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Found 2,542 results

  1. I was reviewing my credit report and seen there was 2 in collections, then another entry that says paid in full, but WAS in collections. Has anyone had any luck getting these taken off your credit report and if so what steps did you take to have the info removed? thanks
  2. Hi all! Here's the issue I'm dealing with. Would appreciate assistance in wording a response and how much information to reveal in order to get them to stop contacting us. Received many debt collections calls for my husbands daughter. She was a minor at the time we received all the calls. She has NO debt. She also doesn't live here. So I don't even know how they got our phone number and address associated with her. I sent a standard debt validation letter that I found online. They sent a response saying the debt belonged to someone with her name and then they included the last 4 digits of the SSN of the person whose debt it was. Well, surprise, surprise, it's not her social OBVIOUSLY since it's not her debt. I never wrote them back. I figured who cares if they're reporting this debt to that particular SSN? Since it's not SD's, it shouldn't affect her. And since SD was a minor at the time, she had no credit report to pull. So we didn't hear from them for awhile and now they've sent ANOTHER letter, this time with a photocopy of the credit card bill that they're trying to collect on. Again, this is not her debt. I believe in one of the letters they asked for proof that she wasn't the person they were looking for by sending in a copy of her SS card. Yeah, right. I'll get right on that. No way in hell am I handing out her SSN. But would it be okay to just tell them in a letter that her SSN is XXX-XX-1234 (with her real last 4 digits)? Or would they just not believe us since it's not an actual social security card. Should I send a photocopy of the card with the first five digits blacked out? Or should I continue to ignore since this isn't impacting SD negatively in any way. It's more of just a junk mail nuisance at this point. Thanks!
  3. I didn't see a separate medical collection area, so I figure I will post here. My husband hurt his ankle back in 2007. We thought everything was taken care of, fast forward to May, I am pulling credit reports and I see an account in collections for $2000 for a medical bill. I call the Dr's office, find out the date, and what it was for, I call the insurance company, they had to dig through archives, took two months. They found the problem, the dr.'s office didn't originally give an onset date. So we call the dr.'s office and ask them to resubmit the bill, they do. I called the insurance company yesterday and they basically said "too bad so sad" they won't pay the bill. Now I am stuck with this huge bill that should have been paid, also it's almost 6 years old. I was going to offer to settle with the CA, but i recently read that I should send a letter to the credit reporting agencies (equinox, experian and transition) to have them verify and go from there. I called the DR office to see if I can pay them, and they can take it out of collections, but they said it's not a CA they really deal with anymore and my best bet is to just pay the CA. Any help is greatly appreciated! I really need to get this taken care of and I have no idea where to start!!
  4. During the distribution of debt it was decided whomever received the recently financed new washer/dryer purchased through HH Gregg/GE Capital Retail bank would also be responsible for the payment. My ex wife received the washer/ryer and accordingly the payment in the final decree. I recently signed up for a credit watch program and was shocked to find out that my credit scored had dropped approximately 150 points in the last year mainly because she had not made payment on the account and it is currently 200+ days past due, it has been charged off and is in collections. I dispute the account on my credit report and lost my dispute. I then called GE capital and they advised the debt was no longer in their office and was in the hands of their attorneys. I called their attorney and they advised me that my ex had changed the address and phone number on the account to not show my info and placed a cease and desist order on them preventing them from further contacting me. I was never advised of the situation and am now told the the account (which includes approximately $750 worth of fees) has been approved for suit. I know the creditor holds the right to sue me/us for the balance regardless of the divorce decree, and that per the verbage in the decree I would then have legal recourse to then sue my ex for the amount plus court costs however I still have other questions. 1) How long will it take a creditor to file suit for non payment of an account. Has anyone experienced a suit through GECRB specifically and have a time frame. 2) My ex says she will have the money to pay in full in September however with it being possible for suit to be filed before then, would it be better to make payments ahead of time? 3) If I make payments could my ex say that I am taking responsibility for the account, and further moredo I have to make the 10% monthly payments they are asking for or do they have to take whatever I give them, and will any payment be enough to hold up their procedings? Any help or avice for this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
  5. First let me say that I'm very thankful to have found this forum! Much of the information that I have found here has been very useful in repairing my credit and fighting a suit filed against me by Midland a few years ago. I was successful at disputing their case and it was dismissed. However, they have popped up again on my credit report and I'm in need of a little help. I noticed a month ago that they had once again reported information on my credit reports for the case that was dismissed. I disputed the information with all three CRA's and Equifax removed it completely from my report. I've not been so lucky with Experian and TransUnion. Below is how the information is being reported. Experian- Midland Funding Account Type: Installment Balance Amount: $ 1645 Account Status: Collection Past Due: $1645 Last Reported Delinquencies: 6/2012 I9; 4/2012 I9; Original Creditor Target Nat'l Bank; Collection Account; Account Information Disputed by Consumer TransUnion- Midland Funding Account Type: Open Balance Amount: $1650 Past Due Amount: $0 Notes: Original Creditor Target Nat'l Bank; Account Info Disputed; Meets FCRA Is it right that they are being reported as an Installment Account with a past due amount and an Open Account? The actual delinquency date is 2006 not 2012. I've tried to figure this out on my own but I've read conflicting information and don't know what to do, if anything.
