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Found 2,542 results

  1. I got this letter today, It says the creditor is LVNV Funding LLC and the OC is NCO portfolio Management. This info was sent on a second letter that say this is you validation of the debt so you need not send an fdcpa validation letter to us. I have absolutely no clue as to what this debt is. NCO and LVNV are both JDB's wwe3 know this. So, it looks like LVNV bought a debt they think is mine from NCO. I have no idea where NCO got it. I doubt that if I send them a letter they will, or even can tell me who the original debt was with. No clue at all on this one.
  2. I received a letter from a collection agency. I dv'd timely. It's for an alleged debt under $100 from a utility company. They came back to me after about a month with a one page standard photo copied reply. They stated the alleged amount they say I owed. After reading a lot at CIC, here are what looked like FDCPA claims to me: -They said, "If you are not paying this account in full contact your attorney regarding our potential remedies or call (888) ***-****)." -On the bottom of the back page is stated, " when this letter was mailed, no attorney has personally reviewed your account." -They also stated that they were licenced in several states including mine. They stated, "This collection agency is licensed by the Division of Banking P.O Box ****, Madison, Wisconsin 53***. I just discovered they are not licenced here. Do these look like FDCPA violations to you? It's been about 8 months since I dv'd, and I haven't been sued. Thanks. _____________________________ I'm not a lawyer.
  3. Got a dunn from First National Credit Bureau It says they are the acting agent for first premier. Awful funny just last week PRA was calling me about this debt. Its actually my wifes debt. Any way it offered me a settlement of six payments. At the bottom of the letter it has a vague mini miranda. Funny thing is there is nothing in the letter that informs me about my validation rights. Nothing at all.
  4. while you are disputing the item OR after you have requested DV ?? I have in writing from HP Sears that they have VERIFIED the debt as valid, no mention of the validation request, and now the debt is showing up on Credit Karma as GOING INTO COLLECTIONS today ! What's going on ? And how can it go into collections again ? Thank you !
  5. Collection agency just called to inform me that my student loan is in default. Thought I was in Forbearance with a income contingency repayment plan to follow. Guess they never got my paperwork. Collection agency informs me that I owe $29,000. I'm Not working right now and living with my boyfriend and our 4 kids...he pays all the bills as I have no source of income at the moment. No possible way to pay this back unless payments are Super $5-10 a month. What is the best possible way to deal with this? Can I ask for debt validation with a defaulted Direct Student Loan? If so, should I ask for validation first before talking with the collection agency? Or should I try and work out some sort of payment plan with the collection agency? And would filing for Bankruptcy for a Direct Student Loan work? Does Bankruptcy work for Student Loans? No paperwork from collection agency yet...just phone calls and they will be calling back in 10 mins to talk to me regarding my account with them. Not sure how to proceed. Also what sort of help is available to those with defaulted student loans?
  6. Ok I was just wondering in a Collection Agency has the right to pull your credit report and start asking you personal questions about your current and past financial history. ie: We pulled your credit report and have noticed you have been late several times on your car loan, can you give us a reason for this? <-they actually asked that today. You used to work for Company XYZ, what did you do to lose your job and why haven't you found another one, you know that you have a debt to pay. <-yup asked this one as well. Last one: I see that you are an authorized user on a chase mastercard, I recommend you getting a cash advance and paying us the money that you owe... This call was recorded and was from the Collections Office of James A. Cambese from Beverly, MA. Just curious.
  7. Where to begin... let's just say I was stupid back in college and got one of those credit cards from those booths that they have out in the commons. To make a long story some what short... I started paying it off and could no longer pay because of some financial I let it go into collections. Fast forward to a couple months ago. I check my credit report and I see that there was a judgment against me. Apparently this company NCO Portfolio had sent me to court and I was unaware, I was never served. I sent a letter to NCO Portfolio to see if I could get some information on it and see what I would need to do to pay it off. They send me a letter back stating they don't know what I'm talking about. Today, my husband gets a call on his business phone from Cavalry Portfolio looking for me (I'm not sure how they got my husband's business number). All I want to do is pay off this debt and I want to know how can I have this Cavalry Portfolio validate that it is theirs and what is the correct procedure in paying this off (lowering it if I can) and just making this end. I apologize if this is a little confusing (first time for me on one of these forums). If you have any questions feel free to ask me. And I would appreciate any information in the steps I should take to get this fixed.
  8. Hello. New guy here... I have about 12500.00 in debt that is becoming very unmanageable for me. I am one car braking down, or emergency type event that will force me to default on my debt. What I know is this: Once I default all rules are off. My interest rate will jack up sky high, and it will add even more missuray to try to pay this off. so I plan on biting the bullet and ride out the bad debt for 7 years and then when debt is off the books rebuild my credit. I would be forced to pay my rent with money orders, and all other purchase via pre paid debit cards. Can the collectors go after the funds on a pre paid card? Or will I have to do everything money order form here on out? And is that 7 year rule true. The debt is no longer legally collectible after 7 years correct?
  9. Has anyone dealt with Broward Adjustment Services?
  10. Hello All, I am having an issue with the above mentioned collection agency. ARS Account Resolution. I did a search in the forum, but didnt find any information pertaining to them. So here is my dilemma: In September of 2009 I had an issue where I had to do a stint in the hospital. Good Samaritan hospital to be exact. The hospital bill totaled $12500 for a three day stay. After years of back and fourth of applying for medical forgivnance I finally was granted the debt to be forgiven by the hospital last month and so I assumed all was well....WRONG The doctors' bill totalling $965 was not included with the hospital bill and so they will not accept the hospital forgiving the bill for their services. I contacted the doctors office Fagan ER Med Group and Emergency Dept Phys Med Group. They both told me that the collection agency owns the debt, but when I contact the collection agency they keep telling me that it is only assigned to them. Unfortunately, I live in California so there doesnt have to be a liscense to collect on a debt. I sent a debt validation to the collection agency and they sent me back a list of doctor's charges. I am so confused at this point of what to do. The collection agency keeps verifying with the CRA's and I even went as far as complaining to the BBB, but because they aren't accredited they wont respond. I am not working at this point, but I also dont want this debt to haunt me for 4 more years on my credit...please any advice is appreciated.
  11. All, Earlier today I tried to set up a payment for my Home Depot card and found out that it had been sent to collections back in July. The last payment I made was in June (I've been paying off and on as I have the extra money). I understand that once an account is sold I have to talk with the CA so is there any advice on how to proceed?
  12. Hello, I truly apologize if I phrased this wrong or posted in the wrong section. I am very open to correction, I just desperately need advice! I lost my part-time job last October, and things have snowballed since then. Things were tight before then, but unfortunately, once that happened credit cards and medical bills became non essentials under food, water, and utilities I just received my first summons today (posted about it in the "lawyer in the house" forum). However, after browsing a bit, I am starting to feel hopeful about my first summons being my last and getting this under control. I never wanted to be here . I have received multiple phone calls from collection agencies. Several of whom have tried calling my in-laws, and parents, and obviously myself. These have left voicemails. How do I find out if this is a violation...and if so, what can I do about it? I am getting ready to print off my credit reports...then what is my next step? Do I dispute everything as interest has been added on? Send out the DV letters I keep hearing about? I truly appreciate any and all help you anyone may have to share!!!
  13. Just trying to figure out what to do. I just received a new collection notice from a debt that I stopped paying in October of 2006. The six year mark is coming and I am wondering if I should attempt to stall to the SOL date by sending a debt verification letter or if this will just amp up collection attempts or court proceedings. Should I just let it is nearly a 10000 debt and I don't want to have to go to court so close to the SOL!
  14. I recently finalized a very nasty divorce and was lucky enough to have my husband leave me with nearly $10,000 in debt collections. I began doing my research on how to properly contact them to settle and pay off these debts. I drafted a letter offering a settlement amount in return for the CA removing all information regarding the debts from the credit reporting agencies within ten calendar days of payment. I sent the letters certified mail with return receipt requested, and notified them that my offer would expire in 15 days. It has been 14 calendar days/10 business days (not including the day I mailed them) since they have been sent. So far I have only received 1 return receipt, and absolutely no response from any of them. I am just not really sure what to do, prior to my husband running up a ton of debt in my name I had a squeaky clean credit report. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I apologize now for not really knowing any of the lingo - but I am very new to all of this.
