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  1. I had an account with Lane Bryant back in 1998 and had trouble making payments at the end 2001. The account subsequently was placed in collections as it went delinquent in 2002. When I pulled my CR, the Lane Bryant entry was the only derogatory entry left as all others had fallen off. Lane Bryant does not list the date of delinquency, only the date of last payment which was 2002. Yet they list the account status as "pays as agreed". I haven't made any payments since 2002, so why is this still listed on my CR?
  2. I pulled the actual credit reports directly from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion today for my wife and I and gathered up the addresses for DISPUTES ONLY along with dispute resolution phone numbers for 2 of the 3. I cross-checked this information via their websites as well. So if you are looking to dispute or do a "method of verification / MOV" use these addresses for your work, and remember to use Certified Mail with Return Receipt on everything you send, keeping detailed records every step of the way. TransUnion Consumer Solutions P.O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19022-200 1-800-916-8800 Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374 (Dispute phone number unknown) NCAC / Experian P.O. BOX 9701 Allen, TX 75013 1-800-493-1058 Note about Experian: Experian handles its disputes in its National Consumer Assistance Center or NCAC. I have added the name "Experian" to the address just so I could keep track of it better. These guys are the slimiest of the group and make it difficult to find a current address. Don't use any other Experian address you find on the web...This is the current one, and using others could have your mail returned or lost in limbo. Hope this helps. S. PS I find it funny that Experian calls their dispute resolution department the NCAC...It would be more appropriate if it were called Regional Center for Unhelpful A**holes. But that is just my 2 cents.
  3. Finally got my credit reports... and found a LOT of stuff that doesn't belong there. First, what brought me here... http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/there-lawyer-house/306374-sued-lvnv-represented-wwr.html After getting a dismissal, we are now trying to clean up the credit report. A little about me... I have no secured debt. My home is paid for, and I won't use it as an ATM. It was paid for long enough ago that it is off my credit report. I paid cash for my truck(s) and while they are rusty, they are mechanically sound. One advantage of this is that I don't pay for collision or comprehensive insurance. I am self employed and my company is debt free. On to my credit report. I have combined the trade lines from all three and eliminated duplicates. First the good. I have 12 credit cards total that I have had for 8 or more years. All show 'Pays as Agreed'. All but one show 81 months of on time payments. Next the ok. One of the above credit cards shows a single 'Late 30' about 4 years ago. However, I don't recall ever being late on it. Not sure yet what to do with this one. I also see a medical collection for about $60 from 2 years ago. I have used the same doctor for 10 years. I have never had medical insurance and have always paid cash at time of service. This is from a company I have never used and appears to be a radiology outfit. I do not recall any radiology services in the last 10 years. Neither does my doctor. I am disputing this in writing with the collection agency. I am requesting that they provide me with the name of the doctor requesting the services and with the address and phone number of the place the results were sent. If they can show this is mine, I will pay it in full without objection. Now the not so good. There are 3 credit card accounts that I am listed as an 'Authorized User' on. I had forgotten about them. They are from 10 or more years ago. The card holder died several years ago. All these cards show charged off. Between them, they total about $3500. They also show as negatives on my report. When I called TransUnion to cancel the free trial credit monitoring, they told me to file a written dispute with them stating that the card holder is deceased and that I can't be an authorized user on them since the cards died when the card holder did. Is this the best way? Or is there a better way to handle them? And last, the bad. There are 2 OC tradelines from company's that I have never done business with. One is a credit card, charged off for about $1000. There is an accompanying collections tradeline from JDB LVNV for about $1200. This is the one that was dismissed in court. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/there-lawyer-house/306374-sued-lvnv-represented-wwr.html The second appears to be a charge account for medical services with a company in Chicago. it is charged off for about $1500. There is an accompanying JDB tradeline for this one as well, for $1500, from the same folks, LVNV. These are not my accounts. I can't prove identity theft on these altho the judge said that LVNV would need a LOT more than they had to prove the first account was mine. Nothing has happened with the second account yet. I have no idea where to start on getting rid of these last two. So that's the story. Ideas? Comments? Questions?