  6. Ah, this one finally caught up to me. Got a Collections/Demand letter today from Midland. OC=HSBC Amount=~$6000 Midland Offering to Settle for ~$3500. So clearly the account is past SOL in FL (4/5years - both have passed) but Midland says my last payment was in Sept 2011. I had an old checking account that was making, lets say a $10 payment, every month, for a few years. I stopped the automatic payment (March this year) - so that $10 was going somewhere since 2007, 12 times a year. I find it weird that Midland says last payment was in 2011 when I just stopped the payments in March of this year. Where has that $$$ gone? I asked Midland over the phone if they can provide a payment history, they said no, they just purchased the account, and that they only have last payment info. Is the SOL tolled on the last payment or the date of the Charge Off? Since the payment was less than the minimum payment, does that affect anything? Should I try to settle this or fight it? Any suggestions?
  7. I disputed that this was not mine and they verified it was, then they sent me a letter saying that i owe $164. What do or should i do now? Its past the statue of limitations and comes off my report in july13. Should i send more letters this time saying the date is wrong or something, do i have to wait a certain time period. Do i have to write back to the collections agency(RJM Acquisitions). I remember u guys saying this is not affecting my score to much, do i just say screw them or what?
  8. I received a letter from Atlas Collections that states: You delinquent account in the amount of 686.29 is being reviewed for possible suit against you. If we do not receive payment within the next two weeks, your account will be sent to our attorney for review. We are now accepting Mastercard and Visa credit cards. If you would like to use your credit card to make your payment, please call our office with your information. Please note that there will be a $3.95 convenience fee per transaction charde to your credit card for this serviece. At the bottom there is the standard this communication is an attempt to collect a debt. There is nothing regarding validating debt. Isn't this a violating of the Fair Debt Collections Act?
  9. I was browsing for various things and found that people have been posting recordings of debt collection scam phone calls. I have some listening to do. Some of this stuff really cracks me up how dumb they are. How many of you guys have listened to these online recordings? In the following one, which is long (over 27 minutes with commentary) fast forward to 18:30. He's trying to get them to send something in the US mail. The DC is trying give excuses why not to, and demanding email or fax. But at one point several seconds after that time point, the DC mentions on more reason why he wants this ... to get an address so he can file a complaint. That just gives it all away right there. Debt Collector gets owned - YouTube I can't believe I listened to the whole thing. And now I gotta go back for more. This is why everyone should have a recorder (at least in one party states). BTW, I think these recordings might also help those people who feel intimidated when a debt collector calls ... to know that they can be stood up to, and their threatening words are hollow echos.
  10. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I live in California. I received a letter from AllianceOne claiming that I owe $500+ for two traffic tickets. The letter references some county account numbers but no dates. The county which supposedly issued the tickets has no information on them and I do not remember getting any tickets. Of course the letter says in big red letters "Protect your driving privileges make a payment in full immediately". Generally, if I forget any ticket they show up when I register my car and I pay them, so I doubt I have any outstanding. I asked the agency to send me the verification but I haven't received anything. Two questions: 1. has anyone else gotten this kind of letter and is it a scam? 2. is there a statute of limitation on payment of traffic tickets in California? Thanks!