  15. Hi, hoping some one can help me sort through this. I am confused. I have a few delinquent accounts on my CR, and the ones who have been referred to a CA have their opening dates changed, I think keeping them on my CR longer. I've noticed that if I have a delinquent account from Company A, when that get's charged off, collection agency B has a separate account listed on my CR for the same bill with a different opening date. So it looks like I have two separate delinquent accounts, even though there is only one bill. Is this legal? Right now, I have one bill from a phone company that was on my CR along with another CA account for the same bill. The phone company's claim disappeared off my CR due to age, but I still have the bill on the negative section of my CR from a collection agency with the open date of 2008. Why is this and can I do anything about it? Another example I am wondering about is an old credit card bill. The last payment listed was in 2007, and the original creditor's account is listed on my CR as transferred/closed in 2007. I also have the current debt's owner (a CA) listed on my CR separately. The date opened on that account is 2009. I should add, these debts listed when I lived in Missouri. I have since moved to Pennsylvania.
  16. Hi, I found this forum looking for information on bankruptcy and other various options to get out of the predicament I am in. My situation: About two years ago my wife lost her job due to complex immigration issues and left my new family of four living off my income alone. Before we got married I had a few debts that I was slowly paying off with no issue. Fast forward, married, gained a few new bills, bought a house. Then I lost my wife's income. I had a bit of money saved up for a rainy day and ate that up rather quickly trying to keep up with bills. I eventually had to let my car go back, which sold for $3k less than I owed. So by then I had a few accounts in collections, added the car to the pile. A couple creditors worked with me and I managed to get caught up on a bill or two which I am currently paying, but I still have several accounts still in collections. I know that I cannot just ignore these problems and have decided to face them and get the problems taken care of. A few weeks ago I got a letter from a law firm representing the bill for my car now. This is was really got me seriously thinking about bankruptcy. I can't afford a vehicle (borrowed a vehicle from my father until I can get something) and some weeks I can't even afford to buy food. I'm at my wits end now and its all making my head spin. Just thinking, even if I do decide to go the bankruptcy route, how could I pay a lawyer to represent me for the case? Also, if the law firm took me to court, how could I afford that? I'm sure there's plenty of people here that have been in my situation. Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hello I am most desperate to find out the regulations on an issue I am having. I will do my best to keep this short: 2/3/06 Girlfriend car break down mid way through an across the state commute for work. I drive to scene to help. 'Repair Shop' (use that term lightly) says $978 to fix. Would not take a check larger than $500, so paid remaining balance with debit card ($479) Therefore, wrote check for $500, dated 2/3/06. Next day car blows up mid way through the drive. Had to salvage it there. Could not "prove" was the negligence of the repair. Check ultimately ended up bouncing. Tried to inquire why car blew up 1 day after repair, no help. They said could bring it back but the car was 250 miles away. They weren't paying to have it towed that far. Further expenses to arrange alternate travel and rental car for two weeks caused check to bounce. Repair shop turns the $500 over to collection. Never showed up on my credit report anywhere. Didn't even know it was filed as a collection or I would have fought it! 08/2012 Check bank account online. Notice a check withdrawn from account in amount of $550. 6 YEARS LATER. Print check and notice: --- It is NOT a copy of the handwritten check, now it is electronically printed. --- Date on check has been changed from 02/06 to 08/12 --- They still used same check number. --- Check not written to original payee. Now is written to collection agency. Can this collection agency, change the date on the check, use the same check number, change the payee and resubmit/ re-present the check 6 years later with no notice to me??? I have a family with newborn and just trying to make ends meet. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction, who to contact etc.... Please, you advice is most graciously received.
  18. The collections agency who is pursuing me was kind enough to provide me with the "assignment of note/debt", after I DV'd. them. Here is the problem. The "assignment" took place 2 months before they sent me their initial dunning letter. The assignment was made from the OC to an outfit who isn't registered to collect debt in Florida, so they are using another collections agency to pursue me. Since they provided me with the signed, dated, and stamped "assignment", and I also have a copy of their first dunning letter to me (which is dated 2 months after the assignment), do I have some recourse? According to FFDCPA 559.715, "the assignee must give the debtor written notice of such assignment within 30 days after the assignment".... I have never heard from the actual assignee, just from the CA that they have hired. Florida Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 559.715 Assignment of consumer debts.--This part does not prohibit the assignment, by a creditor, of the right to bill and collect a consumer debt. However, the assignee must give the debtor written notice of such assignment within 30 days after the assignment. The assignee is a real party in interest and may bring an action in a court of competent jurisdiction to collect a debt that has been assigned to such assignee and is in default.
