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Found 1 result

  1. To cut to the chase, I was sued by my hospital for almost $700 (two bills combined). I answered the suit and gave "HIPPA-permission" so they could send me the individual bills. There are two descepencies on each; totalling about $400. Clearly, I owe the $300, no problem. To back up a bit, when I first received the bills, days apart, I saw two line-items that they DID NOT DO. I brought this to their attention and was told, "well, that's what our records show." I told them I would mail what I OWE if nobody was willing to look into this. I was very nice about it, but the 'not willing to look into it' line must have hit a nerve with this lady, as she fired back, "The fact that you send even $10 acknowledges you owe the full amount." Thinking I got someone who was just having a bad day, I called again, spoke with a different person and was essentially told the same thing. I decided the only way to be 'heard' on these descrepencies would be to let it run the 'legal' course. In retrospect, I should have just sent the $300 and been done with it; my bad. Fast forward to a week ago. The attorney representing the hospital has a small law and collection firm practicing in half-a-dozen states or so, including mine: Arkansas All the correspondence, everything has his, and ONLY his name on it. To that end, I got a call a week ago from the court asking if I would like to try to 'mediate' this now $900 bill. I said yes. An officer of the court told me he would get me and the attorney on the phone, etc. That happened TODAY. The officer called me, said he had mediated cases with this attorney many times and has me hold on while he calls the attorney. Well, what a shock! The attorney was not available, but his "partner" was. I said no dice, let's reschedule this so I can mediate with the 'named' attorney. The officer said that was fine and he would do what he needed to do and call me this attorney is available. My trial date was set for March 14. I received notice that the attorney requested to have it changed to March 28 because "he has several other cases" in my city on that day. Thanks for sticking with me through this, now the question(s).... Is there anything I can do to make them PROVE they provided these 'two' items on the bills? One of the items was an invasive procedure that simply never happened. How do I prove that? Will it just 'he said, she said' and the judge will rule? Again, I have no problem paying for services; lord knows prices are driven up because of people who can't or won't pay their bills. But, just as a matter of principle, I do not want to pay for something I know I did not receive. It's only a few hundred bucks (well $900 now), but I'm sticking to my guns on this one and may end up losing. But their unwillingness to do anything in the beginning started this snowball. Of course, at the time, I wasn't writing down names and ID numbers of the nurses! Another thing that really bothers me is this attorney arrogance of changing the date of trial because he has SEVERAL OTHER cases that day; as if my case will be a quick 10 min victory for him. It's just frustrating. At this point, if everyone who is kind enough to respond thinks I don't have a snowball's chance, I would at the very least tie this attorney up a good part of the day on MY case.....even if I lose. Thoughts? Advice? Anything? Thanks, Jimmy
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