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  1. hello everyone! I have read some threads and found some good information, but I am still clueless I totally messed up my credit and I did go to someone who disputes the negatives for me. This started in February, I have seen that about two have been removed from two of the reports. I just received one from TransUnion and saw that my BOA says no long on file, does that mean its been deleted? I paid a one time fee of $250 for this credit repair person to dispute but would it be quicker process if I did it myself by writing letters? Please help! what type of proof would I need to send in with the letters? Any help i can take will be great! Thanks I try to stay positive about this but sometimes it just drives me crazy!!
  2. I think these guys must be affiliated with A**st Acceptance. I noticed 2 soft inquires from them. What could this mean? FULTON, FRIEDMAN & GULLA Address: PO BOX 2123 WARREN MI 48090 No phone number available Date of Request: 06/03/2012 03/28/2012
  3. Can anyone recomend a company that can help me fix all three credit reports? I am a 640 score and want to be in the 700 club so I can buy a home.
  4. Here my situation. I filed for BK and it was discharged. All but two of my CC cards reported correctly as IIB. Those two were from the same lender. Rather than reporting as IIB they were reporting as "Charged Off/Sold" even though they were never charged off or sold on the day I filed BK. I filed a dispute with the three CRA. One verified them without any changes. But the other two changed their status to IIB but then added in a "Creditor Notation" which read "Charged off/sold". The actual payment history field reads "closed" for the month before I filed now rather than CO. Can the creditor do this? The information is still wrong. All they did was move the incorrect information from above the line to below the line.
  5. Hello all, I'm in the middle of trying to clean up my credit report and get some old tradelines removed. When I pulled my Trans Union report, it shows a judgement for CACV from another state (where I did previously live) but I never held this account or amount. I confirmed with my father that it is in fact his judgement that was to be included in a bankruptcy he filed a few years back. Neither of my other credit reports show this. Looking into it, the claim was filed by a debt collector law office who is shady from what I've read (as are most of them). I'm looking for help in how to get this removed from my report and do I have any recourse against the law firm? This has been there since 2006!
  6. Hi, My husbands car was reposessed, now that debt for the balance of the car is on my husbands fathers credit report. How can that be? Its my husbands debt not his fathers debt. Can we some how get it taken off his credit report? We are making time payments for the balance of the car. Thank you in advance!
  7. Ok I have an account that is in Collection with Sprint, they sent it on to a debt collector. The debt collector shows on all 3 credit reports, but Sprint does not. My question is, if I pay the account with Sprint in full, what action do I need to take to get the TradeLine Completely removed from my Credit Report.
  8. I have recently checked 2 of my 3 credit reports and seen 1 of my scores. It is lower then I had hoped, 606 on Experian. Equifax will not send me my report until I fax them my drivers license and SSN. On my TU report, I have 3 positive items and 3 negative items. The negative is a medical bill which I have already payed, and an old red light ticket that shows up twice. I think this was payed, it shows a balance of $0 on both, but it still shows "in collection"/"placed for collection". I think it is about 8 months to a year old. The other one is newer and I just paid it like a week ago. The 3 positive items are my old car loan which I never missed a payment on, that I payed off 3 or 4 years ago, a credit card that was closed probably 6-9 years ago with no misses, and I am listed as 'authorized' on a company credit card with no late payments - I think that is called piggybacking when people do it for their credit, my boss just added me so I could use the card. The TU report showed all 6, the Experian report showed just the 1 negative medical bill and the car loan. I applied for and recieved a current credit card with a $500 limit since I didn't have one, and before I knew to try and negotiate for credit removal I payed off that medical bill. My questions is, does anyone care to guess what that and the card will do to my credit score? My other question is, should I contact the credit collector listed for the ticket (it shows up twice and the contact phone is the same but the company name is different) and clarify whether I owe them anything? If I do not and I'm payed up, should I ask them to update that on their credit report, or would I be better off leaving it alone and waiting for it to get older? Or should I dispute it since it shows "in collection" when I have payed and it should say payed off at least? I'm wondering if I dispute it if I may manage to get the whole thing removed. I am not sure what to do or how to go about it. My first instinct to pay off the bill, when I started reading about credit repair, was apparently the worst thing I could do without negotiating. So I figure I should ask for some help. Where should I go from here?
  9. Hello all. I have a collections item on my credit report from a Collections Agency called AFNI, but they have never contacted me. I believe I know what the debt is for, but I don't agree that I should owe it, and the original creditor won't speak with me at all about the debt. So now I have this AFNI record on my report, and I'm wondering what I can do to get it removed? I've read up a bit on the various methods, but they all seem to rely on the time limits imposed by the FDCPA after the Collections Agency has made first contact. Are these time limits still in effect even though I was never contacted? Can I, as I've read, ask for validation/verification from the Collections Agency, then immediately(after I receive the delivery receipt) dispute with the Credit Reporting Agency, trolling for a FDCPA violation? If my requests do come back properly fulfilled and form-letter validated, is my only recourse to sue the Collections Agency? I'd rather try and rack up some violations first, so I have some leverage if need be. Thanks for the help. In case someone is thinking I'm a dead beat trying to get out of debt, I believe this debt is for a (two day) late fee for utilities equipment being returned, which I was told I wouldn't have to pay for by an employee over the phone. Later (3 or 6 months), another employee said tough luck, should of gotten the agreement in writing.
