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  1. I would like to see what is the best way to get something taken off my credit report? What dispute always works, be it with the credit bureau or directly with the original creditor?
  2. After reading thru many, many threads, I've noticed many people saying they will "check their credit report again" after DVing or getting a TL deleted. My questions are ...... Do you sign up with a company like TrueCredit or similar company? Are you paying for your report each time you check progress you've made? Just confused on the best way to be able to view my reports often. Thanks in advance for advice!
  3. When you are sued by a collection agency for credit card debt and a default judgment is entered should the Credit Card information in which you are being sued for still reflect in the body of your credit report as transferred, sold, charged off, or does that information get deleted and only the judgment reflects under Public Records?
  4. ++ Want to start off by saying HI. This forum is awesome. Ive been reading for a while now and finally decided to post. My credit is a mess (isn'd divorce great! lol) I know the clean up process takes time, patience and persistance. I have been reading, reading, reading, taking notes, organizing binders, reading more and soaking it all in.... I've pull my credit reports and noticed LVNV (O/C is HSBC/Orchard Bank), Portfolio (O/C is HSBC) and Asset (O/C is Cap One) reporting collection accounts. All 3 report as "factoring accounts", "installment account", "1 month terms" and date opened as the date they took over the account instead of the date the original account was opened. In addition Arrow (O/C Providian-->WAMU-->now Chase) is reporting as "Factoring Account" "120+ days past due", account type "open" , and date opened "N/A". I recently received a letter from Raush, Sturm, Isreal, Enerson &Hornik LLC representing "Client: Arrow Assignee of ______" (that's correct...they left that blank!) 1. Is this the proper way to report? 2. These accounts are still within SOL, should I leave them all alone until out of SOL? I'm overwhelmed, want to start the repair process, but dont want to jump the gun and cause myself to be sued. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  5. for all New Yorker we have our own FCRA and here it is. read the part about charged offs in new york. the reporting peiord is less that 7 years. New York Consolidated Laws GBS - General Business Article 25 - FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT too long to post so here is the link http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/menugetf.cgi?COMMONQUERY=LAWS NEW YORKERS read it we can remove charged off in less than 7 years.
  6. Hello all. New to the forums. I have been reading this site non-stop for two days since finding it. What a great site! Okay, to start: Applied for a mortgage a little over 3 years ago. Everything was great except they said my credit report had a $1,000 medical bill that was in collections. That was news to me. I'm a stand up guy - I pay my bills, and I figured I owed it. I paid it so I could close on my house. I checked my credit report a few days ago and it shows up on all 3 CRA's. It shows as paid/$0 balance, but it is still on there. I want to remove it completely from my reports. From what I can tell from the site and forums, I need to do the following: Send a letter to each CRA Send a letter to the CA I'm new to this, but I've done my best to research. I'm looking for guidance from you all on if my letters are correct. I was thinking of sending this same letter to both the CRA's and CA via certified mail: To Whom it May Concern: Joe Schmoe SSN XXX-XX-XXXX Address: 1 E. Any Street, Anytown, USA (Current address for last 3 years) DOB: 1/1/00 I've just reviewed my credit report and have noticed there is an inaccurate item on my report: CENTRAL FINL CONTROL Account no xxxxxxxxxx This was to be deleted upon payment per agreement Please remove this collection from my report immediately. I have enclosed a copy of my driver's licence as proof of identity. Sincerely, Joe S. Also, my credit report doesn't show the full account number. Don't know how that affects my requests as I won't be able to put down the full number in my letters. Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. When i was 19 year old kid i got my first credit card at a now defunct depatment store. Like a dumb kid totally unaware of how credit worked i ran that card up to the limit, like around $800. This was in 1992, i never paid it back...I'm a total loser i know. Since then i've learned to pay my bills. And as i got older and time passed that debt fell off my credit report so i forgot about it...hell, it's been so long i almost forgot i ever had this card till i got this letter today. The problem is, today i got a letter from Arrow Fin. saying i owe like $1500 now! After falling off years ago it's obviously picked up by a JDB and all the sudden back and more money. What can i do here? I know in my state of Michigan the SOL has long, long, long since ran out...let's face it this debt is nearly 20 years old. What should i do? Where do i start?
