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  1. In March of 2013 I had received a letter from Midland MCM for an alleged debt. I in turn sent a certified debt validation letter to said company. A few days later I got a letter back from MCM stating that based on the information they would remove all MCM activity from all three major credit reporting agencies. Also they Never provided any debt validation. I looked at my report and they looked at my report in December of 2013 for "collection" reasons. I am wondering how they can still do that after the letter they sent me and also not giving me debt validation as well per the 30 days on my letter. I assumed after they stated they would no longer be reporting on my credit , why are they still hard hitting it?
  2. HELP! I am not sure what to do. Someone has taken a loan from Speedycash out in my name- and Speedycash has been debiting my checking account for this loan. My bank has stopped the withdrawals, but the guy who is helping me at my bank said tomorrow (that will be 2 weeks from when I reported the issue to the bank) he will be able to tell me if I can get my money back, or if the process will take longer because of lack of documentation. They have requested more proof/documents from speedycash and I have been in person to speedycash twice and called many times, and the bank has received nothing and I was given a copy of a generic contract with the loan amount, my name, address and ss#. Someone had signed my name on it too. That is all the documentation they say they have. How can this be? Doesn't there have to be employment information, or driver's lic#, or something?! I was using Speedycash to cash my paychecks for several years while I was on Chexsystems but I have never had a loan with Speedycash, or even applied for one. I am planning on filing an FTC report, and a police report. I have also had credit reports from 2 places, and neither of them report this loan. What other steps do I need to take? Why isn't the loan showing on the credit reports? Should I shut down my account at the bank and get another one? (The bank doesn't seem too worried about this but I don't want it to happen again!) Thank you very much, L
  3. I have 5 Collection Agencies on my credit report. Should I just send out a dept validation letter to each one to get things rolling?
  4. I was 60 days late on my auto loan and this caused my credit report to plunge big time. I have paid on the account and got it up to current status but my question is this: Will this remain on my credit report for up to 7 years? Even though I am caught up on these bills is this going to remain as a negative factor on my credit report and is there anything I can do to have it removed? About a year ago I hired Lexington Law to remove items on my credit report and my experience is that it is nearly impossible to remove items that are negative when they involve financial lending such as a bank loan or credit card. Is there anything I can do? I would like to think that by next month I can just refresh my credit report and it will show my status as current and this will be behind me but I seriously doubt that's the case. I'm pretty sure I'll be stuck with this for another 7 years so I really hope I have some options here.
  5. Hi - I know I'm supposed to keep my posts within the same topic, but I really want some feedback as my deadline is fast approaching for a few things - opposition to MSJ, etc, and I think my thread will get buried today. I finally got around to checking my credit report last night and the account I'm being sued for is not on any of the three CRA reports. Not in its original form, and not as an account owned by the JDB. It's just . . . not there. Is that normal for something in litigation? I saw that credit reports are considered hearsay, and I wasn't sure if I would be trying to use it for any part of my opposition anyway, but is it evidence of something being amiss? There are inquiries on it from the JDB and from their attorney, from last year. Thanks.
  6. In 2007, I went to law school for a year. After 1 year, I decided to withdraw. During the summer of 2008, I got a job, sent a note to the school through some kind of online messaging system and never went back. In September of 2008, I received a tuition bill and called the school upon receiving it. I was told that they never got my message and that I should now send an email so they could have my intent to withdraw on file. So, I sent the the email and was told over the phone that I owed 60% of the tuition since it was now the third week of class. I never paid the bill since I didn't have $6,000 and haven't heard from the school since April of this year. My mom called me and said they sent a bill to their house so I called , explained what had happened 5 years ago to see if they would wipe the debt, but they won't and said that if I don't pay the bill it will be reported to a licensed collection agency. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I don't have $6,000 (I have about $100,000 in student loan debt that I'm currently paying off). If they report this debt to a collections agency- my questions are: 1. If I don't pay it, how long will it be on my credit report? 2. Do you think I have any reason to dispute this debt? I mean, I wasn't a student there anymore and it's not my problem that they're messaging system didn't work. I'm feeling so nervous right now so any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Not sure if this matters, but I live in Massachusetts.
  7. Just checked my Credit Report on Experian and Midland has posted a delinquet account on 04/23/13, this after I whupped them in court on 05/07/11 (dismissed in my favor with costs)! Same account. Is this a FDCPA violation? What do I do? I didputed with Experian online.
