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  1. Greetings, I won't bore you with all of the details of 7 of the 8 collection accounts I found in my credit reports when I begain this adventure on May 12, 2014 or so, but I'll include a link to a post where I'm documenting my victories one at a time here..... I read more than a few posts regarding the ethical duty to pay debts that are legitimate as opposed to trying to simply trying to not pay monies that we owe,.and felt compelled to pay the
  2. As we all know midland bought out asset. i have an open case with asset and recieved a sort-of dunning letter from midland informing me they were taking over the case. some notable features of this letter: -they informed me 'the account wiill be handled directly by MCM as servicer for asset acceptance, thru its internal legal dept. MCM's in-house counsel has filed or will be filing a substitution of attorney with the court. The back says "As the owner of this account, but subject to the rights below Asset Acceptance LLC is entitled to payment of this account". - Is this considered to be a 'S
  3. the letter is from a new collection agent for a debt held by Discover as OC. It has the much sought-after verbage that 'this debt is out of SOL and legal action cannot be taken'. Since its a new collection agent i will be sending them a combination DV/ cease and desist. I guess i would not call it a DV since im telling them to not contact me, more of a denial of the debt in combination with the C&D any choice verbage i should include in my letter?
  4. Hello, I am in need of some serious help. I have never checked my credit report in my entire life until two days ago when a collection agency called me and informed me that i had student loans in my name. *this is sadly a case of family fraud but i did attend school so I'm dealing with that, it only prompted me to check my credit report to see what else may have happened. I did credit karma (transition) and to be safe got the experian report as well. I am going through all this information still as it has been pretty overwhelming but have noticed a few pretty serious concerns already.
  5. This is what FDCPA 809 says: Let's say a consumer notices a delinquent account on her credit report for the very first time. There was no previous telephone call or postal mail about this particular account. Pick below what you feel is the correct response. Is the initial communication on: A. the date the JDB first inserted the adverse item on the credit file, but before the consumer ordered the credit report. B. the date the consumer downloaded the credit report, and noticed the delinquent account for the very first time. C. the date the consumer contacted the JDB on the tel
  6. Looking for some advice on dealing with this collection agency Portfolio Recovery Associates. Same old story, I went thru some very hard times about 4 years ago and now im dealing with the consequences. Recently Ive been contacted by Portfolio Recovery Associates regarding TWO accounts that they have purchased and are now trying to contact me about settling debt. One of the accounts is an old GE Bank Credit Card (Walmart) that is out of the Statue of Limitations in my state. (im in Texas and I believe the SOL is 4 years on debt.) The letter that I received regarding that account is has this t
  7. Last month I made a written offer to settle a debt claimed that I owe by Credit Control, a collection agency acting on behalf of JH Portfolio Debt Equities, a JDB that had apparently purchased debt from a charged off Chase account. I received a response in writing from Credit Control stating that they were authorized to agree to my offer and that once my payments were complete, the account would be settled in full. They also sent me the complete agreed upon payment schedule and stated that my first payment must be received "on or before" November 29th by check, check by phone, debit or cre
  8. Hi, I am helping a friend with validating a debt and trying to protect their credit and the debt hitting their credit. The debt has already gone to collections and they have sent the initial Debt Letter, we responded within the 30 days with a Debt Validation letter. We received a response about 2 weeks later with all the paper work showing my friends signature on the documents, the itemized charges etc... Here is the detail. My friend took their son to the dentist, the dead beat dad said he had insurance and the dentist charges were sent to the insurance later to find out the insurance was
  9. Today, I received a settlement letter from Midland regarding a TL that was deleted approximately 6 months ago. I never received an initial dunning letter. I checked my CR and noticed Midland's negative TL. After monitoring my CR for several months, I noticed that Midland was reporting this TL inconsistently. Midland used 2 different names (Funding and Credit Management) to open and close the TL, they listed themselves as a factoring company, made the TL appear to be a loan or revolving credit, they supposedly sent a dunning letter to my old address but pulled my CR which listed my current addr
  10. I got a letter from Nelson, Watson & Associates regarding a collection for LVNV 1st Premier. Firstly, this is something that is DEFINITELY out of SOL. It fell off my CR 3/2012. I have copies of my CR's from previous years so I have all the info as to when the last payment was made. (in 2005) I also have letters from OTHER collectors, trying to collect for the SAME account. So my question is, since I know for SURE this is out of SOL, is there a letter I can send specifically for that, or should I just send the DV letter? It is all ready to go, and I planned on sending it out today.
