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  1. with all the talk of credit reports it sounds like some of you check these things pretty regular. Is there a way to do this without it costing money each time, maybe a service of some sort? I know you can get a free report when you're denied credit, but who wants to get one that way
  2. Ok well now we have a new wrinkle on all 3 credit reports --Its for a collection account for 12,000 brand new on report tonight...According to credit expert which is Experian it is to remain on Credit report until 8/2003 -Last date of activity is 8-96 --on the other two credit report it also lists the date of last activity as 8-1996 --- What are my chances of disputing with the credit bureau's and getting a deletion.. Im afaid of doing a valadtion and opening a can of worms if you know what i mean....
  3. I have several old debts which are listed on my credit report, however, they were eventually sold to collection agencies who are also posting on my credit report. How can they do this? Isn't that double reporting? Can I get the collection agency ones off and just keep the ones from the original creditor. Also, when do I know when my seven years is up as far as the 180 day rule? My credit report only states date opened and date reported listed. How do I know when I made my last payment?
  4. Im trying to access my credit reports and I am having a hard time finding a free credit report that is actually free. I have no Credit Cards that I can use. Any idea?
  5. I have a few charge-offs on my credit card that I have not paid yet, but am willing to settle if I need to. Problem is, the original creditors have sent these charge-offs to collection agencies and I am getting letters and phone calls from them. However, on my credit report, the collection agencies are not listed. Only the original creditors are listed. With the CAs not being on my credit reports, should I even bother with debt validation with them? Or should I just go ahead and go straight to the original creditor and try to dispute something like a balance or something? My understanding is that with a CA, validation is necessary to get the listing removed from the credit report, but since in my case the CA is not on my credit report, so should I ignore them and go straight to the OC? Thanks!
  6. I have received my three credit reports. Listed on these are collection companies that I have not heard from (at least don't remember getting letters from) Can I still have them validate these accounts? I disputed one account with equifax and their reply was "Equifax verified that this item belongs to you." and with Asset Acceptance Corp (Collections company)for Uptons account equifax said "the creditor has verified to equifax and additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. See enlosed credit file." So I looked at my file, this account says "Collection Account". Also, there are duplicate entries concerning my charge offs and collections. I.e., Uptons states charge off. The Asset Acceptance Corp, who is the collection agency for UPtons, says "Collections Account". Is this normal to have double entries for the same account? One last question. I have an account with Bankfirst, which after several years, has changed collections agencies numerous times. I have never validated this account, but keep getting calls and letters. What should I do now since it has changed hands several times. Will it be harder for the present company to validate this? The letter also states that they have purchased this account and that I need to respond before they assign this to a local (Florida) agency for handling.
  7. Can an overdrawn bank account appear on your credit report.. At a ATM a few years ago I tried to withdraw $20, but entered in $200 instead, the ATM gave me the money, which was quite surpising to me, since my account balance was just over $40 bucks. When I received my bank statement, they showed my balance as a minus. I ignored the account, and eventually stopped receiving statements from them. When I recently pulled up my credit report, there was a collection account for A.F.S - assignee of Bank of America, $782. Can they legally post an overdrawn bank account on my credit, and also add interest and penalties... Help !!!
  8. I found this interesting, reading the FCRA over today... So does that mean that the credit bureaus are in violation for charging more than $8????? Don't all of them charge about $9?
  9. I recently received a letter from a company which purchased my 10 year old charged-off credit card debt that is no longer being reported. I contacted the company via telephone for a verbal validation of the debt. They confirmed the debt along with an additional $1700.00 in interest charges. However, they said they could resolve the debt for about $900.00 which eventually came down to $300.00. I offered them $50.00, needless to say they refused. The gentlemen I spoke with told me there is really nothing they can do to collect it except maintain contact with me. He informed me that if they couldn't collect from me they would just end up selling the debt again. (Apparently, the are the 3rd or 4th owner) What concerns me is that I was told that they share information with other creditors. Don't creditors usually pull information from your credit report? As they cannot report the debt to the CRA's or instigate a lawsuit against me due to a four year statute of limitations in my state, can they take any further actions which might damage my credit? [Edit by kildak on Monday, April 29, 2002 @ 07:50 PM]
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