  8. I recently sent Midland a DV request they replied with a generic letter Dear Mr. #$@%^ The purpose of this letter is to advise you of the results of our investigation of your dispute pursuant to the Texas Finance Code and/or the FCRA. Please be advised that we have determined that our credit file and credit reporting of the above-referenced account is accurate, and therefore we deny the inaccuracy of the disputed item. We will be closing our investigation of your dispute and resuming regular collection activities as allowed by the Texas Finance Code and/or the FCRA. In response to your dispute, we have requested that the three major credit bureaus change the status of this account to "Disputed." Your credit report will not be updated if the federal reporting period has expired. They then attached a print our of a debt owed to T-Mobile with dates and the full amount owed and how that was processed. The amount is for $826.92 but on two of my credit reports one says $827 and the other $826. Also this print out doesn't show the OC address and there is no contract proving that the debt is mine. Should I sent back another letter telling them to remove it? Or should I 623 them?
  9. Anyone have any idea how to dispute on Experian without buying a report? I just need to have it updated because a judgment was satisfied. I don't want to pay another 15 for this. With Transunion and Equifax I know how but can't figure this out. I know in the past I found a link to be able to do it, but can't figure it out now. Any help?
  10. If anybody can answer these 2 different questions. and 2 different creditor's statements. #1 I pulled all 3 credit reports. on the reports under creditor's statement it says. a) "Account legally paid in full for less than full balance" Do I need to get this off my credit report? or does this hurt me to rebuild my credit by just leaving it on there? #2 On another and different account it says a) closed written off "purchased by another lender. Do I need to get this off my credit report ? using the methods on this site. I'm assuming I do because i never was able to settle this one. Any info on these 2 questions would be great. thank you
  11. HI everyone. I have been dealing with a negative mark on my credit report. I made biggest mistake of my life and co-signed someone for his auto loan. It was over 14K auto loan and this guy decided not to pay the last $1800. After about 4 months of non-payment, the account went to collection in August. On December 11th I received a credit report from Transunion which stated the pay status of this account as "Account paid in full, was a charge off". About a week after receiving this report I updated my credit report with Transunion web site and guess what? The pay status was changed to "Charge Off" and my credit score went from 660 to 589. How could that be possible? How can they say "it is paid in full" and all of a sudden, they change their mind and say "no it is not paid" ???? Can someone please explain how I should handle this issue??? Thanks
  12. I am confused on one of my unpaid bill(not it is in collection), and I want to know is that my liability to pay for it? and what should I do next in this case? Here is my case: 1. My parents' family health plan dropped me out at my birthday 2010, but the insurance company never let me know it was birthday and we all assumed it will expires at Dec 31. When I visit the dentist at Nov 2010, he persuade me to use the rest of balance for a service and print out the estimation which shows my insurance will expire at 12/31. A few weeks later after accept the service at Dec., insurance company inform us that I was already out of the family plan before the service and reject the bill. Some people in another forum said it is totally my fault(as a patient not knowing the expiration date of my insurance) and blame me as a deadbeat. They also said the only thing I can do is pay it ASAP, Is it correct? 2: A big difference of billing amount. Compare with the original receipt and estimation, the current bill CA sent me is $1600+, and it is about a 40% increase in 2 years. How much interest rate can OC and CA add on it? 3: It is already become a record on my credit report. What should I do if I want to minimize the impact on my credit report? 4. Collection agency's law office said they are 'assigned' by OC to collect it, and I am about to sent the collect agency a 'pay for delete' letter. But a lot of people mentioned sent 'pay for delete' to OC(in my case, the dentist), who should I really sent the letter to? The bad record on my credit report is submitted by CA, should I still contact original creditor?
  13. Our stories sound similar. I'm new here and glad I found this forum before sending a generic DV letter to Midland. I haven't received anything from Midland but noticed a collection on my credit report. OC (T-Mobile) not reporting and Midland is. SOL will be up around May - Aug 2013. I know the balance showing on this account is wrong as well but do not have proof. Should I dispute with CRA? Write DV letter or wait until SOL is up?
  14. Hi everyone, I recently received a dismissal on a case from Midland Funding, thanks to the WONDERFUL people here on this forum. (Thank you all!) Now, I want to work on cleaning up my credit report. I have been reading everything I can so I can be well-informed as I tackle this beast. So, my question...would it be okay for me to keep a thread going with questions, concerns, etc? I know I'm going to need as much help as I can get, and sometimes I need things broken down step-by-step for me. Also, is this correct forum for me to be posting this in? Please let me know so I can get to the right place. I'm getting ready to request my report from annualcreditreport.com. I've seen that others here have gotten their reports from that site as well. Is this the best place to get it? I can't wait to get started on this!
