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  1. Hello all - I am new to the forum but enjoy the vast information that the site has to offer. Here's my question, I would like to dispute items on my credit but I am actually scared. I guess after reading some of the postings and knowing that the collection companies are actually sueing folks, it's very scary. Also, there is so much information, that my hand is spinning and right when I think I understand it all, I read one more thing that makes me even more confused. But here's my question: I have a copy of my 2008 credit report and MCM Collection is appearing on their for original creditors Orchard/Household and First Natl Bank of Marin. Both tradelines are showing to drop off on 12/2010. I then get a copy of my 2011 credit report and both of these tradelines are still appearing but ironically, the date the item will be dropping off my credit report is no longer appearing. I also know for a fact that the "date open" is wrong for both items. These accounts were open back in 2001 and they have it reported open in 2004 and 2006. If anyone has any feedback to assist me with this dilemna, I would much appreciate it. Thanks for your help - So confused in Texas
  2. hello everyone! i just had a quick qestion. on my credit reports i have several accounts that are listed as: potenially negative, closed. usually from a CA that was unsuccessful in collecting a debt and sold the account. is there a way to remove these closed, potenially negative accounts? thank you!!!
  3. I am trying to get some items removed from my CR. i have several accounts i have spoken with and they refuse to remove if I pay only report as paid. What is the difference in this reporting vs having it deleted when it comes to my score? Most of them are in the under 500 range and paying them is not the issue. I have not yet done the validation things i just want them off my report.
  4. I don't understand why an account shows up differently on each credit beau rue. We stopped paying on 7 accounts in 08 and it only shows 1 delinquent account and the rest current.... some have been marked sold and transferred with a zero but no across all three, some show to be with the original creditor and payments now reflecting ok each month.... Is there a way to find out exactly how an account is suppose to be documented so I know what we can can try and dispute? Any help for a newbie would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hi, I've been trying to get my credit under control with limited success. I had an auto loan with Capitol One Auto Finance. The loan was setup to be taken directly from my bank acct. What I thought was the last payment was taken a couple months ago. This morning I called them to get the payoff paperwork as I have moved and have not received anything. I was told that I still owed $64 so I paid it over the phone and gave them the new address to send the paperwork. Then I started thinking about it.... I checked my credit and there it was at all three bureaus. Late 60 days for 64 bucks. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks! Larry
  6. Hi - I have a charged off car loan on my credit report. From my reading on this site, I believe it can stay on your credit report for 7 years from the date you were first delinquent?? However, what if you were delinquent then became current again? Also, does this mean from FIRST delinquency or when it was charged off? In my example, they reported.... Loan opened in Dec 2003 First reported 60 days late in July 2003 Reported OK again in June 2004 30 day late in July 2004 Charge off in October 2005 Please help!!
  7. Hello everyone; This is the run down of my story. Last year in 11/09 Chase bank sold the alleged orginal debt to Equable Ascent financial. I then disputed this new account (Equable Ascent financial) account with Experian online and realized very quickly this was a big mistake. Experian then claimed they verfied the account online ...what bullsh.. I then sent a certified letter to Experian to verfiy this account (Equable Ascent financial) and again Experian claimed it was verfied.... horse shi. On my credit report it states I owe Chase Bank & Equable Ascent financial with a dollar difference in both amounts.Can they legally double hit me on my credit report even if it is one debt?
  8. I found a Negative item on my credit report and disputed that item. Equifax and Transunion removed that item almost immediately after I contacted them. It’s been 2 weeks now; I am still waiting for an update from Experian (darn Experian!) Just a few days ago I got a collection letter from that same company that reported the negative item on my credit report, for the exact same thing! I’m not sure how to response to this company. I do not know what this debt they are claiming I owe. Do I ask for a validation of debt? Or do I tell them to bug off? Can somebody please give me a cool legal mumbo jumbo to quote on my letter to them? Thanks!
  9. Can a collection past SOL be put on your credit reports? I am almost positive they can. What if it was never on your credit reports before?
