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  1. First off, thank you to everyone who provides info on this forum. I never would have gotten to where I am with my defense against Midland Funding. I'm being sued by Midland Funding in MN civil court. They filed a motion for summary judgment and the hearing is next week. I did not file anything during discovery and instead elected to elect arbitration with AAA (alleged contract with Citibank NA states AAA is only option). At the same time I filed a motion to dismiss/compel arbitration. Anyway, the firm representing Midland was served properly and with enough notice and the motion hear
  2. Hi everyone. I received a letter from Midland Credit Management saying that they are taking legal actions on a credit card originally owned by Credit One Bank, N.A. and was purchased by Midland Funding PLC. The amount they say that is owed is $615.45. Midland states that I applied for credit with Credit One Bank back in August of 2016. I only learned about this account this year when I received that letter and requested for my free credit reports from the 3 credit reporting agencies. I never applied for any credit in 2016 and I wrote to Midland Credit Management for variable proof that this a
  3. Hello, so yesterday 5/14/18 I received a letter in the mail from Atlantic credit and finance incorporated. They wrote that the now current creditor midland is considering forwarding my account to a lawyer in my state for lititgation. The letter states: Atlantic credit and finances has tried to reach you regarding this account. This letter is to inform you that Midland funding, LLC is considering forwarding this account to an attorney in your state for possible litigation. upon receipt of this notice please call the number to discuss your options. if we don’t hear from you or receive
  4. I am currently waiting to be served by Midland Funding. I consulted with an attorney who said Midland will probably settle for about 25% is this something I should try to handle myself. I will be out of a total of $1500 with lawyer fees and settling. Has anyone gotten their case dismissed in TX and if so what did you do. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone ! I'm going to paraphrase the long story that brought me here. Basically , I was in a car accident a few years ago. Failed spine surgeries and lost just about everything while waiting on workers comp . I'm still unable to work full time and I receive the weekly checks of what was a low paying government job. This was my first job out of college . I had a few credit card debts that I worked hard to pay off but in the worst of it , they got charged off. I kept hoping I could return to work and settle it with the bottom feeders. I've had to move twice in the last year. My c
  6. Background I was laid-off in 2016 and am now a full-time student receiving assistance from a few sources - I am on track to earning my bachelors in IT/Security this year (after 1 1/2 years of study). In late 2016, my mother attempted suicide (due to prior abuse from her now ex-husband - stepfathers suck) which had brought a heavy burden upon my family and I. Nothing is more terrifying than having to drive from Atlanta to Alpharetta...not knowing whether your mom is dead or alive. Unfortunately, this combination of events has led me to largely ignore my financial situation and place me wh
  7. A little confused on a situation... Served by Greene and Cooper representing Midland Funding (for OC Synchrony Bank - Discount Tire). I couldn't find the credit card agreement in the database for exactly Discount Tire, but I did find one similar for Care Credit for Synchrony Bank, and all the Synchrony Bank agreements indicate I have a right to request arbitration. I printed one out to take with me to the court hearing. Attorney was there and basically harassed me to settle and mediate and told the judge I refused to mediate and that I didn't even file for arbitration yet and that sh
  8. I was contacted by someone in an email and text message saying a suit had been filed against me and they wanted to represent me. Sure enough I checked the court's website and I have a suit filed against me by CACH LLC being represented by Midland Funding LLC. The suit was filed on March 29, 2016. I have been reading everything I can here especially the great thread about the case that was won here in CA in the stickies. I am sure this is going to be the start of a longer thread as I go through this process. I have no idea what this debt is for and I have not been served. The court r
  9. Good afternoon- I thank you so much for your help and will try to be as succinct as possible. 1. We live in Illinois and are planning to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on July 1st, 2018. We are currently waiting for that date because my income is artificially high due to a bonus, and we are $2,000 over the median income for our family and do not want to have to go through the scrutiny of the means test. 2. Our objective is to avoid lawsuits and wage garnishments until that date: July 1st, 2018. 3. Here is who we are dealing with and what has transpired thus far: - Notice of Sale
  10. I've been reading through everything in this forum to help me prepare to defend a lawsuit brought on to me by Greene & Cooper (representing Midland Funding). The OC is Comenity Bank, and they sold it to Midland. The debt is $1600. I got served at the end of September, answered the suit denying all allegations, and was prepared to MTC arbitration in court. Well, on my court date, there was a local counsel representing Midland and when we went to mediate I gave her my MTC arbitration, and she was completely confused. She looked at my document for 30 seconds, then looked at the credit ca
  11. Hello! I'm new here and I've never been sued before. I have been reading on how to Answer a Complaint since I received a Summon yesterday. Please review the complaint and help me answer it. Thank you. 1. Plaintiff, MIDLAND FUNDING LLC DOING BUSINESS IN OHIO AS MIDLAND FUNDING DE LLC ("Plaintiff") is a limited liability company qualified to do business in Ohio. 2. This court is the proper court because Plaintiff is informed and believes that Defendant, MY NAME, (hereafter "Defendant"), residence lies within the jurisdiction of this Court. FACTS 3. Defendant opened an
  12. I have a situation with Midland and Barclays very similar to another thread I’ve seen here but I've already answered with something I found elsewhere online. Using the form I responded to my summons with the below statement: Responding party objects to this request on the ground that it is vague, ambiguous, unintelligible, and lacks adequate supporting documentation. The plaintiff has not proven the debt is valid of Defendant, or the amount of the debt is accurate. Defendant insists that the plaintiff provided the original signed contract agreement, account statements,