  4. So I just wrote a crazy long post detailing the situation and the series of events that have ensued. It was so long and detailed I figured I would probably lose half of my potential readers/advisers, so I am going to post a summary. I saved the original post and would be more than happy to send anyone who is interested a private message with the full thing if you think you can help and need more details, or if you just want to know more. In a nutshell, I went to a technical college 5 years ago. My parents paid in full, out of pocket. Never took any type of loan or aid. Zero. Pulled my credit report for the first time in a long time, and I have an adverse account from this school, listed as "Loan Type: Student Loan", in the amount of $29. Yes, twenty-nine dollars. It has been reporting as 120 days delinquent for 10 months. I have called the school 4 times, and the collection agency they passed it off to once trying to get this resolved. Yes, that is correct too. They really did pass off a $29 balance (cost over $10,000 to attend this school, once again, paid in full) to a collection agency. They haven't been able to provide any type of explanation for the outstanding balance to this point. They are pulling some records and are supposed to let me know tomorrow. However, I know this doesn't really matter. Based on the numerous conversations I have engaged in with them, their official response will almost certainly be that they stand behind everything they have done and cannot / will not change anything. I have had other debts over the years, and creditors/collection agencies have never had any trouble finding me. I assure everyone that when I saw this on my credit report last week, this was the first I had heard about this $29 balance. They claim they did their "due diligence" in attempting to collect this outstanding balance...whatever that means in their world. I find it hard to believe they did more than place 1, MAYBE 2 phone calls to collect a $29 balance when I am sure they have hundreds or thousands of accounts owing multiple thousands of dollars. Basically, they are not going to do this the easy way. I am sure they are hoping I will give in and admit the debt by paying it. This way they don't have to report the mistake to the credit agencies and do "extra" work. What they don't know is that I am willing to take this as far as they are. I have paid a hefty sum in the past 6 months repaying previous debts as I have started my path to getting my credit on track. I am not going to let some $29 mystery fee show as being massively delinquent and drag my credit score down. Would the easiest/more likely solution be to more or less pay them off? Pay them/the CA the $29 plus a "bonus" on top to get them to just remove all records of this off my CR? I have read a little a bit about this online, but does this actually work? Or would the most logical thing be requesting a debt validation, then disputing the record with the agencies, etc.? Like I said, the original post I wrote was 3 or 4 times longer than this. Needless to say I am pretty upset with the situation. If you want to read my short novel regarding the situation, let me know and I will send it to you. Any advice anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have a medical collection from MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS INC - they put it on all three CB an I never recall even getting a letter in the mail or a call saying that they were going to put it on my credit. What is the best way to dispute this? I have tried already to dispute with CB but they came back and said that the debt was mine. Thanks. DM
  6. I paid off an old Verizon account, made payment on September 5. Verizon will not update my credit reports to show a $0 balance. I disputed it with the CRAs and it took them less than a week to verify the account as accurate... Should I wait until Verizon updates my credit report for September to see if they update? If they don't, should I pursue legal action against Verizon and all three CRAs?
  7. just received an email from equifax that stated a suit or judgement has been placed on me, i havent been served with anything, so what should i do?
  8. have some negative reports on credit........made a phone call to settle.....not willing to give my bank info over phone so they change the amount of the settlement..........any idea about this practice......i am willing to send it via the mail but they say they can only settle over the phone the lesser amount........
  9. I have negative debt........am able to settle most of them......when I pay it how do i get it removed from credit report......thanks
  10. I remember seeing on this site about which "Free" credit report site to use. If I remember correctly, one of them wants to cahrge and sell information about you and the other is totally free and upfront. Which one is is the best to use? Thanks
  11. I have received 3 calls (since June 2011) and a notice in the mail to pay a debt collector. The agent states in the msg that paperwork is going through for a verification of employment and that I or my legal representation need to call him back. Just yesterday I pulled up all 3 credit reports and that DC is not showing up on any of my reports. The OC is on my report and it states that they CO the amount and that it has been transferred or sold to collections. My questions are: 1. Should I pay the DC eventhough it's not showing up on my credit reports 2. I've been thinking about DV and am wondering if the statement I received is considered a DV. The statement tells me the name of the DC, the OC, and the amount I now owe. I don't want to pay a collector if they aren't the one's that are supposed to get paid. I'm nervous about possible having my wages garnished. Our family lives paycheck to paycheck and not knowing what's going to happen is stressing me out. Maybe, after I can confirm with DV that I do owe the DC money I can settle with them. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  12. Greeting's, I have been viewing my credit report and noticed that some of the debts say they have been sold to other lenders. Does this make it easy to have the "OC" removed from you "CR" ?