  10. Hi All, I was called by a collections agency over a year ago, who told me I owed a debt to ATT. I told the collections agent that I would dispute the claim when I received something in the mail and they ended the call. They called a couple more times, and each time I answered saying "Mail me something so I can dispute the claim" and they would hang up. Now, I recently checked my credit report and there is a collections claim from some collection agency (Agency 559YC06230), acting on behalf of ATT. What can I do about this now? Am I out of luck since its 30 days past the first contact, or can I do something because I never received written details (or really any details)? From what I've read, it should be easier to dispute with the Collections Agency than with ATT, but all I have is the ID from the credit report. I think the agency was Southwest something, but I have no other information. Any help with where I can start, or how I should proceed? Thanks. P.S. I live in California, the balance is $831, I believe the debt is for non-returned equipment, but I did return it (pretty sure I have the UPS receipt), and ATT refused to deal with me. On the report, the Date Assigned field is Jan 2012, but this equipment problem would have been from approx July of 2010, and collections called sometime around Jan of 2011. Also, I've never received any letters from either the collections agency or ATT about this (including any form of original bill). Now, I do move every year (same city thou), but ATT knew where I lived, since I had a current account with them while collections was calling. Thanks again.
  11. I have 4 OC reporting on my cr with high balances.they are charge offs. They have been on there since 08. I made mistakes trying to work with debt settlement company. I now know what not to do with my credit! I would like to get these removed and improve my credit scores and I would like to refinance. Any advice? How should I negotate with them? will they even negotate with me at this point? Help!! Thanks
  12. New here so I hope this isn't redundant. I just received a collection notice from Enhanced Recovery Company.LLC stating that Hoffe & Associates has attempted to resolve your account. As a result of your failure to resolve this it has been turned over to Enhanced Recovery Company. I have checked all 3 CR Agencies and nothing appears on them. My credit is great. US Bank doesn't even show up as a bank that I have ever used. This is obviously the first thing I have ever heard about this. Never heard of Hoffe & Associates or Enhanced Recovery. I am wondering if I should DV them if nothing is in my credit reports? If for some reason I did use US Bank it would have been 7-8 years ago when I was in Colorado and I am now in Washington for the past 61/2 years. Is it possible to find out if I have ever used US Bank through the CR Agencies? Thought I would ask for a little advice here first before I proceeded with anything. It seems like if they were trying to collect something it would show up in one (or all) of my credit reports. Not sure if this is a scam. Thanks in advance. This site is great. It has really opened my eyes. Cheers
  13. I have a debt on my credit report that I would like to try to get off, if possible. It is really old - over 5 years or more. When I look at my credit report it is a little confusing though - it says the Date Opened is 10/07 and the DLA is 06/06. It is from a dentist bill and I'm not sure when the last time I saw that dentist was, but I don't think it was in 2006 - maybe 2005. I just don't have the money to pay it off, and it is the last thing on my credit report now. I need some advice on what to do. Thanks.
  14. Maybe I didn't title this post correctly but here is the story. My wife and I had a Judgment against us starting back in 2008. Recently we received a letter from their lawyers Forster and Garbus stating how we we were illegally served and that there was a settlement in New York by the Attorney General. They had to legally Vacate The Judgment because of the their crooked process servers (like it doesn't still happen), which they did. Now they have filed the lawsuit all over again and served us by mail only, not even certified, and all the court papers show the backdate of 2008. I know they have the right to start the lawsuit again but my question is this, we recently looked at our credit reports and noticed that the "DATE REPORTED" for this account is now 3/1/2012. Can they just change dates to make it look like a brand new collection account?? Is all this stuff that they're doing legal? Any help would be much appreciated. Bill
  15. I need to find out how I can get an already paid tax lien removed from my credit reports? I have already received the tax lien release letter. What steps do I need to take?
  16. Feds Propose Oversight of Credit Reporting Agencies, Debt Collectors: Thoughts?
  17. we have client with collection that that is unlawful to begin with since the client never agreed or ordered the service and its over the statue (after 3 years on oral) however we asked collection company to simply get off and remove their reporting it seems that they acknowledged that this is uncollectable but they refused to remove only if client pays something and agrees to settle..... My Q: Is they allowed to report when it’s uncollectable? I understand once statue has past it could still stay for up to 7 years but when it’s in error and shouldn’t be there in first place could we force them to remove it
  18. I have a credit card that went unpaid and now it has been purchased by a collection agency. The last payment I made on the card was on 10/2008 (I live in TX so the SOL is 4 years). The CA sent me a dunning letter and in return, I sent them a validation letter. The CA agency sent me a letter stated they recieved my letter for validation and that all collection efforts will cease until the requested documentation is sent. The collection agency has not added the item to my credit report as of yet. Once they validate the debt, which I am sure they are going to - if I pay the debt off in full, I am concerned that they will still add the item to my credit report. I am prepared to pay the debt, but how do I ensure the item does not make it to my credit report? I have used the techniques from the site - my credit score started out at 629and is now at 695. I would hate to have this negative item hit my credit report now after all the work I have done.