  11. I received my first collection letter ever from Integrity Financial Partners dated June 13,2012. The original creditor is GE Capital Bank on a Walmart Discover Card. I have not paid on the account in 3 months. I am not denying that I owe the debt because I do. Do I still send a debt verification letter to them? The letter states that if they do not hear from me within 30 days they will assume the debt is valid, otherwise if I notify them within 30 days they will obtain verifcation of the debt or obtain a copy of a judgement. What kind of judgement would they be talking about? If they are trying to collect on the debt, why is walmart continuing to send me statements? I'm confused as to who I should talk to. I tried several times over several months to work with walmart on the debt and they really didn't seem to interested in helping me. I live in California and the debt is in my name only, and my only income is social security disabilty. I am married and my husband does work but our main bank account is in his name only, and the social security goes into a joint account in a totally different bank. Is there any way that they would go after my husbands account for the money or would they just go after the joint account. Any advice would be appreciated. I am going through the forum and trying to learn as much as possible
  12. Hi everyone, I could really use some help in dealing with a collection on a negative balance from a foreign checking account. Background: In 2006 I was studying in Paris, France and was required to open a checking account by my school. The account was supposed to be free for a year. I moved back home to the states and forgot about it. I had left a small balance in the account and thought it would 'take care of itself' (that they would close it after 1 year basically). Well they didn't and instead have been charging fees against it and around 2007 they tracked down my mom's home address and began sending me demands for payment. I was annoyed that they wanted anything from me after I left money in the account, and ignored them. Current situation: Now as of April 2012 they have hired a collection agency to come after me for 179 euros (236 USD). They sent me a letter to my mom's address. They don't have my phone number as yet. I responded with the debt validation request letter (CreditInfoCenter's sample letter 9). They only sent me back a copy of a letter showing that the debt was assigned to them by the creditor, the amount of the debt, and account number. What should I do next? I suspect the debt may be past the statute of limitations (4 years in Florida for an open ended account, which I believe this would be). The account was opened about 6 years ago, and they started sending me demands for payment about a year after that. What should my next step be? Should I send a letter like Sample Letter 20, Sample Letter to a Collection Agency to Stop Reporting Zombie Debt? Should I demand more specific validation of the debt (signed papers, the date the account was opened, a breakdown of the debt, etc?). Finally, I do not believe this debt has been reported on my credit report (yet). They may not have enough information about me, like my SSN, since this was opened in a foreign country. They probably just copied my passport. But I'm sure they will find what they need eventually. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Several times over the past few years I have had debt collection agencies tell me they have sent me letters to my current address that I never received. (I have lived here for several years). They all also claim that they never received the letters as returned mail. When I asked that they send them again, they either refuse, or say yes they will, but then again nothing appears... Has anyone else experienced this? If so, with which places? One of them was LVNV Funding, who then claimed I did not ask for verification of the debt within thirty days when I claimed to consumer affairs about them. I only knew of their existence after the trade line appeared on my credit report...
  14. I am going through old credit reports and attempting to determine what other fraudulent accounts are out there in my name. I came across: Experian 05/2007 inquiry. Academy Collections 10965 Decatur Road Philadelphia, PA 19154 Are they still in business and who do they collect for?
  15. Spelling mistakes, sentences not finished, what looks like bad cut and paste jobs etc? Also, it appears some are being written from sort of fill in the blanks template and there are phrases left on the page like, "Writer's address...." "Writer's extension number..." I save the enveloped these scams come in and they are just as bad. They don't even have pre-printed stationery-instead what looks like a bad rubber stamp running out of ink...
