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  1. Sorry I did post this in another forum a few days ago but it got buried hoping someone will respond in here. first off.......SO happy!! I have been fixing Dh's credit and doing mine now but his is really good so we went and got preapproved for a mortgage solely on him and his income and we got approved for the amount we wanted! his online scores were showing lower then what the bank pulled. HIs TU was six97, his EX was 700, and his EQ they were ranging from six8five to six90 so that was a pleasant surpise. Anyhow a few questions, they pulled up all 3 reports and we need
  2. Original Creditor: WFNNB/STRUCTURE did not verify account and it was removed from all three CRAs in January On May 18th it shows up as a collection account with ASSET ACCEPTANCE LLC I put it in dispute immediately and Experian came back as verified today. I am confused as to how this is okay to original creditor does not verify then 4 months later a CA reports it??? WTF?? Can someone offer me some guidance on how to resolve this?
  3. I saw something on one of the other credit sites and thought of something. If a CA has NOT purchased the debt, can they file a judgment against you? Situation: My DH has a judgment from Asset Acceptance, but they did not purchase it, it was just transferred to them. It's for an old Radio Shack acct that we settled when we refi-ed our house in 2000. The DOLA is 9/20/2000, so we're well within SOL and I've sent a DV to Asset. But I'm curious that if they didn't purchase the account, how could they file a judgment? HELP!
  4. I've been trying to get Asset Acceptance to validate alleged debt they claim to have purchased from Providian. The only thing I have received is computer printout with my name, SS#, and a balance due. They have racked up quite a few violations since my first dv letter. Today I received settlement offer extension to pay balance minus 35%. The thing is I never received first settlement offer. Also, every letter (3 total) has been from different branch office. Is this normal to get different letter from different branch each time with this CA? Should I deal with original address I sent first dv t
  5. Received a copy of DH's credit report (all three agencies) and saw that he has a judgment from 4/2001 from a$$. I have finally tracked down how this account went through the paces. I know that the original acct was a Radio Shack acct from 1991, it was sold to Capital One 4/2000, who transferred it to Collins Financial (whom we've never heard of and are not on our credit report), who transferred it to Asset Acceptance, who filed the judgment. My questions are: In reading the info on the website, Asset Acceptance could not file the judgment because they don't own the debt, righ
  6. Help, please. i have a rep. from asset acceptance, a debt purchaser, calling me at work. Appartenly, they purchased my account from Montgomery Wards. The lastpayment on this account was in 9-98. It was $785.00, w/ interest it's 1085. They will settle for 814.00. After how long can you offer .50 on the dollar for an account. What can I do?She is threating to pass it on to their legal dept.
  7. I posted this under collections, but I thought it might be of interest here as well. I am being sued by A$$Et Acceptance LLC. On the summons I received it states and I quote "This Honorable Court will take notice that the judgment rendered on January 4, 1996 in favor of ITT Financial Services was sold and assigned to Asset Acceptance LLc on or about September of 2000 for value. Asset Acceptance LLc is now the owner of said judgment and is the proper party to render executions thereon." Now the good part. It those morons had done their homework, they would have found that we filed a motion to
  8. I need some advise about my wife's dispute with Asset Acceptance. In Nov 2002, we received a collection notice for my wife from them for $90. At that time I had called them and they said it was for a Illinois medical bill submitted on 8/2000. Well, we had moved to Ca in 6/2000 so I disputed the bill. The rep said she would ask for an itemized bill. On 1/2003 I called again since I did not receive anything. Another rep said they were still waiting. On 2/2003 my wife got rejected for a credit card application. When we check her credit report, the Asset Acceptance account was listed. She normally
  9. Hello, here is my story, just wondering if anyone has any advice. Back in 1997 i was a victim of identity theft. I found out in 1999 when a collection agency called me up and tried to collect. I got copies of my CR and found that there were two fraudulent accounts on it. One for a Target Charge acct with ~700 balance and one for a Bellsouth Acct with a ~400. I wrote all the CRA's challenging the accounts and most of the fruadulent info was removed. By then I had lost steam and really didn't follow up as I was young and stupid and didn't really care about my credit. Now I'm a bit older and wise