  10. I will try to keep this short, Disputed judgemnt that shouldnt be on my reports, came back verified! Disputed method of verification, they responded with name and address of court house They said FCRA says they dont have to provode me with a specific name. They also stated that they would not reinvestigate this item as it was already investigated and proven verified. So I contacted the courst house and they stated that they dont verify anything at all with any Credit bueruas PERIOD. How do i get them to reinvestigate and remove this item, as they are not verifing anything with the courts? Can somebody provide me with the FCRA section that deals with the verification specifics? Or other laws?
  11. I'm a property investor with ~ 10 home loans on my credit report and some revolving credit w/ balances. Why credit score has always been north of 700. As high as 849 last year. I never head any blemishes on my report. Just "too many incuries", "# of established accounts, etc." I'm trying to refi my primary home loan right now and my credit has dropped to 562,624,614. MY JAW DROPPED. I can't even qualify for a damn home loan. So I start digging into the report. one blemish from a missed payment on a credit card. Other than that my 30,60,90 day columns have NO BLEMS. In addtion, I am carrying a few high balances on some credit cards for a house I just rehabbed and will flip and pay them off. My question is, if I have only one blem how can my score be so low? What can I do to repair it. Is there a good agency that could assist with this for a reasonable fee? Please Help. Regards Dave
  12. A debt that I received a collection letter on (I will shortly respond asking for validation) shows as charged off by the original creditor on my Equifax report. Does this not make for a solid defense against collection by the original creditor since they are trying to collect for the full amount which does not reflect the amount they recevied for the charge off ?
  13. if so how many times, these are on 15 year old accounts
  14. My cable company put a debit charge on my last cable bill for a bill from 2005 that they said was not paid. Anyhow, from what I was told on here, I will have to pay it in order to keep my cable because I don't want to switch to the dish network or anything else. Well, I pulled my credit report yesterday, and it has 2 hard hits from my cable company. They pulled my credit report 2 days in a row. I'm not sure if they would have the right to do it because of that old bill that they tacked onto my current bill. Does anyone know if it was legal for them to pull my credit when I DID NOT authorize them to do it?
  15. Say you have a charged-off credit card and the 7-year reporting period has passed, but there is a collection agency reporting the same thing with a newer date, what does one do? Nothing has been paid on it and the collection agency entry on the report doesn't mention original creditor. Do you dispute as duplicative? If you do this and the entry from the original creditor is no longer on report, how would that work? The reporting period for the original debt has passed, but this looks like a completely diferrent account. The state SOL is also past, but can they just re-enter this thing perpetually? I want it gone - they can't sue (well, would be pointless) because of SOL. Thanks for your input!
  16. Hello My husband as a old college debt that we forgot about and they have transferred the debt to a collection agency. The collection agency in question (Transworld Systems, Inc) does not own the debt but is reporting the debt as being owed to them on my hubby's credit report. Is this legal, are they able to report this debt and it is truly not their debt but it is still between my hubby and the college they are just a 3rd party collecting the money. I guess the question is are they legally allowed to report this on his report being that they don't own this debt they are just collection agents for the college. Also, the CA stated that things cannot be removed from the credit report just reported as paid is that true, they said removing is illegal? Also, I'm thinking we wouldn't pay them dime and I should start the DV process (we have already disputed it with the credit reporting agencies). HELP:?:
  17. I was sued by American Express and during the pretrial,they sent me a order stating "DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE". but Amex is still reporting the alleged debt as "Charged off as bad debt". How I get this removed??
  18. Hi everyone, as the title states, I just prevailed in court today. I had to sue a former friend and business partner for breach of contract for a business venture we both went in on. He didn't even show up so I was awarded the default judgment. My question is, with this judgment being recorded, is anything required on my end to get this on his CR? Also, are there any additional things I can do to make sure this does as much damage as possible. I ask this because, this person owes me the money and is refusing to acknowledge any of this stuff, so I have to use whatever leverage I have to get the money. Just to clarify, I do have legal representation and am NOT asking for assistance with that, as we know what steps are needed to try and collect. But, my attorney isn't too versed in credit reporting so I was hoping the people here at this forum might be able to lend some advice. Thanks in advance!
