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  1. Had a credit card charged off by BoA in November 2008. Balance at the last statement was $42,XXX. Charge off amount on the credit report indicates $42,XXX ; "Last Late Date 10/2008". Now the lovely Cavalry Portfolio Services has the debt and they showed a balance due of $68XXX on a credit report date 6/1/2012. I sent them a Debt Verification letter and received their standard generic response that many people on these boards have seen. Only includes "Original Institution" "Original Account Number" "Calvary Reference Number" "Open Date" "Charge off Date" and now we have an account balance due o
  2. Its an 702 number, I goggled and came up with an outfit called Portfolio Recovery. Sometimes I get 3 or 4 a day from this. All on my cell, never leave a message. What can I do about this? I called em back once and I got a pick up and click. Is this not a violation of law, can't I get them fined?
  3. It is for a lawsuit with Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. me on a credit card debt I don't even remember. The suit was filed January 17, 2012. The date it was delivered to me is not filled out. I separated from my husband 8/07 and know nothing was paid on anything after that date and probably for the 6 months preceding. It lists HSBC/Discover - I haven't had a Discover Card in 10 years, but I suppose it may be a Visa that we had at some point. There is no court date listed. According to the "affidavit" attached, the account was sold to Portfolio Recovery 8/22/08. I know I haven't received any
  4. Hi guys, Just would like to know if anyone deal with Portfolio Recovery in WA. What is their strategy? Initial summon/ complaint we received was not filed to the superior court. We were served and ans with a lot of help from this forum. Last week, I found that they just filed to District court but we have not been served yet. My question is what are they trying to do here? What is the difference between Superior Court and District Court? Thanks!
  5. I have recently been sued by Portfolio recovery. i need help answering the admissions. They are worded in ways to trap me depending on my answers 1) You owned a revolving charge account (credit card) with World Financial Capital bank/Venue 2) The revolving charge account (credit card) you had with World Financial bank/Venue was numbered 00578090040234583 3)You contracted for and recieved credit from World Financial Capital Bank/Venue, on the terms set forth in the documents or documents attached hereto. Each document attached to these request is an authentic copy of an original. These document
  6. In a previous post I asked the forums advice on how I should handle an upcoming hearing. Small snippet from previous post: "Out of curiosity, last week I contacted the court in my jurisdiction. They informed me that my name was on file for a hearing on October 22, 2012. I went to the county clerk's office and they gave me the file. Beyond clueless on how to proceed, I asked the clerk to explain and offer suggestions. She stated that according to what it shows on my file a server for this law firm tried to serve me (3) times at my old address. It also states that a hearing is set for October 22
  7. Hello, I’ve received a letter from Hunt & Henriques Attorneys at Law and I’m quite at a loss. The letter appears as follows, “Re: PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES, LLC/ CHASE BANK USA, N.A. Account number ending in : XXXX Balance due as of September 14, 2012: $X,XXX.XX September 14, 2012 Dear XXXX XXXX As a result of your default on the above identified account, our client PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES, LLC has engaged this law firm to attempt to collect the outstanding balance due on your account. Federal law gives you 30 days after you receive this letter to dispute the validity of the deb
  8. Hello, I received a Warrant in Debt via Mail (without case#) and another one via Sheriff left on the door. I have been reading this past week on what I need to do I read some did a DV and some didn't. I just want to know what I need to do first. This is all new to me. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit?Portfolio Recovery Associates 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.) Attorney for Plaintiff(s): Atty's name Portfolio Recovery Assoc, (along with Portfolio's address based in Norfolk) 3. How much are you being sued for?
  9. Hello, I just found out today that there is a summons for me in Louisiana from Portfolio recovery. I will not be back in that state until next week and was hoping to find out my best way to start dealing with this. I do not yet know the amount of the supposed debt owed or the last payment date. When I get back how should I proceed? (If I go by the courthouse and accept the summons what is my first step from there? Do I send a DV letter right away etc.) I have been reading the forums trying to figure this out but I am just getting more confused and hope someone can guide me through this process
  10. Portfolio Recovery has an account that is due to fall off in the spring (according to the OC's reporting of the same charged-off account) PR has added several payments that I have never made. What is their game plan here? What would you do? (they are such scum...)
  11. So, as I'm wading through the Siberian Diamond Mine of knowledge (for you Tom Clancy Fans) on these forums over the past few months, I'm learning a lot about how to handle Debt Collectors. Specifically, I'm becoming wary of fraudulent activities both in the legitimate attempt to collect on legitimate debt and on people attempting to fish information from you to steal your identity. This is why when Portfolio Recovery Associates called me yesterday to inform me that they were in possession of a $100 debt originally owned by Southwestern Bell. Date of the debt, 1998. 14 Freaking years! Not o
  12. Requested documents, admissions, and interrogatories from Portfolio Recovery for the credit card lawsuit they are filing against me. According to the online postal records, they received the request on August 20. I believe they have 30 days to respond from date the letter is received. If that is correct, what is my next step? Do I file a motion to have the case dismissed? Thank you.