  13. Okay, my name is Jayme. I am 33 years old and I feel like a child right now with this stuff. Backstory: I fell on hard times. I was in therapy for mental illness, leaving an abusive boyfriend, and lost my ability to handle working for that time. I stopped being able to make payments to my credit card and of course have wanted to. I haven't been able to get back on my feet yet, and then this happens. Some stupid daddy bought me punk served me with these papers not an hour ago and I'm in a panic. Help please. I know nothing about this. I can't afford a lawyer, I can't afford to have wages garnis
  14. I usually go to Reddit for all my question and someone recommended that come on this forum since a lot more people have had success on here. I received a letter from a company saying Midland was suing me and could represent me. Checked th Maryland court website and found the lawsuit there. Believe it went to my old address. Heres the info 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Midland Funding LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.) Not listed. Attorney's name is Jessica H. Gibson. Google says sh
  15. 1. who is the named plaintiff in the suit? MIDLAND FUNDING 2. what is the name of the firm handling the suit? 3. how much are you being sued for? 4. who is the original creditor?(if not the plaintiff) DILLARDS 5. How do you know you are being sued? (you were served, right?) YES I WAS SERVED IN PERSON 6. how were you served? IN PERSON 7. was the service legal as required by your state law? YES 8. what was your correspondence (if any) by the people suing you before you think you were being sued? I FOUND AN OLD LETT
  16. I was served a summons in South Carolina and entered a reply that there was not sufficient information in the summons that they or I owned the debt . --the court date was set. I received a rather large package in the mail from Wylie Clarkson's (attorney for Midland) office one day before the court date stating that they were willing to settle the dept for a "one time pay (about half of what they said I owed) or that I could make $50 a month payments which would be secured by a confession of judgement. the confession of judgement allows us to dismiss the pending case" They furthermore stated
  17. Hi, I've been reading threads here for few days now.. and I was wondering if I stand a chance against Midland Funding. They haven't sue me yet. But I received letter from them trying to collect a debt and says if I don't reply to them, they're going to sue me. Therefore, I sent them a letter telling them I wanna elect Arbitration about this matter. (Which I read in arbitration step by step thread) After that, they sent me documents like bill of sale and affidavit from original creditor and credit card statements. Now Im asking whats next thing to do?
  18. Hi all, I am asking for assistance as I do not know what I am doing. I am being sue for $3500 from midland funding over a debt that they purchased from a Barclaycard. I have tried to negotiate with them over the past week, but I only have 20 days to reply to the court with my answer regarding this case. All of the settlement options that they are suggesting are unrealistic for my current income (my partner just left his job and I am paying for both of our bills). Should I turn in an answer just I case we aren't able to settle in time? can someone help me write the answer? how to I get a
  19. Need all the help i can get. Complete newbie to any of this. Being sued for almost $900 by MCM through a Syncrony Bank Card. Served past friday. I would really like to avoid court, but no idea if that's an option. Anyone willing to offer guidance?
  20. I am currently being sued for by Johnson Mark LLC. representing Midland I am in the middle of answering the request for their discovery first question they are requesting bank records from 2013 from an account I had with a credit union when I lived in California and now I currently live in Utah and have no access to that account and do not feel like going back to obtain records. what happens if I can not produce these records? Second question how do I file my own request for discovery and is there a prefab form or template I can use?
  21. I have been living in Thailand for the last two years while working as a teacher. I come back to Arizona when school is out to visit my mom and sister, and am supposed to return to Thailand in May per my contract with my employer. I haven't spoken to my dad in years but we share the name so he was served papers from Midland Funding that were actually meant for me. He told me this in a facebook message, I asked him to send me the forms but he hasn't replied. I don't know if he will or not. We don't really have much of a relationship other than being facebook friends. This is what I have
  22. 12 days before trial, Midland/H&H filed for an EX PARTE hearing for further discovery?? Are they looking for a continuance (stalling) before trial because they need more time for something (like making me settle)? They've had more than enough time to send me a M&C or file a MTC - which never happened - so why the need for more time on RFDOD? They had literally months! How do I respond to this?
  23. This a credit debt made in 2012. I didn't mean to get behind, but did because of school. Was going to pick it back up but Citi had other plans and sold account after I posted a payment. They sold to one company and the company sold it to Midland funding. Midland funding has harassed me for the last three years. In the affidavit, they are saying they got my account in 2015 which is a lie. They were trying to sue in 2014. Which I have the paperwork from court. How can I make these people go away? They are literally making me sick! Stressing me out! What do I need to do before April 27,2
  24. So today a woman knocked on my door and served me with 2 pieces of paper. Midland Funding LLC vs. "ME" My original creditor was Dell Financial. (webbank) I have browsed and read this site for a few hours (serching for texas stuff) Found a few good things, then joined the site hoping to find more. To be 100% honest. Im lost maybe because i have so much going through my mind. I dont want to mess this up by filing something thats way wrong.. I have 14 days till I have to do something. Im not asking for a step by step, All I am hoping for is to be pointed in the right dire