Is it taking years and still no end in sight? Then you need an easy IRS tax debt help from the Loans Store. Our IRS tax relief loan specialists will help you overcome this hurdle.
  11. So i would like to say this site has alot of knowledge .... i ve been doing some reading the past several days. Im just overwelmed by the debt that i have. We have put our home up for sale so it doesnt foreclose we are trying a short sale and have an offer already so we are in a waiting game now with the 2 lenders i have a 1st and 2nd mortgage. I have 67,000 (21 creditors) dollars in unsecured debt im between 30 and 50 days past due on most of them and i dont know were to start, ive had meetings with attorneys for bankruptcy and we make to much money , i ve talk to debt settlement co. and i ne
  12. Hi All, I'm currently unemployed, and I owe $9,000 to Capital One and it is about 160 days delinquent. I got a letter the other day with the below statement in the letter: "Your seriously delinquent account now meets our guidelines for legal action if it charges off We have not made a decision to file a lawsuit, so there is time for you to work with us resolving this matter. We prefer to resolve this situation without litigation. If we cant get this matter resolved soon and your account charges off, we may be forced to take legal action". My question is two fold. 1. Has anybody had any success
  13. I'll try to explain my situation really quickly. I gave my car to my mother because she needed it for the family. In return she was supposed to pay the rest of the loan. She didn't, the loan defaulted with the OC and then moved to the CA. I didn't know about this and now I'm trying to get a loan so I can have money in the summer so I can get myself a car and live until I start my career in the Army. Unfortunately because of the reports from the OC and CA, I can't get the loan until I at least get the CA one removed if possible. That's what the people at USAA tell me should be enough. Wh
  14. Hi, I got a debt for about 30K, and for some reason, I can not pay this in on time again so what happend if I stop paying this debt yes I know this will go default and most likely they will go to debt collector etc2 and I know most likely the debt will grow by interest late payment etc but for few year I might not able to do the debt settlement so here is my question, basically when people settle for 30% etc, this is from the latest debt which most likely is double or maybe triple their original debt, is this right ? and what happend if I keep doing nothing until I got some cash to do the sett
  15. Anyone has any success stories to share in their settlements? I'll start! I have about $50,000.00 worth of consumer debt (8 credit cards), I signed up with a debt settlement company associated with a law firm and they've been doing wonders for my debt accounts. Out of 8 accounts registered with my debt settlement company, 5 of them were settled within the last 5 weeks, the settlement performances are: 1) Cavalry - 8000 settled for 2800 2) LHR - 4000 settled for 1600 3) Midland - 7300 settled for 3300 4) Discover - 1800 settled for 1000 5) US Bank - 11000 settled for 3100 My remaining 3 credito
  16. By a lawyer:
  17. Has anyone on this forum had any success or experience settling debts with original creditors or collection agencies after voluntary ch 13 dismissal?
  18. I think what I 'm looking for is a reputable company to work with on debt consolidation, not necessarily debt settlement. Are there any reputable companies to work with?
  19. drowning in unpaid bills and desperatly looking for a way out, sometimes i'll see something like this "for a fee a debt settlement company will help you rid of your debt for half the amount you owe", how do i know it isn't a scam, have you heard of, or some other company let me know
  20. Hello Everyone, I spoke with Kristy this am after learning about her from another source. Wanted to say thanks for your time Kristy, I appreciate it. I thought I would post on the board to keep a record of where I am at with my situation and also gain help from others and hopefully help others in the same situation as myself. Long story short, I have one house going into foreclosure (tried short selling, bank wouldnt accept), I have another house I will be trying to short sell and will let it foreclose if they dont accept (the bank was WAMU btw, worst experience in customer service I have eve
  21. I am searching for a debt settlement company that i can trust and found the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland had nominated (link removed) a Maryland-based debt settlement company, for the (link removed). BUT they are (link removed) . So ...... If you are familiar with this company or have used their debt settlement services, can you give me some insight or any other recommendations / resources ?
  22. I have been handling my own debt settlements for years now and I opening my own. Am I required to be licensed? and If so what states?
  23. Hi, I am having a huge loss in my business and can't pay anymore to my CC debts that I owe to Citi, BOA, Chase and Wamu totaling around 70K. After researching in this forum, I figured out I can settle the debt in and around 30% of 70K by myself. Questions to the gurus: 1. Is that something can be acheived? 2. What tactics should I follow and what to avoid in a nutshell? 3. I am in Texas. Can they put a lien in my primary residence? 4. Can they garnish my wages and seize the bank account? 5. I am banking with WAMU and I will be default with their CC, should I change the bank? 6. The difference
  24. Hello all !! Here is my first post. Well I’ve been reading up on Debt Settlement and I’m not to sure how to go about it. I have little questions will just pop up here and there where I don’t exactly know how to do a search for, so excuse me if this has been asked before. So anyway, I have a few credit cards that I haven’t been paying on for the last 3 months. I was considering in BK until I found out about Debt Settlement. One of the credit cards that I have is with my primary bank, WaMu, which I have my checking and savings account. So my first question is can I still do a settlement on
  25. I see there are 2 sources of information that I can purchase here on the web site: 1. How to Settle Your Debts 2. Do It Yourself Online Training for Debt Settlement! Should I buy it? Do I need it? There are loads and loads of information and insights here in this forum. How much more helpful will these material and service be to me, while doing the Debt Settlement on my own? Thanks for looking