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  1. Hi, Upon looking at my credit report I see that the CA filed a civil judgement (and won - yeah, i was stupid for not handling this a long time ago). However, this amount and another TL from an OC are the same (OC reports it as charge off with the amount). My question is, isn't this against the law to do? What would be my course of action. Can I fight to get both the TL and the Civil Judgement off my credit.
  2. I am with CMS and have not paid on my American Express account in almost two years. The last entry on my credit reports is August 2008, yet American Express shows my account in good standing with no negatives. I know there are other cases where American Express does report negatives so I'm wondering why they wouldn't report negatives for me?
  3. My husband and I have just started the process of trying to repair our CRs. A couple of months ago, my husband found a TL on his CR that he didn't recognize. It was a collection account that had been opened in 2006. We sent a letter to the company CMRRR, disputed the account, and received a reply last week. It's an old Providian account that the CA said they were given in 2005, and that it was eventually charged off. Providian doesn't have a TL on his CR, and he honestly can't remember the last time he used the card or paid on the account. He doesn't remember ever getting anything from the CA either. The info they sent us was one page that included the original balance, the 1st due date (11/04) and the next due date (4/05). They denied there was anything incorrect about the TL, and wrote that if we had further questions, we should contact another CA who now has the account. We've never heard from the new agency, nor do they have a TL on the CR. How should I go about correcting this? Should I send the 1st CA another letter requesting they prove that they own it? I don't want to contact the 2nd CA because I don't want to give them any ideas about putting a TR on the CR in case they now own the account. If the 1st CA no longer owns it, can they keep their TL on the CR? Thank you.
  4. Does that restart the 7 years? I have been reading a lot online and I seem to find conflicting information on that.
  5. I apologize if this has been asked previously... I received a letter from TU saying that their investigation regarding my disputes has been completed blah, blah, blah. I pulled a copy of the TU credit report and noticed that under the title of "Regular Inquiries" there are 4 inquiries. According to the defination these are considered "hard pulls" because they are on my report for two years. Three of the four inquiries are from CA's that I have never heard from yet they managed to do hard pulls. One is from Zwicker in 9/2008 and the others are from 2009. Isn't this illegal for CA's to do a hard pull? Then under the section called "Account Review Inquiries" there aer several places that I have never heard of. It was my understanding that this section was for account review or business transactions with me. A couple of them are CA's and there are three that say permissible purpose is written authorization, but I for the life of me don't recognize the name of the place. But it is from 9/2008 so I'm just not remembering, but find that interesting. I also find it interesting that on some of the account review inquiries there are no telephone numbers. One specifically is listed as NCO Financial Systems which is a known CA. Just was wondering if this is legal. Of the three CA's that did the hard pull, one is from 9/2008 so that could potentially go off in a few months, but I want to know if this is legal or against the law. Thanks in advance for your time and opinions.
  6. Hi everyone! Thanks ahead of time for your help! I'm applying for grad school, and subsequently student loans, in the next few months and need to remove some negative items from my credit to increase my score. I had a handful of negative items on my credit (mostly from credit cards I shouldn't have applied for my first year of college) from 2001-2002. Without knowing any better, I paid and settled some of these debts with the collection agencies this past January. Well, I just realized through research that I should have negotiated with them a pay for deletion!!! My question is the following: Do I have a chance of removing these negative items from my report at this point? I know I've lost leverage; however, I wanted to know if debt validation or a 623 letter would be a recourse. I have items on my report from the original creditors (Capital One, HSBC) and also from the awful and notorious collection agency Portfolio Recovery (PRA) which one of these was sold to. Any advice given would be much appreciated!
  7. I got financing from a Dell Computer back in 2002. I had financial trouble and wasn't able to keep making monthly payments. I'm in the process of cleaning things up and would like advice on what to do with this. It's posted in the "Collections" section as well as in my report as a debt. Can I get it removed for being a duplicate or what? Thank you Collection Items Collector.................12 CIT BANK Account Number.......XXXX - XXXX Date Open...............07-2006 Balance Date Balance Amount........$1900 Date of Status..........03-2010 Status.....................Automated account TransUnion Collector..................WEB BANK/DFS Account Number........XXXX-XXXX Date Open................03-2002 Balance Date.............05-2004 Balance Amount..........$0 Monthly Payment High/Limit..................$1300 Account Status..........Charged off as bad debt Prior Delinquency Past Due Amount
  8. Yesterday my wife and I contacted a bank that we owe money to in regards to pay/settling the account. It shows on our credit bureau as a collection agency named CBSA. The guy at the bank told us we owe more than what is showing on the credit report. He also stated that they are not using this collection agency any longer. We contacted the collection agency to ask them to remove it. Immediately they tried to collect on it asking us to PIF. We advised them by telephone that this amount was innacurate and asked them to remove it. She said they don't remove it. We told her per the FCRA that if the item is showing on the credit that they have to remove it from our credit. She said she would contact the bank and asked for our phone number to call us back. My question is... what is our next step? The bank is no longer using the collection agency. The collection agency has reported it on our credit. By them reporting innacurate info how do I get it off of our credit?
  9. I just completed a short sale with my lender and heard that one can successfully dispute the late payments that will remain on the report if the lender does not own the note to begin with. Is this true and is it as simple as stating that as your dispute?
  10. Alpat Co. Inc shows up on my credit report for a Very Old Crap 1 account. This Crap1 account was a C/O from back in 03 and the C/O has since fallen off the report ... Thats how old it is. All of a sudden, Alpat shows up on my report stating Collection / 1 Month term/ Balance $258 1. Alpat has never sent me a letter stating they were reporting to my CR 2. Does a person dispute this with Exp, TU, EQ first ... Or, dispute with "Alpat" at this point? Thanks in advance for response.
