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Found 1 result

  1. Ladies/ Gentlemen, I will need to some info and steps as to: How do I bring my FDCPA and FCRA case back to Small Claims Court where I originated ? Here are some background info: -Location: Los Angeles, California -FDCPA & FCRA case -Reason why I file my claim at this court house: ( what I wrote down on small claim court paper) –Where the violation(s) took place AND Jurisdiction of Court; limitation of action *618 [ 15 U.S.C. *1681P] See: www.ftc.gov/os/statues/031224fcra ANDwww.ftc.gov/os/2011/07/11-720 fcrareport.pdf (page 89) " Any action to enforce any liability created under this title may be brought in any appropriate US district court, without regard to amount in controversy, or in any other court of competent jurisdiction, not later than the earlier of (1) 2 years after the date of discovery by plaintiff of the violation that is the basis for such liability; or (2) 5 years after the date on which violation that is the basis for such liability occurs. " Now the details: 1 months ago, I filed the FDCPA and FCRA violations case at the small claim court Vs. JDB, but still with the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles county platform. The court date set 2 months roughly from the filing date, now, 1 month to away from court date. I just received a letter from JDB’s attorney, suggesting that my case has been moved to Federal level & they even provided with a case #. However, when I checked my own case at lasuperiorcourt.org, my case summaries does not stated it has been moved. Still court date is the same, at the same superior court house. How do I check the case summaries at the federal court level ? The JDB’s attorney is asking for a telephone “meet & confer”, pursuant to Local Rule 7-3, can anyone tell me what is Rule 7-3? How do I bring my FDCPA and FCRA case back to Small Claims Court where I originated ? They indicated their intention to file a motion to dismiss the case, (I am sure they will try ! ), I guess, I would need to reply the motion when I see it, right? And how many days ( time dead-line ) that I need to reply? Due to that fact that it is only 1 month away, I take it they are under pressure / deadline, right ? So how play this to ensure I get the most advantage when it comes to counting dates and most benefits for my case? Do I immediately file a motion in ( at which court) to stop their attempt to move my case? Or to move it back at Small Claim Court ? Million thanks
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