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  1. Hello. I am new to this site. Hope someone can help me. I did not receive a summons. Midland funding sent it to my mother's address, and I haven't lived there for years. Also tried to serve my mother and she told them I don't live there. Judge granted them alternate service, but I never received a summons. My mother did not either. My mother is getting older and never keeps track of anything, including mail. As a result Midland got a default judgment against me. Tried to vacate judgment twice, but was denied. Judge said the alternate service was sufficient enough to notify me
  2. I have a judgment granted against me from 2009. My bank contacted me and informed me the debt collectors subpoena my records and at the specific date on the subpoena they will turn the records over to the debt collectors. I called the debt collectors seeking a way to settle the debt, I was willing to do payment arrangements, but I am not comfortable with the fact they don't want to spell out in a letter stating at the end of the payment arrangement, the judgment is satisfied. The representative went into a bull spill about being able to levy my bank account….blah, blah, blah! I tried to
  3. Hello all like most mid 20 something years olds i am now attempting to get my credit in line. I was sued by my fraternity in college (only by one person who dis-liked me) for an erroneous amount of money ($3,000) being an air headed college student i thought that this would mean nothing because they had no case or reason to sue me for that amount. boy was i wrong. I recently got my credit report and realized that it WAS effecting my credit report. They took the case to court and got a judgment against me. I am in contact with the fraternity now who is willing to work with me but would lov
  4. Hi Everyone, First of all, I want to once again thank EVERYONE on this forum whose knowledge and patience as been of such great help to all of us novices who are treading in unfamiliar (and sometimes a little scary) waters! I hope and pray you and yours are well! Here are my previous posts for reference: Went to court 4/29. They sent a rent-a-lawyer
  5. Some of these JDB's just shoot themselves in the foot. My history: * Had a default judgment issued for Riverwalk Holdings using attorney firm Nelson & Kennard for roughly $9k. -- I was never served, I was not even in the state at the time of "service" (was in Texas when filed). -- I do not believe I owe this debt and should file to have the judgment vacated (both on the sewer service and the fact I believe this debt was settled two years earlier). * I have no assets in my name. * I found out about this settlement after another judgement had my wages attached. * I had a frie
  6. Hi everyone, Just received a letter from Asset's Law firm with a court date of July 15th. Plaintiff's Motion to Strike Answer and for Summary Disposition. They want theirsubmitted paperwork to be Prima Facie evidence, stating the Defendant failed to state a valid defense and failed to file a counter affidavit to theirs. I had sent a Discovery request on the 25th of May requesting the Cardmember Agreement and proof of Initial transactions, along with documents showingdefault date, charge-off date, the Purchase Agreement and Bill of Sale. It's ironic that they filed their Motion on J
  7. Hello, I'm new to this and recently found out that I had a judgment due to an unpaid balance from a previous credit card. Credit Card was from BofA, purchased by CACH, LLC then in turn had Mandrich Law Group enter a judgment against me. Should I hire a lawyer, try and settle at a lower balance than what is owed? Also, I recently called them to see what they would settle for, and they mentioned: $4800.00 What do I do now?
  8. I found this here at Credit Infocenter at the "vacating judgments" page: "There are also a few other instances where a judgment can be removed. If you were serving in the military over seas, you never should have been sued under the Soldiers and Sailors Act. Or maybe you were on SSI (social security income) or permanently disabled. Consider the angles to determine if the judgment should and can be removed from your credit file." (Here is the URL: Does this mean I can get my judgment vacated since I am on SSI? I already did the
  9. Hi Everyone, A BIG thank you for all of you who have been so helpful thus far. I hope and pray you are all doing well. I have started a new thread for this part of my journey against Asset. Here is a link to previous post: I filed my answer March 22. received the Notice to Appear for Pre-Trial conference on April 29. With my answer I submitted the DV letter I had sent (regular mail, I know, STUPID!!), so the Judge will at least know I had done something. I heard f
  10. Hi Everyone, Linda7 has asked me to start a new post on my situation. ANY sound advice would be of great help. This is the last collector I have after me. My others have been settled, with 1 judgment awarded. My current open accounts are up to date and in good standing. THANKS! I'm here in MI, and I'm in the same boat as blindspot99. Here is his post: The only difference is that mine is an HSBC card that AA got ahold of. Around 9K. I have about 12 days left to respond to the summons/complaint. I am curr
  11. I received a letter from Forster & Garbus stating that they were filing a judgment against me, supposedly collecting on behalf of Merrick Bank for a credit card debt. After reading up on them online, and seeing what animals they are, and then discovering this site, I decided to fight it. After reading through some of these forums, I wrote a letter to them and sent the same letter to the court. It read: Ms. XXXXX: I am contacting you in regard to a letter indicating a judgment is being filed against me by Forster & Glarbus postmarked February 5th, 2013 and received by me on or about
  12. had a small claims suit against me (landlord). The tenant was the plaintiff. I rented a room to the plaintiff for 2 months starting July 1st 2012.I was paid a part deposit for securing the room and the rest few days before the plaintiff was supposed to move-in. The plaintiff called me 2 days before the start of the month that she changed her mind due to hardship and hence wouldn’t be able to take the place. After I informed her that I would need to keep most of her 500$ deposit and adjust it against loss of rent when the future tenant would move -in, she got upset and At this point she demande
  13. Hey everyone, I'm new to posting, but this board has been amazing, captivating my interest for a while now. I've read a lot of really great tips and insight into how this whole process works, and now that I have to deal with it myself, I hope it wouldn't be too much trouble to ask for some of that insight. My question is regarding a "Stipulation for Judgment" that I received about a week ago. The people I've been dealing with are a law firm representing Capital One out of the Los Angeles area. Here's how I got it: I received a complaint/summons that was actually given to a relative of mine