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Found 6 results

  1. I disputed a TL with the big 3, all came back verified. I sent OC Springleaf (formerly American General Financial) a 623 requesting an investigation. They sent back a letter saying: Dear Sister Outsider, Thank you for your recent correspondence. You requested a complete pay and activity on your account. Please see the enclosures for the requested documentation. As you did not include what specific information you were seeing on your report, I trust that this will answer your concerns. Please be advised that your account has been sold to Resurgent Capital Services. You may contact them at the following address and phone number for any further inquires. Sincerely, Customer Communications Coordinator Springleaf The statement they sent me made no sense. It listed "debits" and "broken promises." There was no balance or original charges. The date of the statement didn't match the date this account opened. I have no idea what to do next. I've searched the forums and have not been able to find much (I'm sure it is there, I just can't find it.)
  2. Hi, I'm been doing a little reading on this but I'm still unsure as to how to go about this, so I'm hoping someone here can help me. A few months ago, I pulled up my credit report and realized there were two entries on it from a certain telephone company. I disputed the entries with all three credit bureaus; they all came back verified. I then called the telephone company, and was told that these accounts were 'at a zero balance' and that they did not have any original records on them. I did get the representative's name, customer ID, and date/time of call (I take good notes! lol), so her statements should be verifiable. I'm planning on writing a 623 letter, but I'm unsure if I send it to the CA (as if they'd assist me anyhow) or if I send it to the legal department of the telephone company. From what I've read, I would send my 623 to the legal department of the telephone company, but I'm unsure of what to do. If I was supposed to, in fact, send the 623 to the legal department of the telephone company, what does the telephone company do next? Contact the CA's and tell them to remove the entry from my CR? How does all of this work? Thank you SO much for reading this I appreciate your help!
  3. So I've been doing a lot of reading and reviewing what others have done. I'd like to make sure I'm following along the right path. Story: Lots of old CC debt. SOL on everything expires starting in Feb 2014. However SOL has "technically" expired in WI about 3 years ago as we borrow the shorter SOL. Deleware has a 3 year SOL, so any DE cards have technically gone beyond the SOL. This is up for some debate, but I'm willing to fight that battle if need be. Two months back I decided to get aggressive about credit repair instead of simply sitting back. I had about 4-5 disputes go out to the CRA's and my wife had a few more. We've since gotten responses on all the CRA stuff. I then followed up with two of my wife accounts, one with AA and another with Chase. AA: They responded to my validation request with general information and a refusal to remove the negative mark on my CR's. They did not provide any proof that they owned the debt or really anything else...they only provided a blurb saying it was valid and that they were reporting properly. Question: Is my next step another letter demanding the proof that they own the debt, or at least some evidence that its a real debt. OR, is my next step an ITS letter followed up by a suit? I'm sure I could do either, so looking for a little experience from others here. I'd prefer to avoid the costs of a suit, but am willing to do it if I have to. Chase: They are the OC. I have sent them a 623 investigation letter. They already filed a 1099c on the debt, plus it is beyond the SOL. They have another week or so to respond. Question: As everyone has fought me every step of the way, I anticipate they will fight me too. Which means they will respond with a refusal to correct my CR's. Is my next step an ITS letter, or just go right into the suit. In this case I actually suspect a letter to their legal dept. might get traction as I've heard their lawyers know they should be reporting a zero balance once they have filed a 1099c. I have other stuff out there, but these two are the most pressing as AA is killing my wife's credit report. Any thoughts/experiences would be appreciated. Especially if you've had to go all the way with some of the OC's/Collectors.
  4. HI All, I've been getting so much help out of this forum. Like many, I was hit hard by the economic crisis. I had a number of investment properties that turned sour and had to let them go. Thanks to the advice here, I've already gotten 3 foreclosures removed from my reports because the bank never responded to the CRAs. So, I have a few second mortgages that I am working on getting off my reports next. So, here is my question. BOA purchased the horrid Countrywide and PNC bought not-quite as horrid National City. CW and NC were my OCs. So, are BOA and PNC CAs or are they OCs? Anyone dealt with this situation? Thanks!
  5. I have a apt eviction that I am thinking about doing the 623 attempt on. The problem I am having is I don't know which collector to start with. This debt was sold to National Credit Services which is reflected on the credit report initally but I have been getting calls from Gerald Moore and Assc saying I owe them the debt. I have DV'd this with Gerald Moore who in turn has sent a copy of my lease but I don't think that it belongs to Gerald Moore because its not reflected on my report. I am thinking that National Credit services ma have sold the debt to Gerald Moore. At this point I don't know what I should do. Thank you for any help in advance.
  6. I have a question that may have been addressed previously...but...her it goes. I've been dealing with 3 different creditors: BOA, Discover, and Elan for about 3 years now. BOA has sent me to 2 collection agencies. The 1st agency returned it back to BOA. The 2nd agency sued me and then dismissed when confronted with a forged affidavit and not providing materials requested by the court. The debt is now back with BOA. Discover sent me to 2 collection agencies. The 1st agency sued me and dismissed before trial. They sent the debt back to Discover. A 2nd agency sent me the warmed over legal threat and did not validate the debt. I sued them in court and agreed to dismiss when they returned the debt back to Discover. Elan has sent me to collection 2 times but they both sent the debt back with a few letters. No collection agency has reported to the credit bureaus, only the original creditors At this point I would like to remove these debts from the credit bureaus. I have disputed the information with the credit bureas to no avail. 25 days ago I sent certified 623 letters to BOA, Discover, and Elan as an attorney at the FTC suggest I do. I'm guessing I will hear back nothing as usual. What is the next step when dealing with the original creditors? I have certified copies of everything I have sent for several years.
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