  8. My situation is a little different than most people here, but I was hoping I could still get some help. In late February my wife received a letter from a CA for an account we did not recognize. So we sent a DV, like the sample on on creditcenterinfo, to the CA and the credit bureaus. Doing some web research, we found out the account was for an Eddie Bauer credit card my wife had around 2000-2001. FCNB SPIEGEL, which was the OC, closed in March of 2003. This debt does not show up on any of the credit reports. So there's no disputing to try to get it taken off. We are more concerned about being taken to court over it. We are in Missouri were the SOL on credit cards is 10 years with a signed contract and 5 years without a contract. We received a letter back from the CA on 3/13 that contained a copy of the last billing statement from 02-08-2003 and a form letter stating in short that this was the document for validation and that we would be receiving an additional notice would include "further instruction for contact and/or payment and conclude out fulfilling your request. Failure to reply to this notice may result in our assuming that the debt is valid." We have not received any further correspondence/instructions from the CA. Is one statement enough for DV? So should I write them another letter stating they did not validate the debt and that without a signed contract the SOL is expired? I believe that normally you have 30 days to reply which would be next week. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  9. Which credit report do you guys suggest I order? The $25 one from freecreditreport.com?
  10. Hello. I am in Texas. I paid a JDB who bought my debt. I paid the debt to the JDB -- probably more than I had to but I did it. I would like to get the JDB off my credit report, Experian. Can I send JDB a letter and ask them to either produce my original contract with original creditor and evidence of my breach thereto through montly statements with Original Creditor or REMOVE THEIR TRADE LINE and if they cannnot produce this demand they remove the tradeline? Pursuant to FCRA or FDCP does the JDB at this stage of the process have to prove the had the right to collect this account with the same specificity they would have had I not paid this account. Is the JDB required to prove that I maintained an account with the original creditor for extension of credit. Secondly, that JDB became the successor in interest of this Original Creditor's Account for the extension of credit under my account number. JDB is “debt collector” as defined in TEX. FIN. CODE § 392.001(6). Must JDB prove they are an authorized custodian of the records of my account allegedly originated with the original Creditor and subsequently purchased JDB? Must JDB prove my credit card purchases supported by the items, dates, and amounts and show: (1) the existence of a valid contract, (2) performance or tendered performance (3) breach of contract by the defendant (4) damages sustained as a result of the breach. See Winchek v. Am. Express Travel Related Servs. Co., 232 S.W.3d 197, 202 (Tex. App.CHouston [1st Dist.] 2007, no pet.). To be enforceable, a contract must be sufficiently certain to enable a court to determine the rights and responsibilities of the parties. Id. (citing T.O. Stanley Boot Co. v. Bank of El Paso, 847 S.W.2d 218, 221 (Tex.1992)). The material terms of a contract must be agreed upon before a court can enforce the contract. See T.O. Stanley Boot, 847 S.W.2d at 221 (holding that interest rate is material term in context of contract to loan money). I RELY ON THE CASE POSTED IN THE NEXT POSTING:
  11. CA listed same account twice on CR after DV attempt. Is this punishable under the FCRA?
  12. Long story short I'm trying to work on repairing/rebuilding my credit. My mom is helping me & I had 2 smallish bills that were on my credit report so she paid them. This was before I found this board & realized that having a CA listed as paid really wasn't much good since its still on my CR. Is there anything you can suggest at this point to see about having it removed since its too late to do as a pay to delete request? Also 1 of the 3 CRA is not showing my installment car loan. Is there a way to request that they add this as its one of the few TL I have in my favor that I always paid on time?
  13. I have a collection agency that send me a letter that I owe a debt. I sent them a DVL and they never responded. Now they are on my Credit report. Can I do anything on this. I sent it certified also.
  14. I initiated a dispute with Equifax and they came back with only the results of the "re-investigation". (There was never an initial investigation but that is a different story). I thought that I was supposed to get a copy of my entire credit report, not just a one page report with the results. Is this an FCRA violation? I have racked a few others on them to twist their arm...so just curious on this one! Thanks!