  19. I am confused about the dates listed on my credit reports. I thought they could appear 7 years from the date you opened the account OR 7 years from the date of first delinquency. I have a debt from 2004 showing up on my report still -- twice. Once from the original creditor and once from the collection agency. The original creditor's note says the account was opened in 12/2004, but the report says it is scheduled to appear on my report until 2013. Why is this?
  20. I have made an agreement with the plantiff to pay and delete my civil judgement. This agreement was signed 3 months ago and the item still remains on my report. I recently sent letters to the three credit reporting agencies and they are only marking the Judgement as Satisfied and are not removing it from my report. Can you please help me identify the best way to get this deleted?
  21. I had gotten a loan for a car through Chrysler Financial, I had the car for a little over a month and was hit head on by another driver (not my fault) and the car was totaled. Long story short the other persons insurance paid the car off AND I ALSO had GAP insurance-not that it should have mattered the other insurance paid the car off. Well I thought it was all taken care of I went and got another car and life goes on. I was young and didn't know or care about my credit because besides my car I never "needed" anything that required me to get credit-never got a credit card or applied for a store credit card so I never cared to look or check my credit until of course I realized I needed it to get into a house one day...and also for rental purposes-and not that my credit is awful or anything BUT realized it needed to be monitored. Well low and behold Chrysler was reporting a balance of $550 from the car that said sold/charge off and with a negative credit history. Well Chrysler was sold off to TD Auto Finance so when I found out they were reporting this of course I called. The 1st call took me awhile to get anywhere because they couldn’t find that account number and I had to send a written request for information. Well finally they sent me a letter stating I had a $0 balance with them so I think ok well I will dispute this on my credit and get it taken off. So they take off the balance but the account status and history stay the same. So I again dispute and make sure I add that the history and status are wrong, well this time it ALL comes back on my credit. SO I call TD and speak with someone and the first person say on no no the title was sent off to the insurance company and you have a $0 balance I will send you another letter stating so and I letter stating we will make changes to your credit. SO I again get the $0 balance letter and a general we will make changes to your credit. So I send THAT off to the credit bureaus thinking it will come off but nope comes back verified. SO make another call to TD and was transferred here and there to finally speak to someone that says oh you actually do have a balance and the information on your credit is correct….hmmm really?!? So why was I told I had a $0 balance and WHY and HOW do I owe you money? So they do the whole we don’t know they were mistaken and we will send you information on why you owe…ok fine with me if I owe I owe. SO all I get in the mail is a copy of my contract, NOTHING else. How does that provide me with how I owe you any money? SO here I am with this negative information on my credit and no one with TD auto finance can tell me why. The car accident was in 07 and just FYI my car payment was NOT $550… What are my steps now? Do I call TD again? I dispute it and it just comes back verified even with sending the $0 balance letters AND the we will make the changes to your credit. Do I ask for verification that the title was sent off? If I owe them (which I don’t see how-again I ALSO had GAP insurance) then I have no problem going from there but they can’t seem to tell me HOW or Why I would owe them anything just that somehow I do. Do I just take this to court? Sorry So long! And thanks for any advice or suggestions!!
  22. For example, I have an account listed on my credit report as "date opened, 10/2007" and "prior delinquency, 12/2009", when there has been no activity on this account since late 2005... Advice? Is this an example of the CA reaging my account?
  23. Newby here. I just wanted to share some good news with all of you. This will be a good new year after all. After sending a DV letter to Equifax in regards to a $45,000 private student loan from 1999 (USA FUNDS) I received a letter indicating the following: We have researched the credit acct # xxxxx. The results are: This item has been deleted from the credit file. If you have any questions about this item please contact: USA FUNDS at # xxxxxxxxx. I dont know why I would contact USA FUNDS if the item has been deleted. As soon as I received the letter I called the Mortgage Lender in the hopes of buying my first home....... Great news for the new year. Although this is my first post; I have read and armed myself with tons of information from this forum. I can not thank this forum enough. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE.
  24. I sent a certified letter to a CA proposing a pay for delete. I looked at the tracking info this morning and it said it was deliverable as addressed. I was surprised to see this and started doing some searching and found out that the CA indeed did put an incorrect address with their company info on my CR. It was only off by 1 number, but it was enough for USPS to give up on it. Is this a strong piece of leverage I could use in getting this account removed disputing it with the CRA's? I hope to get some type of benefit from this seeing as how if I don't all it means is I am out the $5 it cost to mail it and will have to change 1 number in their address and pay another $5 to resend it. Annoying to say the least!
  25. I got an e-mail over the weekend that said there was a change in my credit report. Some CA trying to get me for $55? West Bay Acquisitions? Seriously? $55??? I have NO idea who these people are. I saw this on my report a years ago, but a different CA had it and then it disappeared and now it's back? I really have NO idea 1) who would send something into collections for $55 and 2) what this account is for. I have never gotten any letters from any collection agency regarding collecting $55 before. Should I just dispute the TL or send a DV letter to the CA?
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