  13. I recently disputed many items on my credit report, and right afterwards was hit with a SLEW of letters from collection agencies for the various accounts (ugh) I immediately shipped them off Debt Validation requests and received my first response. Here's how the timeline on this one looks: 8/13 - Received collection letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates for Bank of America debt 8/18 - Mailed certified return receipt Debt Validation Letter 9/20 - Received their validation response It should be noted that their response letter is dated 8/22, and at the bottom of the first page it mentions:
  14. Portfolio recovery has been calling me about an old electric bill from around 2002. I have not lived at the address they claim the bill is for since late 2002. Any way they have had to have skip traced my number because I have only had this number for the last three years, so they do not have my consent to call me, and I have told them such. I have never filed a TCPA claim so this is new ground for me. So Here goe the discussion. Will this suit fly or am I mistaken.
  15. Hello thanks for looking. Any help would be great. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.) Gamache & Myers P.C 3. How much are you being sued for? (Don't give an exact amount, just round to the nearest hundred or thousand dollars.) $3700 4. Who is the original creditor? (if not the Plaintiff) They list it was GE Capital Retail Bank/Wal-Mart. The Statement they attached says Walmart Discover/GEMB 5. How do you know you are being sued? Summons 6. How
  16. On April 27th 2012 I was sent a letter by Guglielmo and Associates claiming that they were going to pursue legal action against me on behalf of Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. I responded on 5/8/2012 with a Validation of Debt letter which was sent via certified mail. I have the receipt. G&A had failed to comply with my VOD request and have not sent me any such information I had asked for. Since such request has been sent, they have not complied with my request for a complete validation of the debts in question. Original Letter from G&A The letter I had sent G&A After sending
  17. Today I received notice that the Plaintiff has filed for Motion of Hearing and Motion of Summary Judgement. My question is do I need to respond to their Motion of Summary Judgement. All the evidence they have appears to be hearsay like affidavit with custodian of records name on it and a contract of sale that looks like it could have been type by anyone. There is no letter head or company name on it. My main concern is the motion summary judgement. Will the court just give it to them if I answered the summons? Thanks 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? – Portfolio Recovery Associates 2.
  18. Ok - in May 2012 I was notified that there was service coming my way on an Associate Division Summons for breach of contract - being sued by E**s & Di**n representing Portfolio Recovery Associates - I actually went to the sheriff's office and picked up the summons. Due to some unforeseen events, I was unable to search or completely prepare for the court date, which is tomorrow June 26 at 9:00 am. I didn't even know this thread/site existed until today - another situation is that this is the first communication I heard from PRA/E&D on this debt. I contacted E&D last week to see if t
  19. Hi guys, My wife was served a summons by Portfolio Recovery Associates last Monday. She tried to call the lawyer today to find out more. He didn't answer but the receptionist asked my wife for more information instead. She didn't tell him anything and will try to call back again. So I think I should file an answer ASAP instead of try to find out with the lawyer. Here is the summons, hope you guys can help us. Thanks! SUMMONS: To The Defendants: A lawsuit has been started against you in the above-entitled Court by PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES LLC, Plaintiff. The Plaintiff’s claim is sta
  20. Portfolio Recovery Associates sent me a collections letter for a Charged off Wells Fargo Credit card, which I DV'd and they responded with sending me two Copies of Credit Card Statements from the account. Additionaly, I received a Collections letter from the Law offices of Howard Lee Schiff, which listed Portfolio Recovery as the current owner, and Wells Fargo as the Former owner. I sent a DV to them as well. Today I received a response from Schiff. In it they provide: Plaintiff: Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC Original Creditor: Wells Fargo Bank NA Debtor name and address: me 123 an
  21. For Information purposes only: Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (PRA) is NOT a third party debt collector. The accounts they are collecting on belong solely to PRA and they do not resell accounts.
  22. I posted previously but didn't do it in the format used on this site - wanted to get this out with the details of my situation as suggested by a couple of posters - Answers to Q's 1. Portfolio Recovery Associates 2. Evans & Dixon, LLC 3. More than a thousand, less than 1500 4. OC is HSBC (Discover?) 5. & 6. I received a third party letter from another attorney who said, "You're being sued, we can help" - I checked the state court case web site and saw that a suit had been filed and I drove to the sheriff's office and picked up the summons. 7. Yes, personally served at the SO 8. No c
  23. Ok, I received a call from Portfolio last month. Its for a bill from 2003, electric bill. On the property that was taken from me in foreclosure while on operation Iraqi freedom. The account was closed in 2004, by the electric company. They told me on the phone just this morning that it is not their fault they could not contact me sooner. They know that the SOL is up and they know the I know the sol is up. I have told them on the phone not to call any more and I refuse to pay. For one I know they can not prove they own the debt, and number two the sol on the debt is passed. They told me today
  24. I had 3 credit cards that I stopped paying in 2009; american express, bank of america, and chase. I lived in another country for grad school until earlier this year. While abroad, I was told by a relative that they were receiving letters from CAs threatening legal action and a person showed up at their door with papers for me. They simply stated that I did not live there and did not know where I was. My credit report shows charge offs from amex and bofa but a debt transfer from chase. There are also 2 CAs with balances from bofa and chase (Asset Acceptance LLC and Portfolio Recovery & Af
  25. Received a complaint in November of 2011. Complaint stated: 1. That account of MY NAME is in default. 2. Said account is due and payable to Portfolio Recovery Associates,LLC, having acquired the account through sale, assignment, or other legal means. 3. The Original creditor is CAPITAL ONE BANK (USA) NA. 4. Said obligation is past due, and the Defendant(s) owe the Plaintiff $914.38 with interest thereon at the rate of 8% per annum from November 16, 2010 to date of Judgement then with post Judgement interest as provided by law until paid in full. My answer to the complaint was: 1. That account