  11. It's been a while since I attempted to repair anyone's credit; I started with mine and then did some for friends and now I'm starting on my fiance's. After pulling all of his reports and reviewing them and asking questions, it dawned on me that starting the credit repair process might also invite a lawsuit from creditors and collection agencies. For instance, if you DV a creditor or a collection agency on an account that is still within the statue of limitations according to the laws of your state, might you invite them to sue you? I'm in GA where new case law has set CC debt and auto loans
  12. I sent a DV letter to Calvary Portfolio almost 2 months ago. Today I received a letter stating that Calvary acknowledges my dispute and the request for account validation. It goes on to state the they have already ceased collection efforts relating to the alleged account. It also states that they will contact me again and either provide validation or an update on the account status within 60 days from the date of this letter and that no collection efforts will be made unless and until account validation is provided. My question is should Calvary still be reporting this to the Credit Bureau
  13. Thank you in advance if anyone reads the facts of this case and offers input. I am being sued in Arizona by CACH, LLC (represented by the Law Office_______ for a little over $3,000. They are within the Statue of Limitations in Arizona for this debt. (I put in bold the actions I have taken, and questions I'd like to emphasize to make reading through the facts easier) I was served with a summons and I answered immediately simply requesting further debt verification; I did not verify or agree that I owed the debt. I filed a signed/notarized request with the court for the debt verificati
  14. In April I sent a basic debt validation letter to Zwicker & Associates P.C. They received it April 27th. Today, June 3rd, I received about 20 past credit card statements from them postmarked May 31st. I know that is a few days over the 30 day limit, but from what I can tell on here, that doesn't matter much. But, what do I do from here? Do I send them another debt validation letter asking for more in depth info or is that enough validation? From what I can tell on the forums, at some point I should check to see if they are licensed in my state. The original paperwork from Zwicker state
  15. Another Law Firm, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis is attempting to collect on a repossessed RV with the original creditor being US Bank. This is the 3rd attempt to collect on the debt, dating back to June, 2009. The debt has been charged off per my credit report. The type of contract was a "Retail Installment Sale Contract." I live in California and I believe the SOL is 4 years from the last payment, which was June, 2008. I have followed the Debt Validation strategy for the previous two attempts and the CA's ceased attempts to collect. For the current CA, I sent the initial DV letter and the
  16. Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can enlighten me about where to go from here. Like a lot of others, I'm attempting to repair my credit. Pulled credit report and noticed about $2500 in debt on two different accounts to LVNV Funding. One month in particular I noticed the reported balance jumped by $200. Anyway, I sent them a debt validation request, certified mail. They received the letter. A week later I received a collections notice from the company. They did not send any validation of the debt, only this collection letter. It had the blurb about how i need to send a validation request within 30 d
  17. I have been lurking around on this forum for a month or so, and have been trying to learn as much as I can. Frankly, it is all very confusing to me, and I am very intimidated by fighting anyone in court, but have not giving up on that option. Let me start with a general background. I got a divorce about 5 years ago, and bought a house after the divorce. Had to use the credit cards for moving expenses and for repairs on the house (it was a foreclosure and everything that could go wrong, went wrong). I realized about 2 years ago that I was getting into deep debt and was in trouble, so I closed
  18. Yesterday, I received a Dunning Letter on this item, from same CA (Gulf Coast)but says it is now Concentric, formerly known as Gulf Coast. Says I have 30 days to pay up unless this item is in dispute. It has been in dispute since October. Since I just now received a Dunning Letter, never received Validation of the debt nor any response from them, how do I proceed ? Do I start over since I just received a DL or what is the best way to proceed with this ? I have documentation that I disputed and sent a DV request. I really want to handly this using the proper steps this time, I had health insura