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  1. I got a letter yesterday from these jokers. The funny thing is that they are trying to collect for Portfolio Recovery. That account is not on any of my credit reports. What are they trying to pull?
  2. I have sold off account from MBNA to Portfolio recovery a$$. in VA. I live in OHIO...Portfolio Rec. have had it for a few yrs now...I have received a few letter every few months from them in the past few yrs....Got another one today againsaying to respond to the letter and contact them so I can pay the 3000, or it could result in them consdiering other collection remedies avaiable in my state. I believe 2 yrs ago I send letter for them to validate and they is showing on my Cred report that last activity was 2/2000. so is this past SOL??? not sure what I should do her
  3. I'm new to the board and hope I'm posting this in the correct forum. Here's my situation: Portfolio Recovery Associates has had an account of mine for about a year and recently sent it to the "Dirt and Scumbag Law Firm" in my state. Does the fact that the account has been sent to a law firm mean I'm about to be sued? Has anyone been sued by this agency? Do they usually have any documentation, or does answering the suit usually result in a dismissal? The five year SOL on this account will be up in another few months and this is not the first collection agency to have this account but it is t
  4. About seven months ago I was contacted by Portfolio Recovery regarding a past due account. Around 1 month later I authorized them to right to deduct monthly payments from my checking account. I know DUMB move Two payments were deducted before I closed the account. I believe this is a case of mistaken identity. You see, my father and I share the same name. However, they recently contacted me and caught me off guard on the phone. Surprised, I told them that after reviewing my files, I didn't believe the account was mine and the two previous payments were a mistake. The rep said they w
  5. has anyone heard of Portfolio Recovery Services? They contacted me about a collection with Cross Country Bank. They would not give me address information on the phone (so that I could dispute) They also have not sent me any validation information that I requested.
  6. Just received my EQ credit report today, I have a wonderful new TL, Portfolio Recovery Associates. PROVI-######### Date reported: 03/2004 DOLA: 02/2002 Current Status: Account included in BK I just disputed my BK that I filed in 07/1996 and discharged 11/96. I have a CO Providian account in DOLA of 01/2002. BK dispute is still pending. 1. I incured Providian long after my BK. 2. I have not had any contact what so ever with Portfolio. (CR shows Portfolio reported 3/2004) Question- DV Portfolio and dispute w/ CRA's? ITS to Portfolio? Thanks John
  7. Just wanted to say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I got 2 UDFs today saying "delete this account!" Bye, Arrow Financial and Portfolio Recovery!!! Arrow (unpaid, $4500) I got rid of by filing a complaint with the ACA and Portfolio (paid) I got rid of by emailing them and saying something like "yeah, I paid this but don't think it was mine!! Please either delete this from the report or give me a full validation..." Portfolio was SUPER nice....Arrow was a pain to the very end until I filed complaints!! :) :) Midland, here I come.
  8. Hello everyone, I want to remove a collection agency ( Portfolio Recovery Associates ) from my credit report. Is it possible to do that even after it has been paid? I didn't know that I can negotiate to have them remove it while I was settling the debt. Is it too late for me? The item says "paid collection" in my report with several charge-off remarks in the 5 months it was reviewed. I'm new to this, any advise appreciated.
  9. History on these accounts.... DH and I have 2 accounts handled by Portfolio Recovery. One, Direct Merchants Bank, is old enough to be off our credit reports. The other, Discover, was validated last month. Up until August, I had been paying these guys $50 a month for each account. Then I realized SOL was way past and sent a C&D letter on the Direct Merchants account. I said in my letter that the account was time barred and wanted full C&D. So, I thought I would be good to go on the Direct Merchants account. And even though Discover was validated, complete with a copy of the app!,
  10. I have a major dilema. I have made arrangements to pay an outstanding debt to Creditors Financial group...I have already given them $200, and they are in possession of a $790 dollar post dated check that will be cashed on 3/31/03. Here is the problem, upon looking at other corespondence that I have received, I noticed another agency...Portfolio Rcovery Associates, also was requesting payment for the same debt. I called Porfolio Recoveery Associates to tell them that I had already made an arrangement with Creditors Financial Group, and they proceeded to tell me that CFG had no right to make tha
  11. I have a collection agency, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, stating that I owe Sears a debt. I gave Sears payment in full, they accepted an amount less than stated and is not reported the balance as a paid account and sold the debt to the above collection agency. I was wondering if I should write a letter to the above collection agency and if so, what should I say? Also, what should I do regarding Sears reporting inaccurately? Thank you.
  12. Hi, Sent a DV letter to PRA collection agency 2K. SOL not up yet. Collection agency signed for the letter on 1/31/02. I get a letter today from a Legal Dispute Specialist. They understand I am disputing the debt. They have requested the original document from this account to be sent to them. They will forward them to me as soon as they receive them. If applicable they say to fill out fraud affidavit. They also say they purchased the debt from discover on such date, the date the account was opened and when it was charged off. Obviously, I know not to fill out the fraud paper. I don't think the
  13. Anyone heard of these guys? Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC