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Found 1 result

  1. I have lived in an Apartment complex in Texas since 2010. I started out renting a 2b/2ba apt at $550/mo. (yes its cheap). then every 6 months onwards they would raise the rent by about $10/mo and i would either sign it or move out!!!. Obviously i signed into the lease with the extra $10/mo. In 2012, they offered me just a $5/mo increase on my rent and i went for a full year.(13 months). Now, come 2013 renewal, they are asking for a $110 rental increase per month!!!!!!!!!. Can they really do that? isn't there such a thing as a reasonable increase. This rental increase for the same apartment is nearly 10 times what they ever previously offered!!!!!!. I want to take matters legal with them for substantially raising the rental rate!!!!!. I believe they are intentionally inflicting injury to me & asking that i pay them what they are asking or leave? Its their claim that the market rate would be so much higher then what they are offering & that they are actually offering it to me at a substantial discount!!!!! What do you think folks? I cant even have a satellite dish installed in the apartment complex i live!!!!!!. (there is a fee for that). they also are into a cable company which has exclusive rights of cable service for the apartment complex. So ATT U verse &/or COMCAST DISH or DIRECTV cannot be provided to any residents at this complex. I so very much still after all its faults would very much like to continue staying where i am right now, but i am unable to truly to afford it. They are now asking me for $110/mo extra and they have made me offers they claim of $ 20/mo increases previously.(within 5 months of lease renewal; intermittently). My lease expires July 31, 2013. I have lived in the same apartment since August 2010. They do say on the contract that their market rate is substantially higher and you will pay that market rate should i ever default on it. In the last two years i have lived here, i have never ever been late on my rental payment. I like to think this is discrimination against me. I know of no one in the apartment complex who has been offered so substantial rate increase just yet!!!!!!. There are residents here who have stayed much longer than i have ever been here. The legal forms they use are from the Texas Apartment Association forms & not the Texas Real Estate forms. (Apt/House Leasing). I am seeking legal help in requesting that they substantiate the sudden substantial increase in my rent? Please find it in your heart to help me out here? i very much appreciate anyone who can advice me what my next steps should be?