  13. Hi I was wondering what site people suggest using to pull your credit scores and reports for free? I used the 7day trial with IdentityIQ.com because they gave me all 3 scores and deragatory credit info from all 3 credit bureaus. I now understand that these scores may no be the FAKO and not FICO scores, but its a good estimate right? Anyway I cancelled my services before the 7day trial expired with no problem so I think I like them but does anyone have any other sites or any other suggestions on this matter?
  14. I pulled my credit report today and I was shocked after reading the following paragraph: The following companies have received your credit report. Their inquiries remain on your credit report for two years. - Wells Fargo Bank NA (one inquiry every month for 6 months) - Valentine and Kebartas (Collection Agency) Is this legal? Can they just pull my report without my consent? If not, how would you proceed?
  15. Hello, I wanted to say hello to everyone in the forum. This is my first post to the forum, seeing that I thought I'd never need the assistance, but who really does? I've been researching my credit situation and have come up with a strategy that I'd like some feedback on: I pulled my credit report from the reporting agencies and it's not too bad, but bad enough. The breakdown goes like this: Experian: 1 60 day late, 4 collection, 3 charge off Trans Union: 1 60 day late, 9 collection, 2 charge off Equifax: 1 60 day late, 5 collection, 3 charge off On Experian the 3 charge offs account for 3 of the 4 collection. On Trans Union, 1 of the 9 collections are charge offs. On Equifax, 2 of the 5 collections are charge offs. According to Experian, anticipated collections will be removed Oct 2011, Dec 2011, Apr 2012, Sep 2012; anticipated charge offs will be removed Oct 2011, Nov 2012. One of the charge offs has no date reflected. According to Trans Union, anticipated collections will be removed Jul 2011, Jul 2011, Jul 2011, Nov 2011, Dec 2011, Feb 2012, Mar 2012, May 2012, Jun 2012, Nov 2012; anticipated charge offs will be removed Jan 2012, Feb 2012. Equifax shows no anticipated removals. My intention is to debt validate the collections and dispute the late payments and charge offs. I anticipate by some of the dates mentioned that some of these will fall off by themselves, but for others I have to be proactive. I had to go back to school after losing my job (major part of the problem) and would like to have a number of these resolved before I start interviewing next year. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.
  16. Hi there, Im new to the boards and new to this whole credit repair thing. I just recieved my credit report and i had a few questions about it. On the credit report i noticed the following: Personal Info On the CR it has listed a current address that is 3 years old and 2 previous addresses that are older. I have an old company i used to work for on there as my employer and its misspelled. Also my name does not have the suffix at the end. Should I mail the three CRA's about fixing these problems or try to fix them online? I tried TransUnions website in the online disputes but they wont let me erase my current address or add a new one. Collections I have 6 CA's on my CR and 1 CO. I think i know from reading the information here how to go about disputing these and trying to get them deleted... any suggestions would be appreciated One last thing... I have a loan on my credit report that is probably the worst thing on here. Its a loan i opened in 2006 i paid for a bit then i stopped paying due to my situation back then and i was almost sure it was sent to collections.. On my CR it is not a CA it saids Pay Status: Paid or Paying as Agreed. No date closed. Loan type is unsecured. No past due amount just a balance.. and a bunch of dates that are showing as late.. Looks as if the loan is still open... i have read thru the info on this website but dont know the best way going about getting this resolved. Thanks!