  15. Hi, I'm trying to clean up my CR, and I know that you should first dispute with the CRA before you do anything else, so that's what I'm trying to do. There's an account on my CR that was bought by a JDB, and I recognize the account (which is past the SOL but still reportable), but I'm betting that the OC doesn't have the account info still, and the JDB never sent me a dunning letter to notify me that they were putting this on my CR. So the steps are to first dispute on the CR, then if you don't get a favorable solution (delete/modify), you then dispute with... whom? The OC or the JDB? So two questions: 1) How should I dispute this on my CR? 2) If I don't get a delete, do I then proceed with disputing the JDB or the OC? Thanks
  16. I just found out yesterday that a collections agency has reported to my credit report because of which my credit score dropped 98 points. The collections was for my cable bill which I always was under the impression that I had paid it off. The amount is for a mere $64. My question is if I chose to opt for the "Pay for delete" method and get the collections to remove the remark from my credit report, will my score go back up by 98 points?? This collection agency reported it to the credit bureaus in the last 2-3 weeks. So its very recent. Please help me with any knowledge you have and guide to what needs to be done. Thanks
  17. #1) when requesting a copy of my credit report, should all 3 be requested at 1 time? #2) if disputing items on credit reports do you dispute with all 3 CRA or just 1? #3) I have heard that requesting online report you don't get as much info as you do if you request it by mail ? please help I'm just a little confused.
  18. New here and looking for some help and hopefully to contribute myself in the future. I have several credit card debt accounts that I stopped paying on in Feb-March 2006, all of them at the same time. In looking over my credit reports, they all confirm this except for one creditor and I don't know why. The particular creditor is Chase and it says the "Date of First Delinquency" was 02/2006 but then says "Date of Last Payment" was 12/2007 in the amount of $855. The account also shows it was "Charged Off" and now LVNV Funding has it in collections. I'm puzzled as to why they show a payment on that date. I do not remember making any payment to anyone (my memory isn't always the best though). How can I go about finding out why it shows a payment was made and by who? Would it be ok to contact Chase or would that reset the Statute of Limitations? Thanks for any help.
  19. All 3 reports show Cap One as being the oldest and has been on my report since 1995! I thought at 7 years they came off.
  20. Hello Everyone: I am cleaning up my CR and I just received back from Equifax that A Discover Card Account was verified to be mine. I was an authorized user on the account. I had another card I was an authorized user and they removed that one. Has anyone had any luck getting discover accounts removed? Thanks-
  21. Hello All, I apologize up front if my questions are posted already within another thread. I'm posting here because I'm unsure it this falls under the Collections thread or Reporting thread. It does encompass both. Found out today reviewing my Credit report that a JDB is posted upon it. They have sent us letters from two different law firms. The first time we responded by certified letter that we requested validation. 7 months later they returned a letter stating basically we owed this much , etc.. We responded again by certified letter and never heard back from that law firm. Then in Jan of this year the same CA hired another law firm who sent a letter asking to collect, again we sent back a certified letter requesting validation. So far we never heard from them. Today I went upon Experian and can see that they are reporting themselves. In reading within this site I see the following; So, if a creditor can't validate a debt: They are not allowed to collect the debt, They are not allowed to contact you about the debt, and They are also not allowed to report it under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Doing so is a violation of the FCRA, and the FCRA states that you can sue for $1,000 in damages for any violation of the Act. If I understand this they are not allowed to report the debt since they never validated the debt with us. So my question is what are the steps to call them out on reporting the debt that they never validated? Thanks for your time, Scott K.
  22. I received a couple dunning letters from two different JDBs, (different debts) one doesn't show up in my CR's other than the OC showing sold. The other shows another CA from a year ago but not the new one. Is there anything I can make of these oversights?
  23. A few days ago my wife creditkarma said she got a late payment, as I'm the one that pays all bills, I know she didn't have a late payment. I check the credit reports I can do for free, but unfortunatly I couldn't get in transunion due to the user and or password or both are wrong (I forgot them, she will need to call and fix it), so I went to Equifax, and found 2 collections of medical bills, that are truly not hers, so I dispute them online. I know I should dispute them cmrr, but her credit is toast anyways so if they verify I just do it cmrr. They only appear on equifax, transunion and expirian don't have them. I'll have to fix the late payment later, but for now I'm gonna get this deleted. They probably will verify, since the verification is just BS, next what I do send a cmrr to the CA, asking for the information that they verified? that they won't have since they are medical bills that are not hers, and if they don't provide them then threten to sue?
  24. Hello I successfully was able to have the status of my judgement changed from satisfied to "vacated." How do I now go about removing the judgement from my credit report? Thanks Miz
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