  10. Hello everyone. I'm back. But as you can see by my subject, not all is great on the home front. I received a notice to appear in court this am, 7 am to be precise. Asset Acceptance has decided to sue. I woke the ugly giant up after years of lying dormant. So now I'm not sure what to do. I should say, after all is said and done, all the other collections that were on my CR's are gone (8 total). But Asset won't let go. They are suing me for the original amount, plus interest, plus attorney fees on two collections. As some of you may remember, these sleeze bags never validated these debts with
  11. I contacted the BBB in Flordia and the Dept. of Banking and Finance, and found out that Asset Acceptance Corp, aka Financial Management Corp, is not licensed in the state of Florida. I filed a complaint with the BBB, and requested an investigation thru the Dept. of Banking and Finance. What else should I do now to get these sleeze bags off my back, and get the items removed from my CR since they did not validate these debts nor can they legally collect in Florida. Can you believe it, they even have an office in Brandon, FL. Should I send them letter demanding they remove these items or I'll s
  12. Ok check this out. A friend of a friend....recommended this law firm out of Ill. They work on contingency against CRA's, CA's, etc. This is what they specialize in. I contacted them and asked them to look at my stuff. They agreed and would do so free of charge. They asked that I send them "copies" not originals and they would get back with me to let me know what kind of chance I had to get Asset Acceptance. If you go to their site, you will note that Asset is one of the "bad debt buyers" they are interested in, along with alot others. So if you are interested go to Check out t
  13. TJ, sorry for the scare and the new post- the other was getting long, wanted to get your attention. Did some digging around and think I’ve found some interesting stuff for you regarding ASSEAT Acceptance Corp. :boggle: ASSET ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION v. ROBINSON Very interesting case. Here, AAC has purchased a debt from GNA and it seems as the MI Court of Appeals held that AAC is not a collection agency under the Michigan Collection Practices Act Defendant maintains that plaintiff is a collection agency under the Act and has thus violated the above provisions. Plaintiff, on the other hand, con
  14. Financial credit corp sent me a proposal to pay an account for Bally's Health club for $1267.00 and they were offering me to bay half the amount. The story is that Financial credit corp which is Asset acceptance corp sent me the same letter about 5 months ago Offered the same deal and when i sent my validation letter they stopped contacting me and after 3 months another collection agency by the name of PDI management services sent me initial communication letter asking me that they are collecting on this account for their client which it was a different company beside the one I mentioned. So I
  15. Listen to this. I filed a complaint against Asset with the BBB. Here is their answer. Anyone have a commment? After stating when the accounts were purchased from the OC..."As a debt buyer we rely on the information that is provided to us be the selling creditors. "In response to Ms.*****'s complaint, I would like to state that AAC has been in full compliance with the FDCPA. Ms ***** was sent the first notices on these accounts in Aug 2001 (I don't think so) and Feb 2002(don't remember). Pursuant to the FDCPA, the notice stated that the debtor had 30 days to request validation of the debt. The
  16. Please help. Don't know what to do now!! I have received three responses back from the CA's that I requested debt validation from. One from Palisades said "sorry for any inconvience, we will remove this item..." yes!!!!! The other two are the problem: (1) FMS Inc (Formerly Bankfirst, is now saying: "This letter shall serve as notification that this debt has been purchased from the original creditor listed above. Further investigation will be initiated upon receipt of the requested documentation from Bankfirst. YOu will be advised of our findings in writing as soon as the investigation is compl
  17. I have received my three credit reports. Listed on these are collection companies that I have not heard from (at least don't remember getting letters from) Can I still have them validate these accounts? I disputed one account with equifax and their reply was "Equifax verified that this item belongs to you." and with Asset Acceptance Corp (Collections company)for Uptons account equifax said "the creditor has verified to equifax and additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. See enlosed credit file." So I looked at my file, this account says "Collectio