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Found 135 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can enlighten me about where to go from here. Like a lot of others, I'm attempting to repair my credit. Pulled credit report and noticed about $2500 in debt on two different accounts to LVNV Funding. One month in particular I noticed the reported balance jumped by $200. Anyway, I sent them a debt validation request, certified mail. They received the letter. A week later I received a collections notice from the company. They did not send any validation of the debt, only this collection letter. It had the blurb about how i need to send a validation request within 30 days in tiny print on the bottom. I thought by sending the DV they were supposed to cease all collections activity until they have provided validation of the debt. Am I mistaken? Are they just making a last ditch effort to try to get me to pay it? Thanks for any responses or advice!
  2. I have HSBC (OC) and LVNV(collection Co.) posting negative information for the same account. HSBC sold the account to Sherman Financial back on 04/14/2010 and stated in a recent letter that all balances due were transferred as well to Sherman Financial and all future inquiries should be sent to Sherman Financial. I do not see Sherman Financial on any of my credit reports for this account, but I do see the account listed with LVNV as a collections account. My question is can HSBC and LVNV list the same account twice on my credit report? And how can I have one of them removed? I prefer HSBC to be removed since they sold the debt. Please help.........
  3. Ok, so I have 3 collections on my reports. I've sent letters to the three attempting to settle/PFD. If it's been a couple of weeks and I haven't gotten a response, should I dispute them with the credit reporting agencies, hoping they won't respond to them? What happens if I dispute and they do respond to the CRAs? Does that change anything with the collection/possible settlement process?
  4. Here's my situation. I have a Florida CA reporting negatively on my Credit Report since 6/2008. On the actual TL, it says the Creditor Name is: COLLECTIONS. Next it says the Original Creditor is: COLLECTIONS Here's what it looks like: Collection Accounts: Accounts seriously past due Creditor Name: COLLECTION Account NO.: 158**** Original Creditor: COLLECTION Responsibility: Joint Condition: Derogatory Original Balance: $1565 Balance: $1565 Date Opened: 06/12/2008 Date Reported: 12/23/2012 Remarks: Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements Elsewhere on my Credit Report it lists contact information for a creditor called: NCC Business Services (FL) From a Credit Report I pulled a few years ago, I know the name of the OC is - Waters Edge Apartments. The CA is and was - NCC Business Services. It's weird that the OC has been removed from my credit report entirely. They aren't listed anywhere whatsoever. But now called: COLLECTIONS. What I'm wondering is - is this a violation of the FDCPA and / or FCRA because it's confusing and misleading. This debt stems from a misunderstanding when I vacated an apartment. I gave proper notice to a woman who either quit or was fired the following week. Of course, the apartment complex claims they 'never got it' so I allegedly violated the lease... Hence the charges: $1565 This is a joint account - I had a room mate when I lived there. This is on their CR too. Thanks for any help in advance.... I disputed it a few years ago, before I found out about this forum, and did it electronically, not by CMRRR. (I know, a bad idea)
  5. I will provide the summerized version of my historic debt with the collection efforts, all aided with my procrastination. On some 8 different bank cards used by me through the 1990's. My usage of these cards stopped early 2000. The combined outstanding debt with accumulated late fees and interest I estimate to be approximately $70,000. At one point around year 2000 I signed with a firm with the intent of seeking to have the debt discharged through bankruptcy filings. I notified the card holders of my pending intended course of action. I failed to complete the filing process and these cards went into assignment with various agencys for collection. My employment status since this time has be, well none to speak of in my field of training. I have no assets, funds, insurance or property of any value. Until today my living situation was covered by a friend, now that too is ending. Annually I have received letters from various companies seeking collection arrangements. I have never responded to these letters. My credit report only shows activity when these correspondance letters are mailed to me. The debt is over 12 years old, I have no means of fullfilling my obligations in regards to this matter, as I have hoped over the recent years that I would be reemployed and would be able to make payment arrangements. Questions are two to start. Bankruptcy, is that still an obtion for me. Secondly how should I handle these collection agencys? All guidance will be greatly appreciated. Regards
  6. When I was in college I was stupid with credit cards, I opened 2 $3000 limit CitiBank cards and maxed them out with no ability to keep up with payments. I was young and stupid! I defaulted on them and they went into collections in 2006. I finally have a job that allows me to beging paying these debts back. I was making payments on one account that began at $3600, got it down to $2500 before they started dicking me around on the other account. On my second account I owed $3900, and agreed to settle for $1500. Which was paid in 10/2012, I was going to work on paying down or settleing the $2500 but Asset Acceptance just placed an additional negative report on my credit. They are trying to say that I paid $1500 to settle the $2500 account and that I still owe them $3900. Even though the two accounts were not even in the same offices, one was Asset Recovery and the other was Assest Acceptance. Problem is I have no clue what to do about it... Should I ask for debt validation? Will they give me validation of a debt that they are saying is settled? Any one know how to help me? I want to fix my debt, and help my credit! Thanks!