  19. I have some questions about suing creditors and credit reporting bureaus? I called the small claims court in New York to inquire about filing a suit against Sallie Mae, Experian and Pinnacle (3 separate suits). The clerk at the court said the defendant has to be in the same state of filing that I could file there (in there state) but would have to do it in person. A friend of mine who is not a lawyer said “ if suing for a violation of a federal act, I should be filing in federal civil court“. The violations are copied from this site and the situations are listed below; Sallie Mae Violation: Creditors, if you dispute a debt, and they fail to report it as disputed to the credit bureaus Protection under the FCRA Section 623 a fine of $1,000. Situation: I sent a 623 letter on August 25 2010 received 8/27 by Sallie Mae, not marked disputed as of today 9/5 Experian Violation: Credit bureaus if they fail to respond to your written disputes within 30 days (a 15 day extension may be granted if they receive information from the creditor within the first 30 days) Consumer protection afforded by the FCRA Section 611 Part (A)(1) fine of $1,000. Situation: Disputed the item on May 24 2010 received 5/27 by Experian, sent follow up letter June 30 2010 received 7/7 by Experian, was updated / verified July 26 2010. Note: From the time I disputed until the results of investigation is approximately 60 + days. Pinnacle credit services Violation: Sections 616 and 617 of the FCRA talk about how much the fines are for violations of the FCRA (the willful and negligent non compliance), typically $1000. Situation: I sent a 623 letter on May 20 2010 received on 5/24 by Pinnacle, sent follow up June 30 2010 received 7/6 by Pinnacle, deleted item but never responded to dispute within 30 day time limit. Note: Willful neglect for not responding within allotted time frame. How do you actually go about filing a suit against a violator of the fcra ? What court to file in (Federal or …) ? Any help or advise would be appreciated to help me sue the above company‘s! I want to put them over a barrel and spank as hard and long as I can.. To open the door for the next person, so maybe just one other person’s life / experience will be easier than mine…
  20. I have a credit monitoring. and over the last 6 months I've noticed that every time a potential creditor makes an inquiry of my credit one of the DC's makes an inquiry as well within 24 hours. This DC will not go away although the SOL has expired. I have been turned down a few times because of too many inquiries. How do they know and is this legal?
  21. Hi, I was looking at court docs and noticed that a CA had filed a judgement on me. I want to negotiate it, but it appears that the CA has now sent it off to another CA and this new CA has posted in my credit report. How should I go about resolving this. Thank you
  22. Can anyone give me advice on deleting old addresses from my credit report? I disputed several old addresses as "Never lived there" and the CRA refused to delete saying, "The address in question was reported by your creditors or obtained from public records." Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hi. I have been trying to fix my credit now for about 6 months and have read that the best thing you can do is have any paid collections totally deleted from your credit reports from the Big 3. My question is this: Who deletes these accounts? The collections agencies say that I need to send their letter of debt settlement to the Big 3 asking them to delete it. I read somewhere that the collection agencies themselves are the only ones that can delete it. Who is right? Any answers/advice are appreciated. Thanks. Chris
  24. Im in Kansas and I was almost sure they cannot BUT how in the world did they find out I had an account with Mulvane state bank, this is a tiny little bank we only had a truck loan with IF they didn't check my credit it would have been a needle in haystack to find this tiny bank.
  25. I had a thought and wondered about this. I see so many people facing credit card debt that only have social security disability for an income. Since the credit reporting agencies have their social security numbers, do they ever update and change their employment status to "disabled"? Looks like that might deter collection efforts and save time and money in helping collection agencies, etc., to realize more of the financial situation. But, on the other hand . . . they might think the people have other assets worth going after . . .
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