  19. In February, we signed off on a timeshare in cabo,mx. The sales person said we couldn't cancel, no if's ands or buts. When we got home we wanted out and no one ever returned our phone calls until I got a collections call. Now, our timeshare is in collections I am freaked out and don't know what to do. they want us to pay the full amount and we have never use the place. Is there a way around this? I've sent, emails, letters and nothing...Need guidance....
  20. Please forgive, if this has already been asked --- I couldn't find it! The situation: I just pulled a 3-way credit report on myself, and it lists the 2 debts that have about a year to go on the SOL. Everything looks okay, so far. But.... [*] There are NO collections reported to any of the 3 reporting bureaus.<p> [*] That seems to indicate that whoever now owns the debt (more on that in a minute) is just a JDB, and probably couldn't survive a DV letter.<p> [*] But because no collections are reported, I can't even track down who owns it --- if I go by the recent inquiries, it looks like it's been sold so many times that I can't be sure WHO owns it, right now! So I don't even know where to send a DV letter.<p> As I say, about a year to go on the SOL, and they have no idea where to find me. They don't have current phone #, so at least no calls. And my mailing address is not my street address --- and I'll likely be moving soon, anyway, for unrelated reasons. So, how do I find out who owns this debt, if they're not reporting to the bureaus, and the original has long since charged it off and forgotten about it? And should I even bother, or just wait it out? Thanks!
  21. Very interesting article in the NY Times today regarding credit card debt and how the courts are dealing with it. Discusses creditor fraud (ie; fake statements) and lack of proof of debt. Problems Riddle Moves to Collect Credit Card Debt -
  22. Hello all, I have always watched this forum and learned much from some of the members. I recently came up with a question that I have not received clear clarification on, from either this board or google, so I thought I would give a whack at registering and putting it out there. My question involves a relative who has been through a serious problem with a student loan and Salliie Mae. She went through a national disaster and lost her home and during that time she couldn't pay on the loan and defaulted. Now Sallie mae and the collection agencey wants over double the amount she signed up for. This account went into default 3 years ago and the SOL has expired in the state the loan was signed in. (For those that check the SOL is not for Arizona, but NC) The type of student loan is a private one and not a government one. My question is will this entire account, which has now been charged off and assigned a collection agency fall off her credit report in 7.5 years like most debts? Or will it remain there until paid? I am getting mixed stories about this question. Thanks to those that have taken the time to read this and respond.
  23. Collections reporting twice I disputed it as a duplicate and it came back verified. this is a violation right?
  24. Hey everyone My name is Cat I've been reading from these forums for a few months now but I decided to join today because I have a big problem that I need some advice for. I'm in the process of repairing my credit to get a mortgage I have 3 accounts that were negative on my account that I had already paid off one I paid off in 2007 from SOLOMON & SOLOMON P C and the other 2 I paid off last year. I read on here that if you dispute them saying that they should have been deleted upon payment that you can get the deleted, not only did they not get deleted but now the debt from SOLOMON & SOLOMON P C which was $119 and has been marked as paid and closed on my credit report for the past 5 years has been reopened. I called them immediately to see why this happened and they claim that the payment never went through which I find quite odd bc I paid it over the phone and had a receipt in my email (i no longer use that email and cant even remember what it was bc it was so long ago) The even stranger thing is that they still have my mother address and they never sent a letter or any kind of communication in 5 years that it was unpaid. I told them my situation and offered to pay it until I could get my bank statement out of archives which takes 10 business days if they would delete it from my credit report but the woman I spoke to said that she can't do that and I can try faxing them a letter explaining my situation and that maybe it will be deleted and I have no idea what to do and the person working on my credit for my mortgage is on vacation and I'm just beside my self with worry. Does anyone have any advice for me as to what I can do? Thank you guys so much in advanced I was typing pretty quickly so I hope it all makes sense