  7. New to the thread - I've got 2 questions. After being an irresponsible idiot in my younger days, I'm really trying to clean my report up. I had 4 negative accounts, 3 smaller accounts listed in collections and a student loan I decided to stop paying years ago. As for the student loan, last week I settled with the collection agency hired by the bank that backed the loan. I paid half and they will have it listed as settled in full (wasn't getting a PFD or anything else for that). The thing is, it's also listed 3 or 4 separate times on my credit report as charged off, filed with gov't, etc. This is with AES/NCT, things like that. How do I go about getting the other listings removed? Do having those listed affect my credit score? Just wondering because if I paid to have this settled (had to, since it was a student loan) should I still be getting dinged for the same thing by multiple other negative listings? Also, I had three other small debts in collections. I sent them letters offering payment for deletion from the 3 CR agencies (used form letters I found online - not accepting it's my debt, but offering payment if I got written agreement, etc.). I got a call from one of them today that they wouldn't PFD or even put paid in full but would take a smaller payment and put settled in full. I even offered to pay the full amount for deletion but they won't accept that. It seems they would rather take less money and give me a settled in full than full payment for a PFD. I asked for a number to the original creditor (Best Fitness). She said she'd give it to me, but I'd just be routed back to her since they were the collection agency in charge of Best's debt. I found it odd that they'd settle for less than full but wouldn't PFD if I gave the whole amount. Any suggestions here? I told her I'd have to consider my options and call back next week. Side note - this was regarding a contract I thought I had terminated but apparently had not completed the termination. Finally, does speaking about these debts restart any clock or anything, or will they still fall off 7 years after original delinquency? Thanks again for any input.
  8. The first collection account seems to be listed by a collector as a debt buyer account? It states it is a retail account. I never opened a retail account, so I will dispute with CRA first as not mine. What do you recommend afterwards if not removed? What is the best way to tackle this account? I reside in California. 1) Creditor classification: Retail Date opened: 10/06/2010 Balance amount $9,974 Amount past due $9,974 Date of 1st Delinquency: 11/2009 Date Maj. Del. 1st Rptd: 11/2010 Status- Collection Acct Type of Acct-Open Type of Loan-Debt Buyer Acct Whose Acct-Individual Acct This second account is a collection account for an education loan via a credit union. Please instruct on how to remove this account. 2) Creditor classification: Not mentioned, but it is a credit union Date opened: 04/01/2009 Balance amount: $0 Date of last payment: 12/2009 Date of 1st Delinquency: 09/2009 Date of last activity: blank Date Maj. Del. 1st Rptd: 12/2009 Status- Collection Acct Type of Acct-Installment Type of Loan-Education loan Whose Acct-Individual Acct. This account is a charge off account. Please advise on how to remove. 3) Creditor classification: Not mentioned, but it is a personal loan Date opened: 04/01/2009 Balance amount: $1350 Amount past due:$1350 Date of last payment: 10/2006 Date of 1st Delinquency: 11/2006 Date of last activity: blank Date Maj. Del. 1st Rptd: 12/2008 Status- Charge off Type of Acct-Installment Type of Loan-Note loan Whose Acct-Individual Acct. Thank you in advance
  9. Hello guys!!! I sent a DV to Pinnacle Credit. They sent me a response, but the response came from APM Financial Solution. They included Pinnacle Credit like a Client. In my credit report appear the follow info about this account (Pep Boys Credit Card): Date Opened: 04/2004 Date Reported: 12/2008 Date of Last Payment: 11/2005 Status: Charge Off In the response letter they mark the account like "Statute Date: 11/15/209 Out of Statute" It is Out of Statutes or no? What happen if the account is out of statutes? They delete or no? My next step? Thanks
  10. Hello everyone this is my first time. Okay I'll just get right to it....I'm cleaning up debt I acquired after getting laid off and the largest is an eviction which is now a judgement. its been two years and is growing 10% interest. Every strategy i've tried and got no results. my last resort to find a way to put the ball in my court is to see if there is anything i can do about a statement said in court. I have the minutes to prove it. Before all this i had great credit and a family member became ill while i was laid off thats what used all my savings and i couldnt pay rent and so in court the Plaintiff's Counsel was compassionate enough to say if i agree to court stipulation announced, which i did so he states for the record that the payments shall be paid directly to Jay Jackson and that this matter will not be turned over to collections. And it has now and is on all three reports. Is there anything I can do about it!