  16. ERS contacted me and offered to put me on a loan rehabilitation program. They said I would need to pay $800 upfront and then I would have monthly payments of $249. After 6 months of perfect payments, I would have the defaulted student loan removed from my credit and it would show in good standing. They said I would be eligible for federal financial aid again after 6 (or 9) months (i can recall). They wanted my credit card information for my checking account. I set up a checking account at another bank that would be used for this purpose alone... My question is... is it ok to give him the debit card information? Does he really need the $800 down payment? Will everything he promised come true? I asked for something in writing and they just gave me a generic letter.... he said I could talk to his supervisor if need be... Should I record the phone conversation? I called the federal student loans and they said they couldn't deal with me since ERS was handed the case... Does any of this make sense and should I trust ERS?
  17. There are other collection agencies out there connected to India as well-whether they are legit or not. Mrs. Associates lists an office in Mumbai right on there website and it is mentioned all over the net full of people complaining... Mrs. Associates made screaming phone calls on my landlord's phone number looking for not even me, but supposedly relatives of mine...and then screamingly accused me of lying and actually being the person they were looking for when I called them to tell them to never call that number again! I had to file a complaint with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs to make them go away... After I filed THAT complaint, I find out they pulled MY credit for the same reason (looking for relatives), they then claimed to have a collection account in MY name, but when I asked for proof to be sent to me, even a simple letter, of course none was forth coming.... I have not gotten to file a second complaint about that one as of yet but I will get to it eventually. If anyone knows of others, please list them.
  18. I'm very stressed and need some advice. Basically, I had opened a checking account with US Bank in Milwaukee around 2002. I didn't do much as it was a 'free checking' account. Surprisingly, I was contacted in 2009 by Regent Asset Mgmt (the infamous Colorado firm) with a collection notice for fees on the account ($409) while I was out of the country. I spoke with them and tried to get this cleared, not following any script. They agreed to settle it for the $409 and I paid via Paypal. I have the record in my Paypal transaction list. In 2010, I received another letter from Regent, which I ignored, assuming it was nuisance. This month, in June 2012, I checked my credit report to see a new entry for an account in Collections assigned to 'National Account Service' - the entry reads as past due for $902 for the same US Bank account. These guys have never contacted me and its very surprising. I don't want to make any mistakes this time and would like to positively get this resolved once and for all. While I could follow the letters to the CAs, CRAs, etc, route, my wife and I feel it best if we were to contact an attorney from NACA. What do you experienced folks advise, particularly since I have not been contacted yet?
  19. I only caught part of it on ABC News tonight, but seems Accent Collections is in big trouble with the Government again. They got sued for over two million dollars for fraud and deceptive practices again, what's new!!!! :p88-)
  20. Hello I posted this on the student loan section but I wanted to see if you guys can give me any advice since you have all been so helpful in the past. I received notice today that my private student loan has been bought by a collection agency trying to collect on it. Would I be able to write a DV or is there no hope since it's a student loan?
  21. Quick overview: Collection for $130 on my CR dated 8/2010. CA is in New Hampshire, I received services in MA, and I currently live in TX. Still in SOL for both states. I left the job who I had insurance through at the time last year. There has been no recent effort to collect the debt. I don't know where to start. - Do I first contact the insurance company? Will they even help me since I don't have coverage with them anymore? I don't have any invoices or EOB or original coverage documents. I don't know if the service was billed wrong or just not covered. - I'm not sure who the OC is because it was lab work that was sent out from my doctor's office. Do I send a letter to the CA for this information? Who can tell me who actually owns the debt? - I've heard conflicting things on PFD. This site says it's good, even for under $500, but the forums say they will not waste the time reviewing a contract necessary for PFD for a small amount. My thoughts are: - Write a letter to the CA asking who gave them the account. - Call/write the OC once the information is obtained. Ask if they have assigned or sold the debt, and if I can pay them directly. - If it has been sold or the OC will not take payment, request proof from OC that CA is authorized to collect and mail the CA a PFD for the full amount. - If the CA will not accept PFD, pay the full amount anyway, as a Paid TL is better than an Unpaid TL. Or will this re-age and make things worse? I have had success in the past with paying OC and disputing CA Paid TL a couple years later, though I'm not keen on waiting a couple years. Anything I have wrong/am missing? Thanks in advance.