  11. Hi all, I am not sure if I am in the right forum or not. Anyway my car was repoed some time last yr the OC is Drive Financial now Santander. Long story short I gave the car to my sis since I got a new SUV thinking she would pay and was not. The balance left after me giving it to her or from what I see on my credit report was $2486.. The car got repo with no notice what so ever, the car was in my name .I never got anything from Santander like intent to reposses, nor late payment notices,even after being repoed I still have never gotten anything from them to date.Not even my license plate from them.The tradeline does appear on my credit report not as a repo but as a charge off. My thing is where and how do I start to tackle this off my credit report? I was successful in getting it deleted off my Equifax report but it is still on TU and EXP. Does any one have advice as to where to start or what to do?? I am in florida if that helps. This is the last major negative listing on my credit report. I have been successful in deleting 9 negative items off my report and this is the final one.I was just scared to even touch it but I am in the process of getting my credit in order to buy a home.Please Help!!!!
  12. I recently sent a debt validation letter to a CA. The collection item was then removed from my credit report, however, it reappeared on my credit report from a NEW collection agency a couple weeks later. The new CA DID NOT send me any type of documentation. Now what? Send the new CA a debt validation letter? Should I threaten them with a lawsuit?
  13. I just got a letter from a first point collections. Its for a toner cartridge that an employee of mine got and i forgot to send a bill. It came adressed to me and not my business. Its 65 dollars. I dont mind paying it. But id hate to pay it and then have it go on my credit report. What do i do to settle this and KEEP it off my credit report? As far as i know they do not have my social security number.. only my name and apparantely work address.
  14. Back in the day when I was a newbie, we used Privacy Guard to view our 3 major credit reports on a daily basis. Privacy Guard is not around anymore, at least I don't think so. I'm using True Credit, and I don't like it since I can't see my 3 beaures daily. I'm cleaning and applying for credit so I have to see what is going on daily. What do you guys recommend as a credit monitoring service where I can pull all three credit reports on a daily basis?
  15. Out of the blue (because I check my credit report at least twice a month), EOS CCA out of Norwell, MA has reported an AT&T bill on all 3 credit reports and I have no idea what it is. I disputed it online with all 3 CA's and it can back as verified and unchanged. They never called me or sent me anything in the mail. I have never had AT&T and I do know that AT&T bought out Cell One, and I did have a cell phone with them, but that was 5 or 6 years ago. My question is, what do I do from here? I wrote down their address and phone number and I would like to send them a letter saying they violated the law by reporting this on my credit report without telling me about this so called debt, but I'm not sure if they did and I need help with what to do now. I am in the state of PA. Thank you.
  16. Ok, so I printed my credit report from freecreditreport.com last year and on it was a closed medical bill for all of $35. I called the company, National Hospital Collections, told them I didn't realize I owed it and would be happy to pay them so that my debt could be paid and that my credit report would reflect the payment. I made the payment on March 12th of last year. I recently pulled my credit report this year, and National Hospital Collections is no longer on there, and it's gone from Experian entirely, and was never on Transunion. But for Equifax, there's a $35 medical bill with an opening account date the same as the one from NHC the year before. The account numbers are the same. Should I contact NHC to have them notify Equifax that they were the collection agency and that the matter has been resolved, or do I need to contact Equifax directly? It seems to me that NHC should be able to handle this, and have more proof readily available.
  17. Hey guy's, I just recieved a collection letter from a company that bought an old credit card debt of mine. It has since fallen off my credit reports due to length of time that has passed. I was give several different options regarding "making payments" to them. Can these bozo's re-open this account and have it show up on my credit report again? Should I just ignore it? Thanks in advance
  18. I viewed my FICO score and have 3 collections on my report. The agency names are not listed just some numbers and letters such as "196yc0000." How do I find these agencies so I can address these issues. Thank you.
  19. I have made automatic payments on 2 credit cards 15.00 and 18.00 dollars from my bank. the credit cards have been closed due to the min not being made. payments are still being made. can i dispute the credit report??? thank you
  20. I read on here somewhere that collectors are required to give you notice prior to reporting negative items to the credit reporting agencies. Is this true, and if so, what is the section of the FCRA that addresses this? Thanks for any help.
  21. A debt collection law firm is on my CR's, but have had no contact whatsoever withm them (including letters). If I contact them via phone (while recording) to 'inquire' about the debt, does that trigger my 5-day rights under the FDCPA? In other words, if I call them (as opposed to them calling me) do they have to send an initial letter advising me of my right to dispute, etc?
  22. My Wife and I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy nearly 3 Years ago and was discharged. We put a few collections on the Bankruptcy and have a few Collections pop up since then too that occurred after the Bankruptcy. We are very serious about improving our scores, now that we've gotten our Debt under control. Here are my questions: 1.) I have paid for a Collection Account that was for a lowly $30, and did not know about the "Pay for Delete" Negotiation. If I have read correctly, I can send a letter to all 3 CRA, and Claim "The Account isn't Mine" and hope they delete it? 2.) I have 2-3 Accounts that were covered under the Bankruptcy, is there any way to remove theses, despite even if it says "Discharged Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing?" 3.) As for the current Collections that are still Unpaid, I now know about the Pay for Delete, but do I attempt to get them removed from my Credit Report before I resort to a "Pay for Delete"? And if I attempt to dispute the Current Collections from the CRA's, do I again use the same reasoning "The Account isn't Mine?" even though I know for a fact that they are? The reasons why I ask, it seems too easy just to claim "The Account isn't Mine" and hope they get deleted, as if they can not verify it within 30 Days. Any help is appreciated.
  23. I need to get my credit reports, but I dont want to get the free reports. I dont see anywhere you can just buy them from the big 3... Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks
  24. I have wondered IF it is even worth bothering with. Is it?
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