  17. It has been a bad couple years for us and a lot of things went wrong so now I am trying to straighten things out and I pulled my credit report, on every item there is a remark I have a few questions on what they mean under pay status it says charged off as bad debt but under remarks some say 1-profit and loss write off- does this mean they wont come after it? 2-account closed by credit grantor 3- some say charged off written off new to these forums and taking in a lot of info so it can be overwelming to read all the posts
  18. This is the second time around on disputing items on my credit report. The first time, I got two items removed for not being verified. The items that were verified, I sent a second dispute to the CRAs providing additional information on why they should be removed or changed. This request with experian has been longer than 30 days and the CRA has not provided me with any additional information on why it is longer than the 30 day window. There can me a 15 day extension if the OC has additional information to share with them. I thought I had to be notified that there was new information from the OC. What does the FCRA state? Any thoughts on what to do?
  19. So I have an entire listed on my CR. Now what I don't get is that I thought it was to fall off after 7 years but somehow it always ends up on there still. How is this possible? The account was opened in 10/2002 and date it was closed 04/2007. The pay status is listed as Charged Off, and the Remark shows Profit and loss writeoff. Now it also shows Updated 12/2010. How can this be? It seems like it keeps getting updated just to stay on there. I am not sure what I can/should do. This is very frustrating and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. will it show up as a 90 day late from 2005? I used to have 30/60/90 day lates all the time back then but now I'm squeaky clean. However, Pinnacle came out of nowhere and it chasing me for $70 that I might owe (not sure). The debt is from 2005. If they stick it on my credit report now, would it show up as ancient and therefore not affect my score or will it devastate my now 700+ score?
  21. Im trying to fix my wife and my credit I'm starting with hers looks like most of her past due acct are paid off and are listed on her credit report as paid as agreed or charged off and are falling off on 12/11. She has 2 accounts left open which are the following Loan Type: Factoring Company Account Remark: >Placed for collection< Date placed for collection: [ 12/2006] Estimated date that this item will be removed: 01/2012 Balance: $524 Date Updated: 03/2011 Original Balance: $1,446 Original Creditor: 01 SONY FINANCIAL HSBC Past Due: >$524< The second one is for oan Type: Factoring Company Account Remark: >Placed for collection< Date placed for collection: [ 02/2008] Estimated date that this item will be removed: 07/2012 Balance: $1,164 Date Updated: 03/2011 Original Balance: $803 Original Creditor: 01 TARGET Past Due: >$1,164< She has gotten settlement letters for both, since were trying to fix our credit how should we approach this? Leave it alone and let the first one fall off or take the settlements? Ohh and by the way both these debts are legit. ALso on her credit report is it supposed to show two times for the same charge example on it shows target being reported twice and the original collector target is less then what the collection agency has oan Type: Charge Account Remark: Purchased by another lender Estimated date that this item will be removed: 05/2013 Balance: $0 Date Updated: 12/2007 High Balance: $684 Credit Limit: $800 Past Due: $0 Pay Status: >Charged Off as Bad Debt< Account Type: Revolving Account Responsibility: Individual Account Date Opened: 09/2002 Date Closed: 10/2006 Date Paid: 06/2006 then right below that it shows oan Type: Factoring Company Account Remark: >Placed for collection< Date placed for collection: [ 02/2008] Estimated date that this item will be removed: 07/2012 Balance: $1,164 Date Updated: 03/2011 Original Balance: $803 Original Creditor: 01 TARGET Past Due: >$1,164<
  22. I am curious about a couple of things. I've heard some folks on the boards mention that you should have all prior addresses deleted from your credit report and that you should "opt out." Can someone tell me the reason behind this? Not disagreeing with the method at all, I just don't understand it. Peace and Love, Erin in Texas
  23. Can a c.a pull a copy of your credit report.I have two inquiries on my credit report from two different c.a.
  24. Hello All...I live in Massachusetts. According to my credit report we were 30 days past due on 1 payment and another month was behind but not at the 30 days past due point. Nothing was sent to collections and its listed as a "potentially negative report" I paid off the entire amount I was behind so I am now current. Will this stay on my credit report or drop off bc its current. It caused my score to drop but I am now all paid to date. Since it was never in collections is there a way to get this off my credit report and get my score back up???
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