  22. im sorry if this has been answered before. i tried searching it but couldnt find an answer. im in mi. i have a sams club discover card issued by GE capital retail bank. about 4 days ago i started recieving calls from a collection agency (which i havent answered) then i recieved a letter from firstsource advantage. stating "this account has been placed with our office for collection in order to resolve your delinquent debt........." i was kinda suprised to get this letter. considering i have not recieved anything from the oc in prob 4 months. no settlement offers, not even a past due notice. i am very behing on this account (prob 6+months). i guess i was naive to assume they would make some offer or some attempt to settle or contact me. i really havent even recieved any phone calls from the oc either. i do have one other credit card with cap1 that is still with oc that i am trying to work out a settlement with. so anyways what i am wondering is, is there a rule that the oc has to let u know before they send u to a collection agency ? also any advice anyone has to given me i would really appreciate. i have never dealt with this type of stuff in my life prior to the last month. from what i am understanding i should send a debt validation letter to the CA. and then wait and see. i dont know if im correct. also a little more detail is this debit i asking about from discover is according to the CA $6470.75 my cap1 card im working on settlement is $4100 i do not own my home my car is a lease i am not married am 31 year old female and untill the past 1.5 years had very very good credit. now its trashed, which i understand why. so i am not hugely concerned about damaging it more in order to get both credit cards resolved. i have no other debt besides these 2 credit cards. my income has substancally decreased over the last few years. i am a hair dresser and business has been bad thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for any advice you might have for me
  23. First let me say this site and forum have been invaluable thus far in this credit repair journey. I've mostly just started, filed a couple disputes with credit CRAs. I have don't a LOT of reading and research however, and I have a unique situation I need some of your expert advice on. I separated from the military not to long ago and in the process did quite a bit of moving and as a result mail was lost, forwarded, delayed etc... Well, I had equipment that was destroyed/lost and the DOD charged me for it. It was forwarded to Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) the department that handles all financial things for the DOD. They sent me a couple of letters offering payment plans and things, they were very reasonable, BUT, I didn't get them until this month when everything finally caught up to me. Unfortunately it's a little to late, the debt has already been transferred to the Treasury Department, Financial Management Service which is essentially the in-house collections for Federal Debt. I've called and talked to someone there, I asked if there was anyway they could delete the entry on my credit (entered April, 2012) and he said no, they would update to "paid collection" but not delete, I asked if they would report a payment plan, figuring if i made and they reported 12 on-time payments it would be less devastating showing collections then recovery. He said no because it's not a revolving account, or installment account. He said I could call DFAS, the data furnisher, but they would most likely just not talk to me and refer me back to them. I said that's what I would try and I'd call back on the 1st to set something up. He tried to get me to enter into an agreement and I said no, he got aggravated and said well be aware this is still in collections and could go to "something" at anytime. I didn't catch it because he said it to fast and then hung up on me lol. I have a goodwill letter to DFAS ready to go, I plan to send out tomorrow and I plan to make a payment agreement about this on the first when I have some cash to put on it. The problem is, this is obviously not a typical OC or CA and it's Federal. They don't even need a court order to garnish wages, I've checked. I really have NO options, besides I WANT to pay it I don't want some stupid clothing debt leaving a black mark on my service time, be it just on my conscience or on paper. So that's the situation. Here are my questions. 1) Does anyone see any other options I might have for getting this removed from CRA? 2) Has anyone had ANY dealings with debt from DFAS, is a goodwill letter likely to do anything at all or just get laughed at? 3) The website says that a paid collection and a collection with an amount due have the same effect on credit score. Is this true? Or will it have a less damaging effect once it's listed as "paid collection"? 4) How well do you suppose a federal organization like DFAS keeps records? I wonder if a dispute with CRA in 6 months to a year would be met with no response or verification? Thanks for the any responses.
  24. A Bailbonds man had gone after my friend and his brother threatened to have him arrested his brother that is. The attorney has filed a lawsuit which he wants to pay but, cannot at this moment. The attorney has both threatened with arrest on my friend and brother. The papers have no signature and name is wrong on my friend who is the main person who was arrested. Is there any tort I can serve or anything else. Does FDCPA AND FCRA apply to this attorney? 2/3's was paid already. I wanted to know if threatening arrest applied to the collection attorney. Thanks Ahead