  15. Hello Freinds, I am pretty new to this forum, so my apologies in advance if this question has already been posted or seems stupid. I am trying to repair my credit history/reports and so recently pulled my latest credit reports from all the 3 bureaus. Now I see a lot of adverse accounts that are in the 'Charged-Off' state (8 in ALL), but I do not see which Collection Agency has them. I have disputed all these accounts with the CRAs, but am living in fear what if they come as 'Verified'? How do I find out the collection agencies owning these accounts? or should I even bother? These debts are pretty old and would get off by end of 2010 (SLA will expire)? A collection agency called me (Bay area credit service) and said they own one of the accounts ( 9th one )? To my surprsie, the original account or the collection agency is not even on my credit report? I am just so confused? Am I missing something here.... Kindly help Thanks Sanjay
  16. It may be time to get your free annual credit reports. You are allowed one free report per year as per FTC rules. I suggest calling the 800 number and having them mailed to you. The big 3 try to push the online reports on you (they're much cheaper for the big 3), but when you receive them in the mail they are more complete and easier to read. Once you are finished reading through them, file them away. Then in 2010 when you pull your reports again for free, compare them to the 2009 reports. https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp Call 1-877-322-8228
  17. Is there a time frame in which a CA has to mark a line as in dispute on your credit report after receiving a timely DV????
  18. Hello i am just new at this today..I have a question and i am so confused over this..I did a dispute on the computer with equifax back in 2005..they did there investigation and a credit card was deleted off my credit report.. well come dec of 06 i was served with papers and the collection company has a attorney and they are takeing me to court for some thign that has been deleted form my credit report and i have never heard from this collection company.... can collection companies collect or take oyu to court and collect on some thing that is not even on your credit report???Help please...
  19. is this legal for them to get my credit report? i'm sitting here going through my TU report under regular inquiries i see atlantic credit, arrow financial, asset, NONE of these companies had my permission to get my credit report. arrow has permissible purpose for collection, so it says. do i go after the CB or the CA over this? the thought of CA getting your credit report without your permission is very disturbing.
  20. About 2 years ago I agreed to pay a $3000 debt in exchange for them deleting it. I have a signed fax from them agreeing to remove the listing from my credit report. It continues to stay on my credit. I've called them twice and they've been friendly and said they'd do a 'manual request' but it never drops off. What is my best option from here? Should I send a copy of the fax with a written dispute to EQ, should I continue to pursue the CA or is there something else I should be trying?
  21. I have a question regarding credit card collection companies "re-aging" credit card debt. I owe Chase $5200 and in january 2007 Chase sold my account to Central Credit Collections which worked it for a time before sending to another collection company called cornelius and it's now at LTD Financial Services. LTD acquired my account in March of 09 and reported it to the credit agency as negative item The debt is coming up on two years however on my recent credit report shows a negative account since March of 09 when in reality it was almost two years ago. Is this something that I can dispute or is the going to be an ongoing occurrence each time the accounts is sold. Or perhaps LTD is doing this in attempt to pressure to pay me? From what I read or heard debts that are two years old can sometimes hurt you short term if you settle them. I'm debating whether to fight this or work out a settlement. Appreciate your feedback.
  22. I would like to know where to get official credit reports, without going to the govt sponsored website that allows the CRA's to have 45 days to validate? I do not mind paying for them. I signed up for a service that gave me a 3 in 1, but it X's out the last portion of the account numbers. I want the official ones from the Big3 and need it fast (1-2 days). Thanks
  23. I was looking at my wifes credit report that we obtained from freecreditreport.com, and I was wondering why is says "Potentially Negative Closed". My understanding is that this means it is closed, but negative. Is this something I should dispute. These are 7+ years old.
  24. TY. I have some medical collections on my credit report. During the time I was disabled & had to use Medicaid. As I remember No doctors office, or hospital would see me without asking for insurance. I have proof that I had Medicaid during these charges that are now on my credit report. One CA said because I had waited to long (more than 6 months) that I couldn't get them off. One of medical charges I know for a fact that I had given my medicaid card to the front desk person. So I had mentioned this & the reply I received was that basically you have to prove that you showed it. If they (the doctors office/hospital) doesn't report you had medicaid, that's not their fault, but yours. These are over two years old, I have copies of my medical coverage during these times. They have been turned over to a collection agency & the CA has reported them on my credit report. Please, could someone tell me what I may do would be very much appreciated.
  25. so when i was a minor, i signed up for a few credit cards and they sent it to me. i think you guys already know that i maxed those things out. but my debt isn't all that bad, just a few hundred dollars and some late payments. i was wondering if i pay it off, can i get them to remove those entries from my report since i was a minor? or how does that work? thanks
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